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The OP3RaT0R
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Jun 22, 2019 at 2:30 PM
Aug 7, 2012
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January 28
Detroit, MI

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The OP3RaT0R

Call me Op. Or Smooth., Male, from Detroit, MI

This place... woah Dec 1, 2015

The OP3RaT0R was last seen:
Jun 22, 2019
    1. TomatoThief
      I have read a bit of Ayn Rand. Years ago, I picked up a book on Objectivism, written as a summary of many of Rand's points by her protege. I got about a quarter of the way through before some things started rubbing me the wrong way. I did like a lot of what she had to say, but my post was not based on or influenced by Rand or her ideas; any similarity is a coincidence between my beliefs and hers.
      1. The OP3RaT0R
        The OP3RaT0R
        I see. I just saw some of the same terminology and such and made a connection. :P
        Jan 8, 2013
    2. The OP3RaT0R
      The OP3RaT0R
      Lately I enjoy RPing about Skyrim on here more than I do actually playing. I bought Dragonborn and I've hardly touched it in a month. Weird.
      1. Lady Imp
        Lady Imp
        You know, I totally have to agree with that...
        Jan 7, 2013
    3. The OP3RaT0R
      The OP3RaT0R
      New entries in Cyrus's journal are coming soon :) Why? Because Dragonborn.
    4. The OP3RaT0R
      The OP3RaT0R
      Halo 4 is gonna detract quite a bit from Cyrus I think. He'll be back in a while :P
    5. The OP3RaT0R
      The OP3RaT0R
      New Minecraft Xbox 360 update got me back into MC... Skyrim might have to go on hold for a bit. I've started making a Skyrim-y world tho ;P
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    January 28
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