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Big lion23
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Apr 14, 2013 at 3:08 PM
Sep 24, 2012
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Dec 16, 1997 (Age: 20)

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Big lion23

Vanguard, Male, 20

Don't talk about it, just do it. Oct 7, 2012

Big lion23 was last seen:
Apr 14, 2013
    1. The_Madgod
      No problem, friend! I always throw reputation at people. Thanks for the return rep. And no, I am not a Nord. I am a Daedric Prince. Can you not tell from my name and avatar?
      1. Big lion23
        Big lion23
        Are you that prince who holds Plagius hostage in his own demented mind?
        Oct 7, 2012
      2. The_Madgod
        Possibly... Okay, yes. But if that event leaked out to the public, my chances of winning the November election would drop from 0.00000592% to 0.000000000000000000000231%! That is a lot of zeros! Then I'd never get the chance to install computers in the ehads of every baby in America, and who would want to live in such a terrible world?
        Oct 7, 2012
    2. Big lion23
      Big lion23
      Don't talk about it, just do it.
    3. Shew
      Thanks for the like. And reputaton :)
      1. Big lion23
        Big lion23
        Sure. It was helpful and I usually do things like that if people ask nicely. I won't always do it because reputation means a lot, and such, but it was no problem.
        Oct 7, 2012
    4. Big lion23
      Big lion23
      Hey guys, just made this account about two weeks ago, and I'm going to try and be active now, with questions and answers and such.
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    Dec 16, 1997 (Age: 20)


    ;;:.. . . ,-*ˆ*•›,¸¸,‹•*ˆ*•¸..¸•**•¸;;::... .. .ˆ›,¸¸,‹•*ˆ*•¸. .. ...:;;*£ión*;;:... .. .ˆ›,¸¸,‹•*ˆˆ*•¸..¸•**•¸;;;::.... ... .. .
    . ..:;;¸•;*ˆˆ*•, .:. ¸•**•¸.ˆ›,¸¸¸,‹ˆSëè †hê lîgh† .¸ˆ .•›,¸¸¸,‹•*ˆˆ*•›,¸¸¸,‹•Fòllöw it.....ˆ›,¸¸¸,‹ˆ..¸•*ˆ*•›,¸¸,‹ˆ
    ,¸¸,‹ˆ.:.'-,¸¸,-'.:;:.ˆ›,¸¸¸,‹ˆ . .. ...::;;¸•*ˆˆ*•¸'Oñe däÿ you wìll bëcôme †hë light.......ˆ›,¸¸¸,‹•*ˆˆ*•¸;;:.. .
    . .. ...::;;¸•*ˆ*•›,¸¸,‹ˆ.:;:.•›,¸¸¸,‹ˆ.:.ˆ›,,,‹ˆ;:. ,¸¸,‹ˆ;:.. Añd bè follöwèd ..:;ˆ›,¸¸,‹•*ˆˆ*•›,¸¸¸,‹ˆ;;;::.... ... ....
    "Things are going to stay the same until they change" ​
    My Skyrim characters:
    Race: Nord; Class: 1H Warrior; Level: 35; Status: Unhappily married; Homes: Breezehome, Hjerim; Thane of four holds
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