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  • Verros Cassian, The Housecarl's Squire Feb 14, 2018

    (The art used in this CC are not 100% depictions of this character, but rather accurate ideas of what his visage is. Please keep this in mind while reading, and rely mainly on the descriptions in his CC and use the photos as reference points and imagery.)


    Verros Cassian
    "You can either change the world or waste your time protecting yourself from it."
    - Faleen, Housecarl of Jarl Igmund

    ~-- Basic --~

    NAME: Verros Cassian
    (pronounced [Veh-roh-ss]; [Kas-sea-en])

    ALIAS: Boy, Cassian, Squire

    AGE: 21

    BIRTH-DATE: 1st of Midyear, 4E 380

    BIRTH-PLACE: Unkown

    GENDER: Male

    RACE/ORIGIN: Imperial [100%]

    CLASS: Warrior/Housecarl

    PROFESSION: Squire to Faleen, Housecarl of Jarl Igmund of Markarth

    LATERALITY: Right Handed

    SEXUALITY: Straight


    FAMILY: Unkown

    HEIRLOOMS: His sword, a gift from his master; and his armour, crafted as a badge of his service.

    AFFILIATIONS: Markarth's Ruling House

    AFFLICTIONS: Night Terrors, Mild Insomnia

    RELIGION: Agnostic


    ~-- Appearance --~

    HEIGHT: 5'7"

    WEIGHT: 143 lbs.

    BUILD: Average, Active, Youthful

    FACE: The softness of his youthful face is betrayed by the maturity in his eyes and stoic stare; a single scar divides his face while soft stubble accentuates his jaw and chin

    EYES: Hazel-brown

    SKIN-TONE: Slightly Tanned Caucasian, with somewhat of a "farmer's tan"

    HAIR STYLE: Cut comfortably short, thick with natural waviness

    FACIAL HAIR: Gently peppered stubble beard and moustache

    HAIR COLOR: Dark Brown, almost Black

    SCARS: Many small nicks dot the skin all over his body, none noticeable enough to be of note

    TATTOOS: None



    ~-- Personality --~
    the ultimate introvert

    TEMPER: Even-tempered; through his upbringing Verros has grown an extremely high tolerance for the poking, prodding and sharp words of others. He virtually never loses his temper, and if he has he can't remember it ever happening

    OUTLOOK: Mixed, but mostly pessimistic; much like his temper, his past has greatly impacted his view of the world and its workings. If asked he may put on a visage of uncertainty, though this is just to cover up his embarrassingly low opinion and expectations of the world.
    HONOR: Intense and High; as somebody who has never been granted the luxury of honour or honourable treatment, he refuses to treat others the way he has been treated and strives to give others the highest honour he can in hopes of earning the same.

    Alignment: Lawful Good; his training tells him to follow the law no matter what the situation, no matter his opinion. He holds himself to this expectation, as it's what separates him from those who may do him or others wrong.

    POSITIVE TRAITS: Surprisingly and Highly Intelligent, Naturally Protective, Inquisitive, Astute, Loyal, Lawful, Compassionate, Selfless, Charitable

    NEGATIVE TRAITS: Bull-headed, Stubborn, Specific, Shy, Willful at times, Loner

    LIKES: Reading, Exploration, Rain, Weather, Night Sky, Star Gazing, Sword Fighting/Dualling, Weapons Crafting & Repairing, Honorable Behavior, Protecting the Defenseless and Innocent

    DISLIKES: Upper-class Snobs, The Silverbloods, Forsworn, Prejudice, Racism, Sexism, Assuming Behaviors, Dishonesty, Disloyalty, Hate

    FEARS: Daedra; Monsters from other Worlds

    PHOBIAS: None that he's discovered yet

    HABITS/QUIRKS: He has a very stoic face, almost never showing emotion without proper motivation

    ASPIRATIONS/GOALS: To be promoted from Squire to Housecarl, and being Chosen to Serve in someone's name, to protect the people of Markarth and the Reach as a master warrior


    ~-- Gear and Fighting Style --~
    [Note that the Artwork Above this is an almost spot on idea of what I would like her to be wearing]

    HEAD: Most commonly nothing, he doesn't own any helms, hats or hoods of any sort.

    ARMS AND SHOULDERS: His arms are covered will by his white undershirt, while a leather gauntlet and a matching bracer over his left and right hand and forearms. His upper arms and shoulders are covered with a secondary, slightly heavier and denser stone-grey tunic. His leather chest-piece rests overtop each shoulder, while a single pauldron sits on his left shoulder.

    TORSO: His white undershirt sits under his more protective stone-grey shirt, while a thick leather chest-piece/vest wraps around his frame. Occasionally around his torso he wears--from left shoulder to right hip, is a thick leather strap that holds a quiver to his back.

    WAIST: A wide waist cover and belt with 2 pouches and 2 sheathes on either side.

    LEGS AND FEET: He wears thick dark-grey leggings, with shin-high leather boots.

    EVERYDAY CARRY: He never takes his sword or knife off his body unless he is sleeping or engaging in activities that don't allow them, but outside of his weapons nothing but the clothes on his back.

    WEAPONS: His main and most frequently used weapon is his Steel Colovian Longsword, Shira Hel or "Noble Sword". A gift from his master and teacher Faleen, she named it in Yoku--an ancient Redguard language, and retrieved it when she landed her first strike on her teacher. Which is how Verros earned it from her [CLICK HERE FOR PHOTO]. He carries with him alongside his sword, a simple steel knife he crafted with the guidance of Moth gro-Bagal--the Understone Keep Blacksmith [CLICK HERE FOR PHOTO]. His last and most underused weapon is his simple Maple-Wood longbow [CLICK HERE FOR PHOTO], with his own self-crafted arrows--which he crafts in his free time frequently [CLICK HER FOR PHOTO].

    FIGHTING ABILITIES: He's young, and has only a small fraction of the skill his master possesses herself; but for his age, she says "you got the stuff." He's never been sure what that meant exactly, but he always took it as a compliment and assumed it meant he was pretty good with a sword. He's been able to land a total of 366 strikes on his master in their duals so far, which is impressive compared than when she first started training him. He aims to be as good as Faleen one day, and eventually better. He's never really used his bow or knife for anything more than hunting small game, though he can see the usefulness they could carry in other situations.

    FIGHTING STYLE: Verros, like his teacher, is a calculated one-handed longsword user. While most blade users would fight quick and offensively, Verros has been taught to fight reactively. Using the power of his foe against him, choosing to go on offence selectively and strategically. A much different style of blade mastery than most have seen in the northern province--one underestimated and looked down on by many. But the wisest and smartest of men choose this style over most others when given the option.


    ~-- Voice and Score --~

    VOICE: Youthful, Calm, Friendly, Purposeful, Proud

    Matthew Broderick as Simba from The Lion King [CLICK FOR EXAMPLE]
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