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  • Skyrim: Approximate Height by Race Feb 5, 2013

    If you read the lore... it states that most races are of average height. Generally speaking and Skyrim is dealing with generalities when it comes to race height, the average height is approximately 5'9". Which is similar to the real world. Human height - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia That being said, based on this chart Skyrim:Races - UESPWiki they use values which are a ratio to a standard benchmark. So if conventional wisdom holds any merit, we should start with the races of average height then add or subtract an inch (for some even an extra 1/2 inch) to the other races height.

    Altmer (both genders) - 6'8"
    Argonian Male - 5'10"
    Argonian Female- 5'9"
    Bosmer Male - 5'7''
    Bosmer Female - 5'8"
    Breton Male - 5'9"
    Breton Female - 5'4''
    Dunmer (both genders) - 5'9"
    Imperial (both genders)- 6'0"
    Khajiit Male - 5'9"
    Khajiit Female - 5'4''
    Nord (both genders)- 6'0''
    Orc (both genders) - 6'1"1/2
    Redguard Male - 5'9"1/2
    Redguard Female - 5'9"

    There are always exceptions to the rule mind you. Example, General Tulius comes to mind. He is an Imperial but he's no taller than the average female Bosmer (give or take). Lastly also take into account that height sometimes glitches when using certain races. With a little research on the net you can read about random accounts of this. I can vouch from personal experience that my Redguard grew (at some point) without the use of a console command to the height of an average Nord. At the beginning of the game Aela was looking down at my player and after about 40+ hours they were staring at each other eye to eye. In third person respectively.
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