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  • Warrior Princess [Ranger] Apr 8, 2018

    Harbinger of Nature


    Chieftess Artemis by her tribe and outsiders; during ceremonies, 'Queen of the Wild' - a reference to the Bosmer sacred power of "The Wild Hunt", which she visibly possesses.​

    Artemis by her close allies; she had the childhood nickname Rainy by her best friend, and 'Butterfly' by her parents.

    Birth Name:
    Artemis Anurraame Cenedelin

    One of the few last-known with the blood of the Ayleid still prominent in a body. Her and her tribe, while being mixed with cross-breeding of Imperials, Bosmer, and other Ayleids, is still, internally and spiritually, very Ayleid.


    22 Years

    5'6 ft

    120 lbs




    Skin/Scale/Fur Color:
    A creamy beige.

    Bright green - said to reflect the the magic of The Wild Hunt.

    Hair Color/Horns/Ears:
    A very dark brown that almost appears black.

    Hair Style/Feathers:
    Her hair is straight and long, kept in a low-hanging ponytail. At times she will braid the hanging, loose, ponytail.

    Lean and muscular, although the muscles are not heavily defined.

    None - she had many in the past, but with natural medicine she has treated them away.

    None, until she bears children; as the ancestors of her tribe did.


    Freckles speck her face, giving her a more earthy complexion compared to the other 'prim and perfect' mer and men races. It makes her appear more youthful as well.


    Constant Wear:


    Traveling as the chieftess of her tribe, she is considered to be the embodiment of Nirn's energy and is treated as such. She wears her ceremonial headdress always - even if in battle. This also applies to her earrings; her 'birth charms'. Because they "centralize her energy", she is at her best in battle with such talismans.

    When traveling, lounging, or going about her daily business, she will wear her chieftess attire; black as night silks and cottons that flow with the midnight breeze. Below, it is highlighted with the sun's rays of light. The attire is meant to mirror the balance of light and darkness of Nirn. The golden hues greatly contrast to the dark tones of the outside, providing insight to the balance. With where she is from being very hot, wearing a showy top cools her down and the gown protects her legs from wear and tear. If cold, she has an outer cloak she can place on herself with gold dangles, much like the rest of her normal attire and jewelry. She is an astounding sight to behold, which is the intention of her people. As a representative of nature and energy, she must be as beautiful as it, according to her tribe's long history.​


    None, truly. In battle, she finds herself far too fast to be hit. Even then, she should never be in the middle of battle, lest it is a battle for power and dominance. Even then her tribe finds excess armor "weak", as one cannot truly prove their battle prowess. If needed for battle (or even if the weather is unbearably hot) she can remove the main skirt to reveal a short linen that covers what is necessary. She will also remove her gloves, knowing that such dazzling appearances are useless in war.




    "I won't miss," is the most direct way to describe the warrior princess's fighting style. As the chieftess, she is meant to be protected but powerful - she leads her people to battle, but does not take part in the front lines. Instead, she is a ranger - a complete master of archery. She could easily hit the same target and slice and arrow down the center with the wind blowing uneasily. A moving target? No difference. During her induction, as chieftess, she used the phrase "I won't miss," and it has become her playful catchphrase within the tribe. To be and archer and claim to never miss is one thing - to actually never miss, is feat of itself.

    Thus, her main weapon is her trusty bow: a beautifully crafted, durable, and powerful weapon. It is a dark brown color, and, when in possession of a leader with 'Nature's Blessing', its inner curves and openings glow a bright green. Depending on the user's magic ability, it can cause massive amounts of physical and magical damage to the enemy. Some examples include: causing plant life to grow in and out of the wound causing immense pain and organ failure depending on where the wound is, causing nearby plant life to entangle the target with venomous thorns - no matter what species of plant life surrounds the foe, instantaneous paralysis to the foe, and etc. To summarize, she may be one of the best archers in Tamriel, and with her bow, she becomes a dangerous adversary. The bow was given its name the moment it was forged: Mulagir, the Bow of Swift Winds.

    Upon times of spiritual natural magic ceremonies, the chief is given the ceremonial staff by the elders of the tribe. The staff is only to be used during important trials or devastating ordeals. It was a gift from Kynareth many eras ago, that was passed down from generation to generation. It combines the energy of Nirn with the user, creating an ultimate power. It's capabilities have never been tested, but as legends go, ancestors have defeated armies with its blessing. However, it comes with a great price: life, and death. The stronger the magic and combination of energies, the more likely its user will die. Over time, at least seven chiefs have died using the staff during battle: with their life, they pay, but as with life after death for the earth, its use was for good. Therefore, the wise elders only grant the chief the staff during ceremonies and intense battles for the good of their tribe, and the world around them. Artemis, since her rise to chieftess, has used the staff. Mostly during ceremonies, and only twice during battles. She knew not to use much of its magic, but even then it was very draining for the little magic she used from the staff.

    Her final weapon she uses other than the magics of nature is her metallic claws: a traveling researcher came to their tribe long ago, only a year after she became chief. He gifted Artemis a weapon he forged in her honor: gauntlet gloves that protruded long sharp talons when harnessed from the user's energy. He spoke that they were strong enough to protrude armor, and if she were to ever be in close combat, she could feel the balance of nature all while having the ability to penetrate the newer armors of other civilizations.

    [[explain the ceremonial staff with immense energy, but very draining and dangerous to user]]
    [[explain melee claws used for predetermined battle and only in dire situations]]
    [[natural magics (below)]]

    Magic (If applicable):





    Fighting Style:












    Combat Skills:





    The daughter of the chief was born into destiny. Being the leader's daughter of the last few known descendants of the Ayleids, she had a future of responsibilities. Artemis was a healthy baby girl, and grew up as the darling representative. Families planned to have their children who were mere infants be raised as her suitors... but her father disagreed. They were a tribe of strict culture, yes, but much like nature, felt that love was something to be earned by experience; nature's intention. And that is how it has always been, generation to generation. Perhaps it was why the bonds of the tribe were always so strong.

    The tribe's folklore has always been surrounded by nature. The leader is the sun and sky, and their spouse, the moons and stars. Whether male or female, the leader is bound by birthright, lest massacre occurs. The first born is then decided as leader, but the following children would be bound still to leadership in some way. The first born would be leader due to the 'power' gifted by the Gods, with the ability to feel and transfer energy with nature. They are treated much like a demi God or Goddess in the tribe, with more protection given than even the leaders at the time. This is because of the mindset that 'you reap what you sow', even when it comes to the seeds of the forests to become giant trees.

    The vibrantly green-eyed girl was energetic, confident, courageous, spunky, talented, and intelligent. She surpassed many when it came to the bow and arrow, and her melee combat prowess made her an excellent sparring partner among the children. It could pertain to the fact that she was taught by the best in the tribe, but many instead considered it to be from her 'gift' from the Gods.

    Her childhood was short lived, however. On a beautiful summer morning, without any warning, Artemis's mother fell deathly ill by a strange disease. Many tribesfolk blamed a curse, as they were quite skilled in alchemy and medicine for them to not foresee such a strange condition. It was so sudden, and many were terrified to go near the dying woman. Blessed by the tribe's priests, the daughter and husband were able to stand by her in her final hours.

    Despite the beautiful weather and sunshiny day, as soon as the sun disappeared over the horizon, the mother left with it. She spoke a few words with her husband prior, with Artemis sent away from the tent. Artemis simply watched the sunset filled with vibrant colors while her parents had their final words together. It was something she wished she eavesdropped on. Their love was incomparable in her eyes, and knew they were inseparable, whether in life or death. As energy is passed on and transferred, lives do as well. But the Gods knew well enough to keep those who are meant to be connected together forever, together.

    With the sun still setting but coming to a close, she was called back into the tent, facing her dying mother who still looked as beautiful as ever.

    "My... sweet, sweet butterfly..." It was a name given to her, as she was born in the season of the monarchs traveling across vast lands. Artemis was a beautiful delicate flower, but strong enough to transverse any distance through strength. With her mother's hands in both her husband's and her daughter's, they both listened to her speak. By the looks in her parents eyes, she could tell they shared tears during their conversation.

    "You will achieve... so much... no matter where you fly... or how far you go... remember that while... while... wh-while you are strong to face the winds... you are still delicate... as life is meant to be..." Artemis was crying, not holding in her tears, but did not sob. The tears simply ran down her face, dropping like rain onto her mother's bedside. "Our world... is small... but our hearts... are bigger..." Her words were heavier, slower, weaker. "Nature knows... how amazing you are... just as we do... and remember... we all... love... you..."


    The funeral was grand and held under the moon and stars starting at sunset, respectfully. Her body was burned, and the ashes used as fertilizer... for the cherry blossom tree planted in her honor as a tribal leader; her favorite plant. It was a symbol of life after death. Lotus flowers were released into the streams and rivers, and jars of torchbugs released into the night's sky. There was no darkness that night, as people celebrated and mourned. Her death was tragic to the tribe, but they knew she was free from the confines of the dangerous world, and would be reunited with her loved ones some day. Until then, she would watch from the trees, the flowers, the birds, the waters, and the winds. Her energy would watch the tribe until it was time for her to explore Nirn's nature as one.

    The loss of her mother was only the beginning, however. Artemis had a childhood friend, who many assumed they would grow old together.

    The marriage of two in the tribe was far more important compared to outsiders. Those they chose they would live eternally together: as moon and sun. As night and day. And land and sky. If one were to die, their spirit would wait until their partner would greet them in death, before they could become one with Nature. The afterlife, the tribe called Spirtae (Spear-teh), was said to be within all energies of the Nirn - the afterlife WAS Nirn itself. Rather than walking on the lands, one would walk IN them as energies, in their own majestic, fantasy worlds of nature and unbound peace. They could do whatever they wished in this spiritual realm on Nirn. This explained why people would 'feel' their past relatives watching them in the shadows or in the lights, and their whispers on the winds: they were still on Nirn with the living, just in another realm... and if they wished to gaze upon the living in wait, they could.

    This childhood friend Artemis had a deep crush on. They played together for years, and in her pre-teen years, found herself feeling nervous around him. He would give her flowers, and she would make him necklaces. He gave her the nickname Rainy after she was lost in a heavy rainstorm in the woods, only to be found by him. As he got older, he was given more arduous tasks, such as hunting bigger game and patrolling the perimeter of the tribe's lands. One night on patrol, he never returned. Artemis was still a child, and lost two lives she loved so deeply. But she knew that he would be okay, even if he had passed - those who have yet to find a partner before Spirtae would be sent back to Nirn, to live again until they found who they were meant to be with.

    His funeral was designed for the neutrals who had yet to find their partner - it was midday, with daisies and lilacs thrown into the breeze and into the rivers and streams. It was months after his disappearance, and the tribe assumed the worst. In his honor of life renewal to live again, they burned a plant he grew, so that something new could grow where it stood before.

    As a teenager, she still tried her best to cope with the loss of her mother and best friend. She grew wiser every day, and managed her emotions the best of her ability. On some nights she cried - the rains of sorrow from the Gods. But she tried her best to impress her tribe and make them happy. As the voice of the Gods of Nature, she was meant to be an icon for them to look up to.

    Outsiders meddled in the tribe's affairs always - whether it was wanting the lands they owned, wanted to 'research and report' the tribe, or make them politically involved in the outside world. Their borders seemed to need more and more guards every year; but, with the growing population that was once declining, there is no problem filling in those duties. The Thalmor were the usual cause of trouble, but with the sheer numbers of the tribe and the lack of necessary involvement, a small attack from the Thalmor usually left them retreating due to the involvement not of utmost importance and a waste of time and money with the retaliations.

    One day, the Thalmor wished to speak with a leader of the tribe, to meet equal grounds. Displeased, the tribe sent men to dispose of them - they, were captured. Knowing that giving Thalmor information and an understanding that the tribe is non-hostile in terms of neutral feelings of the outside world, Artemis's father left the safety of the inner walls to speak with the Thalmor intruders.

    Everything went well, and those who captured returned, along with the Chief. It wasn't until three months later that her father's body and his guardsmen's bodies were found stabbed and burned in the forest's outer ring during the Chief's usual hunting trips. With both her parents as gone, she was forced to do the Harbinger's Ritual by herself, which is usually done on her birthday of adulthood by the leaders of the tribe. She had no time to morn her father's death until the next day: she had to perform the rite immediately, which consists of giving offerings and prayers and meditation nonstop for twenty-four hours in the Holy Sanctuary.

    [[finish explaining the ritual, then her father's funeral, and the future]]

    [[Became chief, and new voice of nature. Took care of her people despite age and prospered.]]


    [explain how she is doing better as a chief, and introduce the scientist]

    Because they were not of Thalmor origin, but a simple Breton, she welcomed him to the tribe. He spoke of the tales he was told of their mysterious and ancient tribe, considered "a hidden gem among legends". After the tribe's thanks, he offered them food and seeds of crops outside of their area to help them, as well as precious metals and other gifts in his cart: all in exchange for research of their tribe and their history. After the elders spoke that he was not a spy and of good intentions, Artemis was pleased to help, and for a week the man stayed and observed the tribe, as well as documented their lifestyle.

    [[Gods speak of responsibility to spread nature's divine gifts and respects. Problems with the Green Pact VS her tribes own beliefs increase. Does not want to leave the land but knows a war is yet to come.]]


    [[Prayers are answered from the Gods and Nirn. Tales of a talisman deep within the far lands of Skyrim that has the power to protect her Aelyid tribe from hostile neighbors to keep their lands they were given centuries ago. The artifact could only be obtained by the harbinger of nature - Artemis knew she could not stay behind to protect her people, but had to leave. Puts her most trusted friend to keep order while she is away, but makes sure to keep constant contact.]]


    [[Traveled through many kingdoms, bringing along certain appointed members of her tribe to join her on her quest. She is able to obtain more aid from other kingdoms, due to her surreal magical connection to Nirn's energies and nature. If she was able to gain her talisman, she would speak with the Gods to bless the fair lands who aided her as well as bestow upon them her own powers of balance and nature. A small army was sent to Valenwood for extra support against the Thalmor threat, which is another reason for the surprising support.]]


    [[With the entrance into Skyrim, her appearance was not without its rumors. She would not stop until the talisman was found and her tribe's future was safe. But spreading the awareness of Nirn's nature and energy was not her only duty... it seems the Gods had another fate for the woman; to aid the Dragonborn.]]

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