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  • Sebek's Backstory Mar 20, 2013

    It was as if the snow brought him in. Winterhold hadn’t seen a blizzard like the one that arrived with the pale elf boy who knew only his name: Sebek. For a while, people thought the snow had made him sick, and with skin as pale as his, it was easy to believe. However, once he can overcome the trauma, he remained the same, and the rumors began to surface. A snow elf, a live snow elf, had come to Winterhold… He wasn’t any more than 10 or 12, but his skill with magic was extraordinary, particular frost spells. Eventually, he took a fondness of necromancy and after reading countless books on the subject (unbeknownst to the college seniors) he managed to raise a dead skeever back to life. However, another student had told on him; he was found and, despite his uniqueness, harshly punished for using the forbidden magic. He released his interest in the subject, but only for a while, as he took to practicing in the dead of night, outside in the cold.

    Sebek has the most unusual of “gifts”. Before he became more knowledgeable of the Deadra and their realms, he made a very rash and life-changing decision. At the college, he had heard about the Deadric prince of wishes, Clavicus Vile, and instantly wished to convene with him. He was warned by many of the students and teachers to leave such ideas alone, but he would hear nothing of it. He set off almost immediately, under the cover of night, to find this prince, and ask him to help save the Falmer, or at the very least grant him the wish for a mate with which to rebuild their broken race. It didn’t take long. It was as if fate itself wanted him to find Clavicus, because less than a fortnight of travelling, he came across the shrine, half-buried in the snow.

    Using the last of his coin, he summoned the Prince, and asked him to help save the Falmer race. Or rather he asked for Clavicus to “give him the means to save his race. A womer who is healthy and strong enough to mate and bring more Falmer into the world”. His request was honest and sincere, but Clavicus was cruel. Days later, it seemed, Sebek awoke at a nearby settlement, only to find that he was now a female. He was terrified and after breaking down several times, he lasped into a shocked silence. Soon after, he set off to find Clavicus again, this time enraged. It only took three days’ worth of travel, following the stars. At the shrine, he did not offer any coin, he simply swore and called out to the Prince, who answered jovially.

    Sebek demanded to know what was going on and Vile explained that he had gotten his wish. He had a womer with which he could save the Falmer. She was inside him. Sebek was still a male, but a female, too. To prove this point, he had him change, right then. The agony was excruciating for you see, he really was a womer. A fully functioning female. Vile explained that he could mate with males, become with child and give birth, all naturally. Sebek was stunned, angry, and above all, humiliated. There was no way he was going to do that.

    What’s more, he raged, without other male Falmer he could not bare full-blooded snow elves; Vile simply replied saying that “full-blooded” snow elves were not what he asked for. Vile said that if he didn’t intend to copulate, then he should just have fun with it. “Go to bed with men as a female, wake up with them as a male! It’ll be a riot!” Sebek left dejected and depressed. Too embarrassed to return to the college, he took to wandering. It was many years before he changed form again, and he did it mostly out of boredom. After he had gotten used to the pain (and it took many months of shifting between forms), it was exhilarating.

    He had long since gave up on ever saving his race and began to live. He moved to the distant isles of Morrowind, where he finally pursued the dark arts of Necromancy and became quite efficient. The entire time he was there, he covered up his heritage by claiming to be an Altmer afflicted with a rare disease that robbed one of their skin tone. He had seen Dunmer that were almost as pale as he, so the story was believable enough. After a while, he decided it was time to leave Morrowind. On his travels across the land to the sea, he decided to finally take Vile’s advice and use his wish to an advantage. As a female, he found that it was easier to get away with petty crimes, and even convince guards to look the other way.

    It was during this time he took up thievery and even murder. It was a duel gain; he made easy coin, and got to practice his art with the corpses. He became self-serving and careless of those not useful to him. He was heartless and cold, but oddly charming and likeable. He bedded many women as a man and many men as a woman, but not once letting his seed or the seed of others create a child. He would not soil his race, even if it meant total extinction. That dilemma was soon solved when he ran into a powerful clan of vampires…

    Back in Skyrim, shortly after crossing the border, he was accosted by a group calling themselves, the Dawnguard. Due to his skin, he was accused of being a vampire, and captured, tortured, and strung up to a pillar and left in the midday sun to see if he would die. He did not, and was released. The group apologized profusely and explained their cause. Sebek really couldn’t care less but if it meant meeting the masters of death themselves, vampires, he would play along for a while.

    He found the clan and immediately appealed to their leader to become one of them. It took many moons of effort, proving loyalty, slaying the very men who sent him to gather intel, proving usefulness by making thralls, enslaving strong warriors and performing various mundane tasks before the leader, Harkon, decided to give him the gift. Even so, the greatest gift, to become what his clan is infamous for, to become a vampire lord, was withheld. It seemed Sebek had more to prove.

    Now, he wanders Skyrim as he pleases, doing as he pleases, returning home to his sire only when summoned.
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