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The Black Cloud N9ne
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Jun 3, 2012 at 2:58 PM
Feb 13, 2012
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Mar 18, 1992 (Age: 26)

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The Black Cloud N9ne

Article Writer, Male, 26

Haha... Dragonbelch Feb 23, 2012

The Black Cloud N9ne was last seen:
Jun 3, 2012
    1. The Black Cloud N9ne
      The Black Cloud N9ne
      Haha... Dragonbelch
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  • About

    Mar 18, 1992 (Age: 26)
    Name: Hijinks
    Race: Argonian
    Class: Marksman/ Swordsman
    Gender: Male

    Appearence: Never removes the Daedric armor which covers his Argonian scales. Average hieght/ weight.

    Personality: Silent, doesn't speak. Pickpocket mogul. Escaping from the Imperial Prison has made him quite emotional, for he regrets many of the things he's done in the past. Trying to convince himself he's not a blood-thirsty tyrant, he's trying to become a more honorable and less imfamous citizen.

    Combat Pref: Master archer whose shot may paralyze (Daedric bow). Very defensive. Dual weilds Ebony swords in close combat. Rumored to have no eyes, alledgedly fighting with divine finesse.Only shows his face to those he's about to slaughter.

    MISC: Sent to the Imperial Prison for multiple counts of murder, assault, and trespassing. Escaped after he had a vision of himself as a child being decapitated by his present self. He seeks refuge and peace in Skyrim, hoping to rid the demons of his actions in Cyrodiil.
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