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  • Rythe Syndelius (RP-Specific) Oct 20, 2012

    Name: Rythe Syndelius
    Race: Dunmer
    Gender: Male
    • 6', sharp face, androgynous features.
    • Chest-length white hair (differs from screencap)
    • Full lips, and dainty profile; often mistaken for a female.


    Rythe is a very quiet, very humble mer. Working alongside Natesse at Thy Lady and Lord has helped him with his shyness, though he still has times where it stunts his interactions. He loves to talk about magic and alchemy, so if someone dares to start a conversation he will be very interested and will be hard to shut up. Although he is very young for a mer (40), he has many talents and skills that transcend the norm: he can brew potions to act as birth control for the ladies who work with him, potions that increase and maintain a man’s arousal, has many herbal ingredients for extended, pleasure-filled sessions, and knows sets of magic that can make a person’s orgasm go on for as long as they want. Although he excels as his skills, he is not arrogant; if anything, he would rather such things be kept private! He is soft-spoken and very non-confrontational but if the time calls for it, he is no stranger to defending those he cares about.


    Illusion Magic (Expert)
    Conjuration Magic (Adept)
    Alteration Magic (Master)
    Restoration Magic (Adept)
    Alchemy (Expert)


    • Rythe is pansexual and beds men, mer, and beast alike. He has no preference.
    • Dunmer men intimidate him, as do Altmer.
    • He finds Bosmer and Nord women increbidly beautiful and if taken by one as a companion, he will tend to their every desire, even at the expense of his own.
    • He works as the bartender and waiter of the brothel, but is available for companionship upon request.
    • He is quite shy, but will offer himself if one seems genuinely interested.
    • His voice is deep, but airy, like most mer, and sounds more like a Bosmer than a Dunmer.
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