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New Profile Posts

  1. LilMrsMoffett
    Completely fed up.
  2. Hime
    Notable change in name! I'll still answer to Krys and any other nickname I did before however. Crunchyroll-Hime just fits my personality.
  3. Specter of Death
    Specter of Death
    "I don't need to know. I just need to make sure you're okay."
  4. The Wandering Khajiit
    The Wandering Khajiit
    I didnt draw/color/screenshot my profile picture, i just really liked it
  5. Ysa
    I hope everyone had a nice Halloween :)
  6. Cyber Wolfy
  7. LazuIi
    LazuIi Ancano
    Yo thanks for the rep from the Imperials or Stormcloaks thingy <3
  8. Hale Loneshadow
    Hale Loneshadow Eboni
    Howdy! Saw you're looking to jump start an RP. I checked out your post in the forums and would love to start one with you. I have a few ideas for a few differing settings/stories of my own, which I've also posted in the RP forums. Hit me back! Let's get some people together and figure something out!
  9. Hale Loneshadow
    Hale Loneshadow fellowknight
    Good to see you've still been seen recently too, mate! Trying to get the ol' band back together....or at least, the ones I remember :D Hoping you remember this ranger my old buddy
  10. Hale Loneshadow
    Hale Loneshadow MabFaerie
    *whistles* Oh hey there, remember this ranger? ;D
  11. Hale Loneshadow
    Hale Loneshadow Simus
    You, my good man, should un-leave immediately! I'm trying to get the ol' band back together, or at least a mash-up with some old members :D
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    2. Simus
      Hey man! I was passing through and I saw your message! Great to see you again! I wanted to let you know that I live here now:


      Step through the magic portal and join me! Great site with great people and great mods. Unlike here it's completely dedicated to roleplaying so it's just a better site than here.
      Nov 8, 2017
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    3. Simus
      I'm Starcaller Simus over there. Make an account and PM me once you're there. It's also important to read the rules as they do a few things differently than SF. Let me know if you have any questions!
      Nov 8, 2017
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    4. Hale Loneshadow
      Hale Loneshadow
      Will do! I'll make an account/check it out this weekend, my school schedule's been picking up as of late. Glad to see you still pop in though :D
      Nov 9, 2017
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  12. Hale Loneshadow
    Hale Loneshadow
    Back, at least intermittently. Let's RP, ladies and gents - you can't keep this ranger away!
  13. Specter of Death
    Specter of Death
    A specter is always watching close by, all one needs to do is call it their way and before too long the Herald of Glory will come knocking.
  14. lizardisok
    lizardisok The Honorable Gidian Diva of Sass
    HAVE A LOVELY DUCKING DAY gidian the minion!
    1. The Honorable Gidian Diva of Sass
      Oct 19, 2017
  15. Specter of Death
    Specter of Death
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  16. alceryes
    It's pronounced all-SIR-ees
  17. HarleyQuinn
    We started the podcast back up on Toonzone. The last 4 are from this year. Would love to know what you guys think of it.
    1. HarleyQuinn
  18. kenia153
    kenia153 Raiooga
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    2. Raiooga
      Ayeee ;)
      Oct 14, 2017
  19. ashleyclark
    Yes I am really 65 yrs old
  20. trunkynugget
    This is my first status. I don't know what to do with it so... I'm feeling good I guess?
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