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  1. phillywood1
    phillywood1 twoheadedjustin
    did you ever find toldfir the same sh** it happening to me
  2. Dradin
    "To spread culture and truth to the benighted: this is our commitment and burden."
  3. Athena123
    I don't have any close saves
  4. Athena123
    I need help I'm on the main quest and odahviing is glitched I can't speak to him and he keeps attacking
  5. lizardisok
    lizardisok Zelda
    Feel better soon!
  6. Hlíf 'Ulfr
    Hlíf 'Ulfr lizardisok
    Thank you for the rep! :)
  7. Sah
    Sah Seanu Reaves
    giggles ........... your not joking about the Champion bit? .....missed you my friend and is glad you found your keys welcome back
  8. LuChao
    LuChao lizardisok
    why thank you good sir for the rep ^_^
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  9. Kohlar the Unkilled
  10. Archer Drake
    Archer Drake
    Perseverance is failing 19 times and succeeding the 20th. - Julie Andrews
  11. Papoy
    Papoy lizardisok
    There you are again, thanks for the rep!! Im pretty sure that more than half of what i currently got is thanks to you. Much appriciated!!
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  12. Valin Oakthorn
    Valin Oakthorn
    One Year Later
  13. Mighty Pecan Pie
  14. Snoball
    Hmm... been a while
  15. lizardisok
    lizardisok #EA2D2D
    What does your name say?
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    2. lizardisok

      I see hashtag, E, A, two, D, two, D

      Nice name though
      Mar 6, 2017
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    3. #EA2D2D
      It's Hex Code. The code that makes my name that color of red
      Mar 6, 2017
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    4. lizardisok
      pfft I knew that ;) Kinda sounds like a starwars robot. Haha
      Mar 7, 2017
  16. Hackerstock
  17. Link the Dovakiin
    Link the Dovakiin
    Almost at level 40, level 90 one-handed skill!
  18. Link the Dovakiin
    Link the Dovakiin
    playing skyrim using the link build i made.Thinking of how I'd make the Ganondorf build on xbox to prevent too much data on one new profile.
  19. DraconicPsycho
    *intensified gargling noises*
  20. Keidivh
    Keidivh Archer Drake
    Hey mate, just wanted to say sorry for disappearing from your rp. Should've let you know I'd have to fall off for a bit. It was an awesome rp though, I'm sorry see it slowed down
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    2. Archer Drake
      Archer Drake
      Hey Keidivh, it's great to hear from you! It's not a problem, you were actually the last one to fall out, if memory serves.

      I should apologize for my own disappearance as of late. It's great to hear from you, though!
      Mar 13, 2017
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