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Skyrim tutorial for good beginning | The Elder Scrolls

Skyrim tutorial for good beginning | The Elder Scrolls
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Jul 28, 2012 at 5:02 PM
Posted By Edyrim

Hi youtube, this is my first tutorial video, I hope it's not bad and I really hope you'll find it usefull.

So in this tutorial you will see what you can do instead doing one of the first quests (find the dragonstone). In this video you will see, what do you have to do before that, to make yourself stronger. It made me strong as well. You will find 2 very good one-handed weapons and you will complete a mini quest finding those weapons. A few tips and some commenting. Hope you like it and find it usefull! Subscribe for more interesting tutorials with Skyrim, Cinema 4D, Adobe After Effects and Sony Vegas Pro 11! Comment and tell what you think about this tutorial. And of course Rate!!!


General Skyrim Gameplay
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