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  • Valencia Ildrose [Knight/Healer] Character Card Oct 30, 2016

    Heart of Gold

    "Lady Valencia, Valencia the Brave, The Rose of Wayrest, The White Knight; the blue-eyed, white-haired knight is one everyone knows here, no matter how she is called upon. She has a heart of gold, a love for the kingdom of Wayrest, and undying loyalty to Prince Rodeyval. She is a fighter, and a hero. Unfortunately, she is no longer here to speak with; she is on a private mission in Skyrim, I'm told. We all wish her the best."

    -A Knight of the Rose from Wayrest, High Rock.


    Valencia Eve Ildrose

    Valencia the Brave and Val

    Nord [75%] and Breton [25%]




    140 lbs


    Right Handed


    {{{{{[REDO PLS <3]}}}}}
    Skin/Scale/Fur Color: Fair

    Eyes: Light Blue

    Hair Color/Horns/Ears: White

    Hair Style/Feathers: Wavy Short

    Build: Slim with Feminine Muscles

    Scars: One cut across chest, one burn on upper left arm, and one cut on right leg.


    Constant Wear: Her clothes are to keep her protected; thus, she wears thick apparel as well as armor. She is always seen with her blue scarf, no matter the weather. Skyrim is usually cold anyways.

    Casual Wear: Her protective clothes and armor, of course. She never knows what could happen upon any day, and is always willing to be ready for anything. Again, her trusty blue scarf.

    Armor: Her armor is always the same; an entirely handcrafted light armor set that has the stats of heavy armor. It is designed with various small details of leaves, referring to her gentle nature she showed during her epic battle. Also, her blue scarf.


    She will always carry her favorite one-handed sword and shield wherever she travels. Her sword is the Royal Sword of Wayrest, and her Shield is the Royal Shield of Wayrest. They were forged with some of the strongest of materials in Tamriel, and rumor has it that when necessary, secret enchantments may come from them. She carries a few other weapons, including a dagger and bow.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    While she is not knowledgeable on most magic, she is extremely skilled in restoration. She considers it one of her stronger suits as well, which is rare for a warrior-like person. She even dubbed it 'her life saver' in a speech. She also knows a great amount of destruction, which is for when she is stripped of her primary weapons in dangerous situations. She is also working on, and currently knows a few words, of the Thu'um.

    She carries a lot of potions, lockpicks, food, and maps.


    Personality: As any hero would be, she is courageous, wise, kind, honorable, and generous. Despite being a woman who has murdered others in battles across vast lands, she is generally very sweet and surprisingly innocent in nature. Her innocence is not to be confused with ignorance, as she knows how evil the world truly is. For her, she radiates a pure heart that tries to bring peace and joy to others; hence the reason why she seems so innocent. She is a very patient and wise woman, and her generosity to help others extends farther than what many can possibly do. Her courage and honor spreads throughout every land she walks upon, hoping to find peace in a world that worships evil and commits such sins.

    + Because of her backstory with royalty and knighthood, she is very polite when interacting with others, even when they are rude to her. She also has a great posture and table manners.
    + She often organizes things, sometimes unintentionally.
    + Counting her coins. She never does this in public, but mostly in her home. She is very self-aware of finances, and wants to make sure she can have a happy life if she somehow cannot return to Wayrest to an unforeseen factor.

    Emma Watson

    + Exploring
    + Helping Others
    + Dresses
    + Wealth, to an extent
    + Rabbits
    + The Sky, both day and night
    + Learning new things

    + Evil
    + The Dark Brotherhood, the Thieves Guild, Bandits, Vampires, Werewolves, Hagravens, Necromancers, Thalmor, and Multiple other 'evil' groups of people.
    + Death
    + Poverty
    + Illness/Injury
    + Arrogance
    + Carelessness


    A knight of the Knights of the Rose in Wayrest, High Rock.

    + Surprisingly, death. But she will not let that get in the way of helping others.
    + Failure
    + Her love, surprising as well, and she keeps it a secret.
    + Permanent injury; same with death, she does not let the fear get in the way.

    She owns a property in Whiterun.

    Knight, Mercenary, and Trader. Healing can be considered, but she doesn't dare ask for payment of such.

    + She is secretly disconnected on the affection of love. She prays to Mara, hoping someday she will understand. She wishes to find someone to be her partner, but she desires no children or intercourse. She refuses to say why, and usually ends up pushing away any feelings due to her lost thoughts.
    + She is not a fan of alcohol, and jokingly calls it "brain poison". Despite this, if one manages to get her drunk, she becomes very flirtatious, immature, rebellious, and careless; everything opposite to her. The next day while ill, she will mourn over her actions and apologize constantly.
    + Her blue scarf is from her childhood friend, Rodeyval. He made it himself and gave it to her for saving his life.




    Born with a healthy baby girl, the parents of Valencia were surprised to see the white hair she possessed. Despite having white hair, they were not concerned, as it was not tinted grey, and she was overall very healthy. She grew up a curious child, wandering the halls of the Wayrest castle. Her father was a respectable and one of the highest ranked knights at the time. Thus, to protect inside the castle itself, Delvon Ildrose was allowed to live within it. The King and Queen were delighted to have another child roaming the halls with their own son, often playing together.

    As she grew up, she was taught benevolence and chivalry when in the presence of royalty, to which she became accustomed to both acting like a royal and acting like a knightly guard. Her mother, despite being fully Nordic, taught her daughter the arcane arts, while her knightly father, Breton and Nordic, taught her the ways of the knight. She lived a very happy life, and became very popular among others who visited the castle with her bright personality; enough to where she was mistaken to be a princess.

    The years passed, and she grew more mature. Valencia was often found healing the injured knights and guards, talking with civilians, tending to the gardens, training, and reading. While she was never a royal herself, she couldn't help but love the beauty and responsibility it had. The wealth, the responsibility, the changes she could make to the world for the greater good; she wanted it. However, she knew very well it was never in her grasp, and began to take a similar path of career as her father.

    More years passed, and as her princely friend grew as well, she managed to form a fondness of the young man. She very often pushed away anything to do with such emotions, as he was a childhood best friend. She did manage to invite him to a dinner with just the two of them, and he did except. Despite this, nothing else came out of it but the continuation of their friendship. This, she did not mind at all.

    As her training years passed, she finally became a knight of the Knights of the Rose. Her father was honored to have his daughter follow in his footsteps, and at such a young age. Two years passed after her acceptance, and an ordeal faced the kingdom greatly. An evil man, the name of Fanandar the Strong, stormed the castle with his group of rouges, attempting to murder the royal family to take the throne.

    The Knights of the Rose took their stands, and began to battle. While all of this was occurring, the King and Queen were taken into protection in a separate room. In the chaos, their son was lost in the castle. Sprinting frantically, Valencia left to find the prince. She made it the throne room, to which he was hiding in. Not a second later, did Fanandar the Strong bust through the doors, sword in hand, ready for battle. With no one else around, Valencia stood in front of prince Rodeyval drawing her sword to Fanandar.

    The battle was grueling and tough, but her skill in healing managed to save her from massive injury. With each slice, she grew closer and closer to finishing him. Finally, after a long and damaging battle, Valencia managed to stab him through the chest, killing the rebellious leader. She managed to heal herself until others arrived, Fanandar the Strong dead with the prince alive. She was quickly healed by others, and praised for her courage from the royal family.

    While the surprise rebellion was deadly, it was far from a war or large uprising. Despite this, Valencia was awarded with the Royal Sword, Royal Shield, and a lifetime to stay in the castle. The blue-eyed young woman couldn't be happier that she helped protect those she cared about.

    Not many years later had Valencia decided she wanted to go exploring, and spread kindness and peace throughout Tamriel. Her main target was for Skyrim. She desired to meet with the Grey Beards, learn the language of the Thu'um, and learn more about her Nordic culture that most of her heritage was from. She was given a hearty goodbye, told that she would forever be a Knight of the Rose, before she left for Skyrim.

    In time, she managed to learn a few words of the Thu'um, and decided to stay in Skyrim for a few more years to learn more from the Greybeards. She was also tragically grief-stricken by Skyrim's awful politics and violence, to which she hoped to solve as well. She ended up buying a property in Whiterun, that way her location was central to Skyrim, and her travels would be less drastic. She also began trading with many, as her adventures lead to many items of finding, and Whiterun was the trading central of Skyrim.

    For now, she also offers mercenary work, and still considers herself a knight, and trades, to earn money. She still has many riches from her duty in Wayrest. She also volunteers to heal the sick and injured while traveling, never asking for coin in return. Again, her main goal is to spread peace and kindness throughout Tamriel.
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