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  • Star-Seer [Snow-Elf/Nord] CC Jan 14, 2018

    Oracle of Stars


    : Esther the Prophet

    Nicknames: Essie
    Birth Name: Esther Crystal Narlemae

    Race: Nord and Snow Elf, with heritage tracing back to Imperial Alessia the slave Queen. The percentages of the races are unknown.

    Gender: Female

    Age: She was born some time during the First Era, but true dates were lost in time: her appearance age is 22 years.

    Height: 5'6

    Weight: 120 lbs

    Sexuality: Heterosexual

    Laterality: Left-Handed


    Skin/Scale/Fur Color: Pale, similar to the Nords

    Eyes: An icy sky blue color

    Hair Color/Horns/Ears: Silver in color, despite her youth.

    Hair Style/Feathers: Long and straight, usually left down unless there is a special event. She will at times put her hair up in a ponytail depending on the weather.


    Build: Thin, but lean.

    Scars: One on the palm of her left hand - a cut, sliced diagonally.

    Tattoos: None

    Piercings: None, but during ceremonies she would often wear clamps of earrings.

    Other: A light blue coloration on her forehead that appears only when she uses her foresight powers. It is four diamond-like shapes that form a teardrop-like shape. It glows with her powers, then disappears when she is no longer using her powers.


    Constant Wear:


    Depending on where Esther is and what she is doing, she has a few select outfits. Normally, she wears black pants and a loose brown top. She has a shawl she wears if it becomes a bit chilly. She wears ragged gloves and brown leather boots for comfort. She is always wearing her precious blue necklace.

    Armor Wear:


    If in combat, or needing to be in hiding, she has a white-grey cloak with small gold lining some parts of the hood. She may wear this at times to protect her from harsh weather. She has no need to protect her identity except for the people who are suspicious of her intentions, or know them enough to want to stop her. While she by no means is trying to disguise herself as a normal person, her whitish cloak presents herself as someone of importance, and she is usually left alone with Xavier beside her at all times.




    Her necklace, while not necessary, helps her filter her visions and powers to reality. She finds that to be her strongest weapon. She also carries a rapier, which she is very skilled with due to her past. She only uses that as a last resort, as she tries to avoid combat as much as possible.

    Magic (If applicable):


    She has the ability to foresee the future, move objects with her mind, use telepathy to speak with others, and communicate with what she calls "Spirits" - these are both a reference to select deities and natural enigmas, such as spriggans. She is extremely skilled in Alteration, Restoration, and Illusion. She reminisces on her training in such, saying that "It feels like just yesterday I had mastered this spell... and yet, years later beyond my imagining, here I am."

    Some of her visions come and go as they please, while others she can force herself to foresee. This is dangerous, as if at random times she receives a vision, she becomes unaware of the world around her, becomes blind, her brand appears on her forehead, as it and her necklace glows. At times like these, Xavier will shield her from the sight of others until she is aware of the world once again.

    She also carries, other than the living necessities packed away on the horses that Xavier and her bring wherever they go, a small harp-lyre mix. She can play a full-sized harp elegantly, and was known for playing it during special occasions for ceremonies while her mother sang, and she harmonized behind her. However, due to wishing she could bring a harp along to make others happy, her father designated a harp-lyre mix to be made for his daughter. It is shaped more like a lyre, but has slight alterations to make it sound like a harp. Its main frame is etched into the shape of a serpent-like dragon. Her mother, being musically talented, taught her daughter how to sing and play the instrument made uniquely for her. Esther will usually play to lift spirits, but usually does not sing, out of shyness. She has a beautiful voice, from what Xavier speaks. However, he never outright asks her to sing for him, as he does his best to lift any weary feelings she may have. Only a select few times has he found her singing, or she has promptly sang for others in times of extreme sadness.




    Esther is a pure and gentle spirit of hope and light. In Xavier's words, she is a divine being meant for things beyond common life; that she has a purpose to fulfill. She has a kind, golden heart that she often wears on her shoulder. She will place herself in situations that put her at risk, which ends with Xavier reminding her that she is important. She can be stubborn in trying to help others, as she finds happiness in aiding others. She is very emotional, and usually in tune with her feelings. She is open about her feelings, finding that hiding them is only necessary to protect the people around her. She finds it hard to ask for help, but will do so if comfortable around the person. She has an aura that is very uplifting, which Xavier explains as something "ethereal" in nature. She tends to make the best out of situations, but, at times, finds herself being pessimistic. She often reminds Xavier that she too is mortal, and not some divine thing to be worshiped - a pet peeve of hers. That she feels impure emotions such as frustration, irritation, and jealousy. While she loves the feeling of being wanted and needed, she doesn't like to be treated too much differently from everyone else. She dislikes being teased, but ends up laughing in the end. She may not be very humorous herself, but is prone to jokes and teasing at times to lift the spirits of those around her. However, her heart is filled with fire - ignoring her icy looks. She will stop at nothing to learn what the future holds, and how to protect the light within it.

    Fighting Style:

    She dislikes fighting, and prefers to discuss things peacefully. Though, she knows peace cannot be without memories of war. She will often attempt to use her foresight to see if danger awaits, and, if so, avoid the situation. During battle, she attempts to see the future moves the enemy will make. This has only successfully worked twice. She is very skilled with a rapier, which was from her childhood training. She has been in a handful of situations where she needed to use it, but still practices sparring alone and at times with Xavier. He is usually the fighter for her, and she supports him with Illusion and Restoration. They have fought together in the past, her using her rapier and, at times, offensive light magic.


    + Stares off into space, in thought
    + Is often very tired, even with a night's well-rest. It is thought that her mind continues to receive visions despite her not realizing it, making it troublesome for her to sleep deeply. It may be due to her generations-long sleep that was forced upon her.
    + Hums songs of her past, where her mother was an avid singer.
    + When bored and in a safe place, she will play her travel harp-lyre.


    Theme Song:

    + Xavier
    + Stars/Night Skies
    + Flowers
    + Light Rain
    + Stories (Listening and Reading)
    + Helping Others

    + Being teased (but ends up laughing anyway)
    + Lies
    + Evil People (Bandits, thieves, assassins, etc.)
    + Monsters/Dangerous Animals (Saber Cats, Giants, Large Spiders, etc.)
    + Falmer: She is heartbroken by what her ancestors have become.
    + Racism: She finds it ridiculous to hate on culture.


    Affiliations: The once prosperous kingdom of Aeslir: now lost in history.

    + Losing Xavier and/or not being able to restore him
    + Not fulfilling her destiny
    + Being lost
    + Losing what little light is left in the world (metaphorically)

    Properties: Her kingdom is in ruins: blanketed by snow and ice. All that can be seen above the snow and ice other than mere stone bricks and crumbled walls is a star which adorned one of the castle's pillars. She intends tor return with Xavier to the sanctuary where they can peacefully live, once her goals are met in Skyrim.


    Esther is a fortuneteller of sorts: more so a prophet, but generally tells those who wishes their fortunes and what to expect, for gold septims. With Xavier dedicated to protecting her at all times, he has no chance for a job. So instead, through gossip and rumors, "Those who wish to seek their fortunes in the stars, find the silver-haired maiden; she will be found with a permanent shadow and a glowing amulet."


    + Esther, being the prophet she is, knows exactly what her future child's name will be: she is unsure of the gender, father, how many she will have or adopt, or age she saw him or her, but she recalls the name being "Robin."
    + Despite having Dragon's blood in her heritage, she is not the Dragonborn, nor can she learn shouts with ease. In fact, she has never associated herself with dragons, except with correlation to Akatosh, and the stars.
    + She doesn't quite understand how to act 'normal' considering she was treated as a vessel for communicating with divine elements all her life. She, at times, finds herself feeling that she is "Not a true person." However, she comes to terms with her condition after such thoughts, and moves on.
    + The star-seer adores her horse, named Ivy. Xavier named it Ivy, due to the horse delaying its arrival at the outside of the sanctuary being entangled in Ivy.



    Esther was born a bright and cheerful child. She was always willing to help others, even if she was in trouble because of it. Much like the other children, she wanted to play all day and let curiosity lead the way. When she was of age, she began to "see" things that were not there. Figures, objects, and landscapes. Soon enough, by explaining to her mother and father, it was discovered that she was a prophet: she could see the future. Under the orders of a priest, she was told to pray to the Gods for answers. In a dream, two figures appeared: a dragon, and a figure in the sky. She believed the voices to be of Akatosh and Kynareth. The dragon told her the blood of dragons lived in her, and that she needed to find a blue stone to cool its flames. The figure of air told her to make a necklace of the stone, and keep it with her at all times.


    As the years passed, she learned of her abilities she possessed, and practiced day and night, all while living the days as a princess. The kingdom was fairly new: it was established by Snow Elves and Nords alike. Those who wished not to fight came to the kingdom to live in peace: the king a Nord and the queen a Snow Elf. They built off of and added to an old castle and its walls, wanting to protect the peace they rightfully earned.

    Princess Esther, the lone daughter of the icy kingdom, would often be the voice of Akatosh - the Snow Elves main peaceful deity - and Kynareth - the Nord's main peaceful deity. She would guide politics through the the Gods, taking their advice to make a prosperous kingdom. However, she couldn't help but hear the same voices call out to her that she was not ready. For what, she was yet to understand. She simply made her kingdom happy and its people prosperous. hoping to make the new kingdom something that will last in history.


    At the age of 20, two years of constant bickering with her mother and father to find courtship, she caved in. She knew that keeping the new royal line alive was her most important duty as future queen. In honor of her submission, the king and queen created a courtship ball. There, men worthy of the blue-eyed woman would take turns meeting her and greeting her, to which she would, by the end of the night, pick whom she finds suitable of the suitors. With her foresight, she believed she would truly find the right man, and would not worry of false appearances, as she could easily see through such guises.

    Halfway through the celebration, she is approached by a mysterious man: while handsome, she had trouble seeing his intentions. Calmly, he asked for a dance, to which Esther accepted. Together they danced, the aura of mystery not leaving the man. While it should have worried the princess, she felt relaxed near the stranger.

    With a change of pace however, she was greeted by terrible news. "You are in grave danger, Princess." He whispered, making the woman worry. They continued to dance, not wanting to alarm the guards who were already watching with every eye they owned. "What?" She responded, nervousness in her voice. "People do not like this kingdom... it will be short lived." He spoke, a facial expression of relaxation not matching the dire situation. "Why not? It is peaceful between the Nords and Snow Elves here." She retorted softly. The mysterious man spun her around, before bringing her back to his arms. She had visions of flames and screams in her dreams as of recent, but knew sometimes her nightmares were only that, and not visions. "Exactly. And people dislike that. There are people here. Now. Who want this kingdom to burn. We must go." "I do not believe you: you make such heavy accusations, sir. I belie-"

    Unable to finish her sentence, the man grabs her and jumps out of the way of an arrow: one that would have hit the woman. The ballroom broke into war: guards fighting one another, guests secretly assassins who killed others. It was udder chaos. The king and the queen were escorted by loyal guards who attempted to hold off the intruders who had been there all along. Some of the royal guard had turned: worked their way to the top all these years. Some spies were of Snow Elves, others Nords. It seemed hatred had pinned two groups against one of peace.

    Running out of the ballroom with the princess, they ran past an alter that held her harp. With one swift and final grab, she managed to catch her harp from the flames that were so close. However, it was a trade off with fate: when she grabbed her harp, her tiara dropped on the ground and was engulfed in the flames that were now tearing through the streets of the castle and town. The man continued to run, carrying the princess over his shoulder. Not wanting to slow him down, Esther stayed still, watching her home burn. The embers rose into the sky, mixing in with the stars that dotted the night's ocean. The screams of innocent lives and battle cries of those who wished to save the peace they created echoed through the smoke.

    She couldn't recall how far the man ran. He continued to run and run and run and run and run. The kingdom was nowhere to be seen; the light of the flames no longer in sight. He ran past the kingdom's forests, past the plains, past the lakes and rivers. Into lands she had never seen.


    Eventually the man placed her down and they walked side-by-side. The journey was silent, but the woman was not hesitant to follow him; and he made sure she was right beside him. The dead silence of the night was only filled with the sounds of nocturnal nature... until Esther broke the silence. "What is your name?" Silence continued to the point where the princess expected no answer to come. "Xavier," the mysterious man responded, not giving the princess a glance. She smiled, happy to have a response.

    Eventually Xavier lead Esther to a cave: one that seemed dark and dreary at first. However, after traveling through maze-like paths that the mysterious fellow must have memorized was a beautiful sanctuary: one that could rival the Temple of Ancestor Moths. It was beautiful, and had a small house built from wood and stone. It seemed old, yet so new. Hearing a sizzling sound, Esther turned around to watch the path which they walked through dissipate into a stone wall: no exit or entrance left. "What is this place?" She asked, entranced by its divine beauty and purity. "A sanctuary, where you will sleep until the time comes." Xavier responded, his usual expressionless face looking towards her. However, there was a tint of sadness that tugged at his eyes and lips.

    "P-Pardon me...?" Esther stammered, growing quite fearful. "This is my duty... and yours has yet to come. Here you will rest, no longer aging until the time comes. I will protect you and care for you until then. For I am your guardian." Tears formed around the eyes of the former princess. "Please... I... I wish to return home... to repair my kingdom... to make sure my family is okay... and friends... and-" "No. I am sorry. But you know you are different. You have a future that I must bring you to. Please. I know it pains you but..." His words seemed to be lost in his throat. "It pains me to see you suffer. Please." Bowing her head, she knew this was her fate, and while she did not know if she could change it, this was her only choice for now. He had saved her life, and traveled far to protect her with his life. Surely his intentions would not be in vain. "I will sleep, then. For the future..."

    For generations she was left in what seemed like eternal slumber within the sanctuary. Nothing aged in the sanctuary, except her guardian. While he did not age to look old as a wise man, but rather he seemed to deteriorate against the liveliness of the divine place. But he continued to watch over her, the Gods giving Esther her youth and keeping Xavier alive in a bandaged and hidden state of being.


    Time had turned old over the years, but finally the icy eyes of the elven-human were open. She saw the light of the sun that dappled and sneaked its way through the open cracks of the cave's ceiling, bringing life to what should be a dark place. Beside her, she saw the man of former glory: he was bandaged, much like a mummy would be, looking as if he was no longer alive. As Esther sat up, the mysterious man knelt down, taking a strand of her silver hair between his fingers, with her own hand gently sweeping past his own. She placed her hand on his cheek, rubbing her thumb against the bandages that covered the unknown. "Xavier..." She spoke softly. His face leaned into her hand instinctively, his unseen eyes closing. "Esther." He spoke, his voice still the same as before.

    "Why have you gone through such ordeals for my sake?" She asked, lowering her hand. He bowed his head and stood, but stayed facing her. "I was ordered by Kynareth and Akatosh to protect you. You hold the heritage of Dragon blood and the peace between two opposing races. You can see into the future and determine what is to come: a power worthy of a God. Your fate is unknown to me, but I must continue to fulfill my duty. You kept your youth, left in timeless slumber."

    What he awaited to hear was goodness for her kept youth and her amazing gift. Instead, he heard a sad sigh and a watched a tear fall from her face. "Oh... why... I am so sorry that you did such a thing for me... while I am grateful... I am sure you are saddened by your own fate: I can feel your sorrow." Astonished, the man fell silent, looking away. Instead of him, she spoke in his honor. "I... I had visions in my sleep. That I must follow the stars. I am not sure what that means, but I will do so to find answers to why I was granted this fate. In the mean time, I will find a way to restore your life to you. It is the least I can do for someone with your devotion. I wish to honor your actions."

    Xavier did not accept nor deny her statement, but instead gathered up materials to take along the trip within the sanctuary. Esther aided him in collecting what was needed for travels, and watched as the exit appeared from the stone like it had disappeared before. From then he guided her out of the cave, and waiting outside were two horses: one for Esther and one for himself. Helping her own and securing their items to the horses, they began their trek into the lands.


    For months they traveled across Tamriel, searching for answers and following the stars. With no signs of clues, Esther's only hope was to follow the night sky; the stars she saw in her dreams. They were unsure where they needed to go; High Rock? Summerset Isles? Skyrim? While they started their journey in Skyrim, they wanted to make sure they missed no sets of clues.

    As they traveled together, they learned more about one-another. Esther found that, beyond the cold facade of Xavier, he had quite the laugh, and was sarcastic. She noticed that when he let his guard down, he would quickly build the barriers once again. While it saddened the ex-princess, she tried her best to make him lower it once again, as she knew it made him happy. Xavier learned that Esther's pure facade was only existent due to how she was raised: she can act immature at times, being quite silly, out of pure enjoyment.

    Every town they came upon, no matter the place, they ended up stopping in and asking about spiritual matters: something to guide Esther into finding a reliable source for a clue to their no-destination journey. They would eventually be greeted by the leaders of the towns and cities, asking for the reasoning for traveling. They never signified that they were on a generations-long quest, as Xavier was afraid people would kidnap Esther for selfish purposes. Instead, with a large payment of gold to solidify their survival on their journey ahead, Esther would give the fortunes of the rich, for a high price. For the poor, she would secretly give them one for an arbitrary amount. She would bring happiness wherever they went: whether a tavern, orphanage, slum, or city, she would play her harp. Despite her timidness towards singing, which she heavily explained to Xavier, there was the first time she sang.

    There was an orphanage of children who were left to die. They were considered "useless" - they had body disfigurations, or were slow at learning, or troublemakers who chose a life of crime due to abandonment. All of the children had some reason to be there one way or another, and all who went there were considered doomed to never be loved, except by the orphanage's owner.

    This saddened Esther, and while in the city, she spoke openly about how deeply it bothered her to Xavier. He told her not to worry, but her heart was far too delicate. Entering the building without Xavier's permission, he ran after her, and ended up finding the children being quite sour towards her. Some shouted profanities while others started to throw their toys at her. Xavier grabbed Esther's wrist, and she pulled it away - he was used to her stubbornness, but something did not seem like the usual feelings she had of calmness: this was a feeling of passion.

    She stood still as the children threw toys at her and shouted at her, an arm in front of Xavier to keep him from blocking her. Eventually the children grew quiet, wondering why the woman never shouted at them, or threw things back, like one child constantly repeated stating in the corner. The poor older woman who cared for them had no strength to stop them, but eventually the room grew quiet: the silver-haired maiden looking at the children, and the children staring back. The one child, who started the shouting and throwing, and was the last one to stop, was in the front. The maiden knelt down to him, the boy gripping the toy he was willing to still throw at her. He lifted his arm, but stopped when he saw her smile.

    "I'm Esther; do you want to play with me?" She asked, still smiling. The boy refused to speak, merely glancing at her, all the other children staring as if someone was about to be slain. "I like to sing and play the harp. Do you want to dance with me? Or sing with me?" The boy did not speak and no longer stole glances. His arm was lowered, and he was holding the toy with two hands. "It is a lot of fun; I promise. And we can do it with your brothers and sisters." The boy shook his head instantly. "They aren't my brothers and sisters." He muttered. "Are they your friends?" He shook his head no.

    She smiled, standing up and grabbing Xavier by the arm. "Xavier and I are like family: we live together. We could be called siblings, or even friends. But we still care about each other, and like to have fun together. We play with strangers we meet too who are nice: because we like to make people happy. I think we can make a lot of people happy in this city." The boy looked up now, tears falling from his face. She placed her hand on his face, wiping away the tears. Other children cried as well. "Because making friends and adding to your family is important. And by giving happiness, others will give the same to you."

    That evening, before the sun began its set, the silver-haired maiden led the entire orphanage outside, all wearing flower crowns they made together from flowers she purchased at a nearby shop. People looked upon the children, whispering and making disgusted faces to the rejected children. "Remember to smile and wave," the older woman spoke, her weak and frail body following behind the group to make sure everyone stayed together. In the middle of the town square, the children stood; and the children who had trouble walking were helped to the center. There, Esther stood behind the children, showing the audience of the citizens the children. Xavier was on guard, as usual, but Esther was completely filled with a smile.

    "Today, i show you Nirn's purest blessing: children. They were left by their parents: but that does not mean that they were not loved, or have no love to be gained. Their fate belongs to us, and we can give them what they will always give us: happiness. We stand here not to give a performance, but to show you that these children are as happy and kind as other children are. Watch if you may, but we are only here to play."

    Lifting her harp, the silver-haired maiden began plucking her harp, each note beautifully echoing in through the streets. The eldest woman, despite barely having breaths normally, pulled out a violin, and began to play along with Esther. It was older song, which they both knew. It was an ancient song, and while it seemed not so long ago that Esther was taught the 'new' song, the woman said it was almost lost in time. An eldest child of the orphanage pulled out a flute, which he played along. The orphanage owner briefly stated how he wanted to be a bard when he grew up, and he had one year left at the orphanage. His younger brother who was left behind with him played the drums, sitting on the ground beside him.

    The children began to dance to the music, happily enjoying the light and happy tune. The onlookers were amazed by the site of such children - the ones they rejected from playing with the 'normal' children - dancing so happily and laughing. Those who could not dance were either lifted and twirled around or sat on the ground and danced sitting.

    What caught Xavier off-guard from his usual expressionless face was the sound of melodic singing coming from the star-seer. Her voice was light and delicate, and his face turned to one of surprise and admiration. "You, are the light, shin-ing, so bright; may, your fu,-ture be met with, kind-ness." As the music picked up the pace and strength, so did her voice. It became stronger, louder, a force to be reckoned with. The laughter of the children increased as did their dancing. "Feel the breeze, flying through the skies, Gods be praised for the light! Can you hear our cries? Let Nirn sing our lullabies, to understand the feeling of sunny skies! Listen my children, this is your song! For you are the ones that make your future strong!"

    They played music and danced until the sun was setting. Together they helped the children back to the orphanage, smiled on each and every one of their faces. Xavier was silent the entire time, which, while not unusual, he seemed... distracted by something. Esther was about to ask what, but she was stopped by the elder woman. "Can you come with me for a moment?" "Of course!" Walking with the woman, Xavier following close by, a small group of civilians stood waiting for her arrival.

    "Not everyone was impressed by your little show," one began, her expression not matching her words and tone. "Many still find the children... appalling." Another said. Before Esther could walk away, another spoke up. "We saw something we never saw in those children before... love." This stopped Esther and made her turn around to face the group. "I believe you taught us, and many others a valuable lesson. We... we make a vow to you; that we will better respect these children, and give them the same respect we give our own." They seemed to be apologizing to the silver-haired maiden, but she simply smiled and shook her head. "You should vow to me: vow to her, for she is the one who has never given up on these wonderful children... but thank you." With grace, she left the older woman to be praised by the group, and began chatting. From the looks of it, Esther deduced that it was the first time in a long time she had spoken to so many people around her age, without it being words of hate.

    Esther and Xavier continued to travel, looking for answers of their destiny, or fate, depending on what one may call it. While Xavier was intent on continuing without stopping, Esther always demanded that they stopped to help as many people as they could. Despite his reluctance, Xavier followed the ex-princess and stayed by her side. It was his duty to protect her, and that was it. How could he argue to a woman who was only trying to bring goodness to others? As a few months passed, he saw that he would need to speak up.


    [EXPLAIN: Mysterious man begins to worry for Esther, due to her visions of dark clouds and storms. Her attempts to help strangers on their travels condemn her to a state of depression, questioning how she could tell the horrible truths of futures, and lie to their faces. He tells of her heart of purity and light, and that she would make the best decisions. She worries for his sake, and if they will ever find her destiny, and how to restore the man. He reassures her not to worry for him, but rather focus on the journey ahead.]]


    [[EXPLAIN: Esther returns to depression, but is rather distant to the man. She reminisces on her fallen kingdom and family that have died years ago. She wonders once again if they will ever find answers, and wonders what the point of the entire journey was. With no kingdom to return to, what was the reason for their efforts? Were they all in vain? The man finally speaks the truth, and says she was always destined to become the voice of the gods to stop evil from arising. The daedra brought her soul to Nirn at the wrong time, and the man was sent by the aedra to keep her until the time was right for her to help stop the rise of Dragons. He too was told in a dream to find the woman with a blue necklace and silver hair. She would be the seer of the stars: the one who would foretell and, from afar, aid the true heroes would stop the dragon crisis. He also tells that he was never meant to be restored; that he was a protector, and that was all. Enraged, Esther calls out to the gods why they plague her so, and why she must suffer and lose all that she cares about.}}


    [[EXPLAIN: Hushing her, the man tells her that if she can find the shrines of the stars, that she could use her powers to alter time on him, if she wished. But he spoke and said that his duty was to protect her and her alone, and wished not to put her in harms way. In tears, Esther is happy to find an answer to one question: on how to restore the man. She speaks of visions of keys and locks, explaining that a mysterious dark key was the right key to unlock the door to light. She hoped that he would be the mysterious key, and that the shrines would be the answer. They continue on their journey with new hope.


    [[EXPLAIN: As two years go by since Esther's awakening, she admits her love for the man. She finds his devotion, while it was not his choice, incredible. She explained that while she knew that he may reject the relationship, she could no longer keep her feelings hidden away. That, whether he felt the same or not, she would respect his response. The man, flustered and silenced, responds that he will protect her all of his life if need be, and he would be honored to share the same emotion.


    From then on, they continue their journey through skyrim, searching for answers. Esther becomes more eager to learn the truth, and the two begin to learn from one another. Esther becomes more courageous, and ____ softer. The balance and strength between them makes it almost impossible to stop them. The two gain a nickname by gossipers who wonder of their origins: The Light and its Shadow.

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