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  • Zora Faustina Jan 12, 2018


    Zora Faustina​

    "Stendarr be with you."​

    Alias: Slayer of Abominations

    Race: Imperial

    Age: 31

    Sexuality: Zora is dedicated to her cause and Stendarr and so has yet to find the time or interest for romance. Despite this she does find both men and women appealing.

    Occupation: Knight/ Vigilant of Stendarr

    Religion: She worships the 9 divines and has dedicated herself specifically to Stendarr. She also has a deep respect for Mara.

    Residence: Hall of Vigilant


    Zora is taller than the average female imperial and stands at 5’10. She is almost always in armor but if found without her body is toned and slender. Her body is also covered in scars. A few small marks across her face grow to become the gouges left on her torso and arms. Zora prefers the flexible movement of light armor, unlike her brothers who wear heavy armor. For more mobility her sacrifice is protection against the larger unnatural creatures. Her hair is blonde and if left down it reaches the end of her back but it is generally kept in a braid. She wears no jewelry except for her amulet of Stendarr.

    Height: 5'10

    Eye color: Blue

    Hair color: Blonde

    Voice: Zora is a woman of few words unless she is seeking answers or speaking of Stendarr. Her voice is smooth and steady but also modulated and often adjusts to her surroundings whether it is for battle or healing the wounded.


    Zora is smart and very resourceful but at times can be blinded by her focus on delivering mercy and justice for Stendarr. She feels the need to protect those around her and is confident in her skills as a warrior. Being a knight she has traveled with many brothers and sisters and has been through enough battles and losses to understand the finality of death. She will fight tirelessly until she is defeated in battle and does not back down from any opponent if it is justified. She will try and kill any lycanthrope or vampire she discovers and hates the undead, finding enjoyment in destroying them. Though the first weapon she wielded was a sword she learned to use a mace and prefers to use that weapon in her righteous pursuits. Although Zora has delivered mercy to many lycanthropes and vampires she has learned not to spill blood unnecessarily. Although Zora is a seasoned warrior she had yet to find an interest in seeking a romantic partner. If she were ever marry another that person would have to match her devotion to religion. Her lover would also have to be willing to journey with her or alternatively be willing to use their skills to help others and wait patiently for her return.

    Likes: Helping others, plants, protecting the weak, reading history books

    Dislikes: Undead, Daedra, vampires, lycanthropes, not being in battle

    Alignment: Lawful Good


    She is ambidextrous and skilled with several one-handed weapons as well as shields. Often she uses a one-handed mace and shield otherwise she elects to wield two maces.

    Class: Paladin/ Knight

    Major skills:




    Minor skills:

    Light armor


    Weapons: Two steel maces and a sturdy shield

    Armor: She wears a set of scaled silver armor with two shoulder pieces. Over this she sports a red and white tabard. Her shield matches her armor with four large spikes protruding from the middle. The shield is dented and slightly damaged as scratches on the left side of the shield still remain where large claws gouged the metal. An amulet of Stendarr can always be found around her neck but she wears no other accessories.


    Zora was the first and only child born to a soldier and a merchant. Being the only child she received a lot of attention and love from both her parents. Zora was born and raised in the imperial city for much of her youth. Zora had always been adventurous and she enjoyed wandering the streets of the imperial city while her mother ran her shop. Zora had always tried to be brave like her father who was an excellent swordsman and part of the imperial army. Her mother had also taught her that knowledge was a power in itself and made sure Zora learned to read and write at an early age. Her father had been injured severely on his return from a long travel during which a local drunk had driven a knife deeply into his sword arm. The wound had never healed correctly and had unfortunately become infected. It was during this time Zora stayed home and close to her father to watch as her mother took care of him. The injury to his sword arm prevented him from being on the battlefield which devastated her father. However, he knew he could find other ways to serve Cyrodiil.

    when she was around seven years of age Zora's family had moved to Bruma where they purchased land in the country close the border of Skyrim. Her father worked in Bruma as a steward and her mother assisted the shops when needed in the city but mostly stayed at home. With the land, her mother became interested in crops and plants and taught Zora that certain plants can help heal the sick or help the injured. Her mother often traveled to other homes offering her services to help any sick or injured for which she always refused payment. Her mother became efficient at making potions and her knowledge in alchemy became known in the region. It was during this time that she was able to assist her mother occasionally with alchemy. Her mother always testing her knowledge on what plants had healing effects and which might be poison. Zora had always seen her mother as a good samaritan and felt it proper to help others whenever she could. Zora would run many errands for her mother delivering packages or traveling into town to pick up alchemic ingredients for her mother.

    As Zora became a young teen she often journeyed with her father to Bruma and other cities in Cyrodiil. Her father had taught Zora how to use a sword to defend herself and it was during these travels he would help her practice her sword skill. On one her father's journeys they had stopped at Chorrol and there she saw the chapel of Stendarr. The chapel stood out to the teen and she fell in love with the architecture of the building and the stained glass windows. Zora wandered inside the chapel where she met a man preaching to all that entered. Zora had listened to his speech during which he spoke of the divines, of people delivering justice and mercy. The man spoke of Stendarr and Zora immediately saw the path for her future.

    As a young adult, she left the countryside and went to Chorrol where the chapel of Stendarr awaited. It was here Zora learned restoration magic, honed her sword skills, and began to use a shield and mace. Zora had always been uncomfortable with what resided below the chapel and during her pilgrimage she was required to wander through several caves that needed cleansing. In her first cave, a fellow brother of Stendarr had accompanied Zora. It was in during this voyage that they discovered the undead and it was her first encounter with a lich. They had been surrounded by the undead and Zora had a difficult time concentrating on using her magic in the fray. It had been a tough battle and both had made it out of the cave alive but injured. Zora had nightmares about the undead for months and anytime she was near their presence she found herself feeling uneasy. Her heart was filled with dread when she had to explore caves filled with the undead and it took many years before she overcame her fear and trauma. With time however, she became skilled enough to journey through such caves by herself. Zora focused her magic on destroying the undead and healing her fellow brothers and sisters. When she reached the end of her pilgrimage she was recognized for her fierce devotion to Stendarr and ability to battle unnatural creatures. After years of hard work she claimed her place amongst the Vigilants of a Stendarr. Upon becoming a Vigilant she realized her skills could be used elsewhere and began her journey to Hammerfell.

    In Hammerfall, she traveled as a Vigilant to many cities and explored many of the regions caves and ruins. For a brief time in her life, her duty was focused on hunting on the unnatural such as the Daedra and werewolves. Here she placed her life on the line, some battles with the unnatural leaving her on the brink of death. She was soon given the title “Slayer of Abominations” amongst the locals. This impacted her negatively in some cities and often citizens would hide from her due to her association with the undead. In Hammerfell she discovered her first coven of vampires and towards the end, she extended Stendarr's mercy to the youngest pair of vampires. Her devotion to Stendarr almost wavered that day resulting in her departure from Hammerfell. Having spent half her life serving the temple of Stendarr meant she was able to join the Knights of Stendarr easily. This order suited Zora well as the knights were more organized and were not sent to explore every unnatural event. They focused on places where danger could harm many lives and would journey to these locations to assist the people. Assigned to join her brothers and sisters in Skyrim and find the hall of vigilant to deliver justice and mercy she ventured through her homeland and into the new province. While in Skyrim her father passed away, attacked by a band of vampires during one of his travels. Zora became filled with even more hatred towards vampires and other unnatural creatures that lived amongst them. She journeyed back home for a brief period to take care of her mother who had continued her alchemy and civic duties. She took this time to focused her energy, to hone her skills that would aid in the destruction of the undead. Her journey back to Skyrim had many stops and once again she found herself hunting in dark caves.

    Upon returning to the Hall of Vigilant she found it in ruin and littered with the corpses of both Vigilants and vampires. Zora now is trying to rebuild relying on her faith in Stendarr. She will wait until the time arrives to return to the battlefield until the task of building is complete.

    "She plunged into the darkness without hesitance or fear. The gloom tried desperately to escape the light that followed the blonde haired warrior, highlighting her strong figure, sharp features and her precise and quick movements as the shadows shifted and surrounded her. Yet somehow the shadows still lingered in the contours of her face making her look like both angelic and demonic as she fought fiercely to vanquish the unnatural."

    – A Brother of Stendarr regarding Zora
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