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  1. fish-with-feathers
    fish-with-feathers NutsnBoltz
    Well whenever you want, just let me know!
  2. Captain Turkette
    Captain Turkette
    "Wabbajack wabbajack wabbajack" Has anyone ever came aross the madwoman who just begs for you to use the wabbajack on her?! Hahaha
  3. fish-with-feathers
    fish-with-feathers NutsnBoltz
    Hey mate! Welcome to the forum! It's a bit dead around here nowadays, but if you want someone to RP, I'd be happy to.

    1. Hlíf 'Ulfr likes this.
    2. NutsnBoltz
      Im always down to RP! sorry for the lare reply real life has had me in its grips
      Mar 13, 2019
  4. fish-with-feathers
    Ard's back, everybody run!
  5. Gudrun185
    Currently residing in Whiterun.
  6. Mtown118
    Uchiha clan mod help.......every time I try to use any of the sharingan powers/shouts nothing happens
    1. Mtown118
      It only makes a noise as if I dont have any magic
      Feb 12, 2019
  7. Specter of Death
  8. MrsMomWatterson
    New to forum but not Skyrim. Happy to have found a place to actually share my fun time game time.
  9. Lost
    Lost Drunky
    Hi Drunky
  10. Rextoret
    Feels like life
  11. Writes-Many-Posts
    Writes-Many-Posts EpicVakarian
    "Last seen: Yesterday at 8:18 PM"

    Does that mean... Vak? You're still around here? :D
    1. EpicVakarian
      Kinda yeah, I check in every now and then. Just had a busy time lately
      Jan 19, 2019
      Writes-Many-Posts likes this.
  12. DialAForAlan
    DialAForAlan Zelda
    Oh yay, I'm not the only LOZ fan here. Rest well, fellow traveler.
    1. Zelda likes this.
    2. Zelda
      Yay! Another cultured fan! LOL Good day to you as well, fellow traveler!
      Jan 17, 2019
      DialAForAlan likes this.
  13. Morbidbread
    Morbidbread TheArgonianDrell
    Hey, thanks for the rep ,man.
  14. Vampyses
    Enjoying eating slaughterfish and taking long romantic walks on Sovngarde.
  15. Hannes821
  16. Rell
    Boo! Ahahahahahaha!
  17. Dovahkiina
    “The fool doth think he is wise, but the wise man knows himself to be a fool.” 
― William Shakespeare, As You Like It
  18. MegsNbacon
    I would be a lot warmer and a lot happier with a belly full of whiskey.
  19. SweetrollTheif
    Professional Sweetroll Thief
  20. DragonbornMaster
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