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Skyrim Episode 2 - Riverwood

Skyrim Episode 2 - Riverwood
Jul 24, 2012 at 6:30 PM
Posted By Muffinsformen

Here is the first video in my lets play.

I hope you enjoy these and maybe like my video's xD

If I reach 20 likes on this then I shall upload my next episode tomorrow!
My second episode of my skyrim lets play!
Recording in batch seemed to work out quite nicely so I shall keep up with that in the future.
Commenting with any helpful tips and suggestions are helpful and I aim to try and respond to all of them!
Liking is also very helpful to me so that is very much appreciated.
Subscribing is also even more helpful! (Notice the gaining orders of importance) So if you wish to help me out please do subscribe!
And finally sharing is the greatest help to me as it expands the amount of people who see my video's!
Thanks for watching goodbye! :D

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