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Skyrim-How To Make Skeleton Dragon (Greatest Glitch I Done!)

Skyrim-How To Make Skeleton Dragon (Greatest Glitch I Done!)
Mar 8, 2012 at 5:22 PM
Posted By Hotty Squirrel

Glitch 1st Founders- Steven Marley-Fox & Mike Hyde©
Gameplay- Steven Marley-Fox©

If anyone see's someone copy this video then give them a dislike!!! This is the FIRST OFFICIAL VIDEO ON HOW TO MAKE A SKELETON DRAGON FOR SKYRIM!!! IF SOMEONE COPIES THEY SHOULD GET THEIR A** KICKED!

Sorry for the crappy graphics, the computer i was recording with is 10 years old

Step 1: Save the game

Step 2: travel to one of the dragon peaks where the dragons are protecting the dragon shouts.

Step 3: Save again

Step 4: Kill the dragon and AS SOON as it dies GO TO THE MAP AND FAST TRAVEL OUT OF THERE!

Step 5: Wait 7 days or so then go back to there

Step 6: You will start absorbing his soul and his flesh burning.

and your done hope you love this glitch as much as i do :)

If anyone has a question then comment me and im also on skyrimforum.com as Hotty Squirrel and Skyrimnexus.com as Squirrel300. We found this mod in december but with all my time i couldnt post it until now... sorry
All Rights Reserve to Bethesda but Glitch for skeleton dragon is for me © but i will remake a video for HD in the future.

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  1. Hotty Squirrel
    thanks everyone
    Mar 8, 2012
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