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  • Specter Revival Project! RP Character: Serenity (The Ice Shot) Amaria (Original Post Date: November 4, 2012) Nov 4, 2012

    So here's a new little project that I'm gonna be doing, a Revival of some of my very first Roleplay Characters that I ever did - revamped, re-imagined, and redone. They'll eventually be compiled into a list of links so that they can be easier to find! Here's the first of the 'Revived'!

    (The art used in this CC are not 100% depictions of this character, but rather accurate ideas of what her visage is. Please keep this in mind while reading, and rely mainly on the descriptions in her CC and use the photos as reference points and imagery.)


    Serenity Amaria

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    NAME: Serenity Amaria

    ALIAS: The Ice Shot (Self Called)

    AGE: 18

    BIRTH-DATE: 14th of Second Seed, 4E 183

    BIRTH PLACE: Falkreath

    GENDER: Female


    CLASS: Archer/Thief

    PROFESSION: Thief, Craftswoman, Bounty Hunter, and Area Guide (wherever the coin is)

    LATERALITY: Lefthanded

    SEXUALITY: Straight


    FAMILY: None, Orphaned at Birth

    POSSESSIONS/HEIRLOOMS: The only thing of significant importance to her is her bow

    AFFILIATIONS: She did some training with the Companions, and a freelance blacksmith but is no longer associated with either


    RELIGION: Standard Nordic pantheon, with particular interest in Kyne and Talos


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    HEIGHT: 5'2"

    WEIGHT: 125

    BUILD: Lean, Lithe and Attractive

    FACE: Soft, Naive and Caring

    EYES: Icy Blue

    SKIN TONE: Fair Skinned, like most Nords

    HAIRSTYLE: Long, Straight

    HAIR COLOR: Brown

    SCARS: Many scars along her back from lashings

    TATTOOS: She has the symbol of Kyne on her chest between her breasts. and the symbol for Talos on the top of her draw-string hand

    PIERCINGS: One in her left eyebrow, and 2 in the earlobe of her right ear


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    TEMPER: Relatively Even-tempered; she doesn't regularly lose her cool

    OUTLOOK: Bright; she is bright and young, and sees the world as her oyster

    HONOR: High; she believes that all those who have fallen deserve the respect and honor as any fallen hero

    ALIGNMENT: Lawful Good

    POSITIVE TRAITS: Observant, Vivacious, Perky/Bubbly, Studious, Respectful, Headstrong, Bright-eyed, Passionate, Borderline Hyperactive

    NEGATIVE TRAITS: Naive, Stubborn, Opinionated, Vindictive, One-track minded

    LIKES: Nature, Animals, People, Sun and Sky, Rainstorms, Hunting, People

    DISLIKES: Racism, Bigotry, Rudeness, Insults, Ignorance, Ice Wraiths

    FEARS: Ice Wraiths

    PHOBIAS: Ice Wraithaphobia

    HABITS/QUIRKS: She likes to Whistle, Hum or Sing as she walks and treks the wilderness alone

    She wants to hunt alongside Aela and serve the children of Skyrim with the Companions


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    Gear and Fighting Style
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    HEAD: While in cities in towns, nothing, but while out in the wilderness or hunting she wears the hood of her fur cloak

    TORSO: She has a thin, forest green, sleeveless tunic that she wears underneath her leather cuirass which is also sleeveless

    ARMS AND SHOULDERS: The only thing that covers her shoulders is her fur cloak, her forearms are wrapped with thin leather bracers matching her cuirass, and on her right hand (her drawstring hand) she wears a green cloth glove

    WAIST: Her waist is wrapped in a simple hide belt, with two sheathes on her right hip

    LEGS AND FEET: Her legs are covered by tight fitting brown cloth, on her feet and lower calves she wears leather iron-shinned boots

    EVERYDAY CARRY: A leather quiver on her back, which she keeps stocked with 30 steel arrows, and a few other random type arrows ranging in strength and distance abilities. Attached to the side of the quiver is a small satchel, which she keeps a large length of rope - which she uses to tie together pelts to carry easier and room for a few simple potions.

    WEAPONS: Her weapons all hold a significant value to her, as she crafted them herself and hopes to only continue upgrading them or replacing them with better self-crafted gear (outside of her arrows). However, none more than her bow, a tough northern-wood recurve bow. It's length has complicated hand-carved designs inlayed with skyforge steel ingots, it's string is a unique combination of horse hair and woven spider-strings. [LINK] Her sword was crafted with her attempt of damascus skyforge steel and dwarven metal, in the the style of a xiphos sword; it's hilt and pommel is a more intricately shaped and designed form of the same metal with the handle wrapped in green-stained horse hide. [LINK] The last weapon in her arsenal is her dagger, which is crafted from simple skyforge steel but almost all intricately inlayed and carved; it's handle is wrapped in the same horse hide as her sword, and it's pommel has her attempt at a dragon's head. [LINK]

    MAGIC: She's never used it, been able to use it, or had the inclination to try and use it. She does, however, respect the craft unlike most Nords, and enjoys watching complex spell casting when she sees it.

    FIGHTING ABILITIES: Her most practiced and skilled weapon is her bow. Learning from Aela the Huntress how to shoot with power and accuracy, along with countless hours of hunting and trapping, she is quite the marksman. She was briefly trained with her sword by Aela as well, and she practiced by watching other's practice their own swordsmanship. She has never been trained in dagger-wielding, and hasn't really needed to. She only ever uses it for dispatching, skinning and gutting her prey; however she probably could use it in a fight if she had not other option. How hard could it be?

    FIGHTING STYLE: In the few battles she's had while fulfilling bounties and encountering Bandit Camps, she is surprisingly good at shooting in close combat. She also cleverly uses her bow to parry and hit her opponents if they decide to get too close. Whenever she finds herself out of her league with shooting at close range, she will pull her sword and use it wildly and maniacally. She isn't super accurate or controlled wit the blade, but she's hacking and slashing madly most of the time; and against the opponents she finds, that's all that is needed to be effective.


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    Not sure I am going to do these in the revivals of these character cards, but if I do, they'll be here :p

    Here's the Original Character Card (Brace yourself :p)

    Name: Serenity (The Ice Shot) Amaria

    Race: Nord

    Gender: Female

    Class: Archer/Warrior/Theif

    Armor: Pentulis Oculatus armor, without the imperial emblem, and instead of read, blue, And long sleeves and pants. Wheres a cloak of Snow bear fur, but is relatively thin. As well as no face paint.

    Weapons: Custom made ebony like bow. It has blue tribal designs all down the bow from the ice enchantments that are bound in the bow. With blue trim. A set of hidden throwing knives on her belt, and a black Dwemer like long sword, also custom made. Likes to get really close in hand to hand combat, and sword dueling. Usually she is in the middle of the action with her bow, killing as many as she can. The enchantment in her bow freezes some parts of the body, near where the arrow strikes.

    Physical Description: 5'2" 125 lbs, long, straight, brown hair, very fast, strong in accordance to her size, pretty good looking in a general sense of things. Blue eyes, scars on her back from forced work in her past.

    Biography: She was born in Falkreath, but was moved by a slave caravan to Dawnstar shortly after. She was forced to work in both of the mines up there, and hated it. He learned to fend for herself for 16 years, then escaped. She ran to the Winterhold, where she practiced the ways of enchanting, and some frost destruction magicka. In interest of fighting, she came to Whiterun, where she learned archery from Aela the Huntress, and learned expert smithing from a blacksmith called Oric Ironhand, who owned a forge a couple miles north of Whiterun. Since then she has been earning money buy stealing things, and reselling them, as well as taking down bandit camps, and private escorting.

    Personality: Very strong willed, much like Aela, whom she has deemed her hero, and very observant of almost every little thing. Comes with the occupation of an archer. Very protective of most wildlife, and can befriend most animals quickly. She will protect most she trusts, especially her friends (since she has no family).

    Reference Pictures:


    [​IMG] [​IMG]
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