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  • RP Character: Lytahlas Auvreaplith (Original Post Date: Nov. 4, 2012 Nov 4, 2012

    Here's another revival of some of my very first Roleplay Characters that I ever did - revamped, re-imagined, and redone. They'll eventually be compiled into a list of links so that they can be easier to find! Here's the second of the 'Revived'!

    Just wanna do a little note here, this is likely going to be and is my favorite of these revivals that I have done so far. I loved recreating this guy, and I really wanna roleplay with him now :p

    (The art used in this CC are not 100% depictions of this character, but rather accurate ideas of what his visage is. Please keep this in mind while reading, and rely mainly on the descriptions in his CC and use the photos as reference points and imagery.)


    Lytahlas Auvraeplith

    -~ Basic ~-

    NAME: Lytahlas Auvraeplith

    ALIAS: None

    AGE: 260 (Aging slowed around 25, so he looks approximately in his late twenties)

    BIRTH-DATE: 4th of Sun's Dawn, 3E 375

    BIRTH PLACE: Greenwood, Valenwood

    GENDER: Male

    RACE/ORIGIN: Bosmer/Wood Elf

    CLASS: Forester/Ranger/Assassin

    PROFESSION: High Priority Bounty Hunter and Head Hunter, Vigilante Assassin

    LATERALITY: Ambidextrous

    SEXUALITY: Straight

    RELATIONSHIP STATUS: Single, Widower

    FAMILY: Parents Deceased, Kormuvan

    POSSESSIONS/HEIRLOOMS: His daggers, both were created by him and his father at a young age, one was his and one was his fathers

    AFFILIATIONS: He was involved in the 5 year war in 3E 395, in the Bosmeri faction

    AFFLICTIONS: PTSD, Lycanthropy

    RELIGION: He recognizes the existence of the gods, but doesn't worship any from any of the pantheons


    -~ Appearance ~-

    HEIGHT: 5'8"

    WEIGHT: 149 lbs.

    BUILD: Lean, Powerful, Flexible

    FACE: Firm, Stern, Stoic and Semi-angular

    EYES: Shining Yellow

    SKIN TONE: Olive Skinned

    HAIRSTYLE: Long, Straight and Wild

    HAIR COLOR: Ebony, Soft Black

    SCARS: His face is unscathed, the rest of his form is hard opposite

    TATTOOS: Most of his face is covered in intricate, soft black Bosmeri designs


    BEAST FORM: Considered a Gevaudan Werewolf (just a size classification) in Beast form, Lytahlas stands taller than most were's at 8'8", and a monstrous 438 pounds. His fur becomes sickly, ashy black sleekly covering dangerously large muscles ripe and ready to destroy, his eyes bleed blood red, and his teeth become as long as daggers and sharper than razor-blades. A couple of pictures for reference - [one][two]


    -~ Personality ~-

    TEMPER: Short to Medium; Sometimes he is in pretty good control, other times his grip on emotions is thin

    OUTLOOK: Grim; He's seen a lot in his time, it only takes so long before somebody becomes desensitized to the inevitable darkness of the world

    HONOR: None; He had honor at some point in his life, but the amount of people he's met without any has tainted his soul and permeated into his heart

    ALIGNMENT: Chaotic Neutral

    POSITIVE TRAITS: Intelligent, Experienced, Strategic, Masterful, Efficient, Effective, Thorough, Vigilant, Observatory, Unattached, Fearless, Critical, Alpha-personality, Fierce

    NEGATIVE TRAITS: Head Strong, Apathetic, Unsociable, Hyper-vigilant, Short Tempered, Aristocratic, Vain, Unforgiving, Ruthless

    LIKES: Rain-forests and Forests in general, Rain, Thunderstorms, Animals, Nature, Pine-trees, Scent of Pine, Hunting, Tracking, Thinking, Exploring, Stalking, Climbing, Free-running, Being Alone (aside from Kormuvan)

    DISLIKES: Attention, Large Cities, Unnatural Noise, Ignorance, Bigots, Racism, Admeri Dominion and their Agents (Including the Thalmor and in his eyes the Empire), Legionaries and Soldiers, Authority, People trying to control him

    FEARS/PHOBIAS: Losing Kormuvan is the only fear he can feel anymore

    HABITS/QUIRKS: He tends to dissociate and lose himself in thought and his surroundings, Talking to Kor and thus; himself

    ASPIRATIONS/GOALS: To kill all those who deserve to die until his last breath

    BEAST FORM: Despite his short temper, his control of his beast blood is surprisingly great. While the ferocity of the beast tends to bleed into his regular personality once his anger is triggered, it takes much more pushing for him to lose his grip as himself. When he does lose control of his human form, as a beast he is in enough control to choose the direction of which his power is aimed. This is enough to avoid needless slaughter and death, and attempt to either make it useful, or make it useless and point it toward nothing.


    -~ Gear and Fighting Style ~-

    (note: all his gear has been self crafted and upgraded over time)
    HEAD: While traveling alone, and with nobody around, he only keeps the hood sewn into his armor on his head; shrouding his face in natural shadows. When in the public eye, or while hunting and stalking his targets he adorns a leather mask along with his hood, that way even if his hood manages to come off he is still anonymous; it also adds a level of intimidation and fear to the mix as only the faint glow of his haunting and hunting eyes show through. [Here's the Mask]

    TORSO: On his torso covering his chest and belly is a leather chest piece, with fur lining in some spots [Here's an idea of what that looks like]. Strapped around his back, is his quiver with attached blade sheathes, the quiver can hold up to 30 arrows and the sheathes are custom fit to his specific daggers [Here's the look of the quiver] [and here's the look of the attached sheathes].

    ARMS AND SHOULDERS: His shoulders are covered in the attached leather pauldrons on his armor, matching it's design. His forearms are guarded and adorned with leather bracers of similar design [here's what those could look like].

    WAIST: Wrapping around his waist, pulling his armor tight to his stomach and making it seamless into protecting his upper legs, is a leather utility belt. It holds room for a small count of throwing knives, some sharpening materials, potions and poison vials, septims and other items while also having 2 sheathes for his different swords on each side [here's an idea of that].

    LEGS AND FEET: While his legs are covered in black trousers, over the upper portions of each limb the skirt portion of his armor cover his thighs while a pair of leather boots protect his shins and feet [here's those].

    EVERYDAY CARRY: He doesn't carry much on him aside from his major weapons, but the items include up to 6 throwing knives, 4 vials of miscelanious poisons, 2 potions of resistances, anywhere from 200 to 500 gold pieces, a sharpening set, strong leather twine, and dried meat/animal hide for Kor.

    WEAPONS: He has a pretty full arsenal of weaponry, and has no preference as to which he uses in any given situation as at this point in his life he has virtually mastered all of them. His bow, which he affectionately calls 'Claw", is a classic medium sized bow made of the strong, flexible and now rare Summerset Rosewood, and Elsweyrian Osage wood with a complex horse hair weaved bowstring. It has decorative claws or teeth attached to it's front with leather from the same beast, that Lytahlas replaces semi-often [Here's a look at that]. He carries two separate swords on his person, a short-blade and long sword. The shortsword, is that of royal Breton descent, made with Wrothgarian steel and symbols of ancient royalty. He has masterfully restored the blade, replacing the once decayed handle with smooth cherry wood [here's an idea of that]. His other sword is self created, and one of the first blades he ever forged; it's blade is made from an elven steel without imperfection curved into a long, lithe blade. It's handle is curved mahogany, matching the flow of the blade; it's dimensions makes the long sword as light as any dagger and as deadly as any executioner's sword [here's a look of what that could be]. His last two weapons, are his most prized; his daggers. They are not of the same design, but of the same descent. They were made from a damascus steel he and his father crafted together at a young age, and were formed at the same time. His father's blade a straight blade, styled similar to that of a classic sword, while his own blade is sharpened on one side, curving like his elven sword. His father's handle is the very wood his home was built with, cedar, while his own was made with ebony [here's his father's][and his own].

    MAGIC: None. Rather indifferent on it as well, it's just never served him any purpose, and he's found no need for it in all his years.

    FIGHTING ABILITIES: He's a veritable master of all his weapons, and thus, is capable of using them all to their fullest potential. He's also quite the capable free runner, and easily traverses most types of terrain; whether it be through the canopy of trees, rock faces and cliffs, or city walls and buildings.

    FIGHTING STYLE: He prefers to get things done quickly in most scenarios, and because of this he tends to stay a distance away from his targets, planting arrows in lethal points. If the situation doesn't fit that option, he will quickly switch to whichever sword he deems necessary, or even both. His short blade is usually better against smaller, more nimble opponents while the longer blade is more useful for larger, slower foes. His daggers are usually used for close combat situations and quick assassinations and kills. in the rare cases where he tortures or dissects his victims by customer order or whilst hunting, he'll use them accurately and painfully if need be.

    BEAST FORM: As a wolf, he is pretty unable to choose the target of his attacks and his power. He is, however, in control of his strikes and attacks. Once somebody or something is in his line of "fire" he properly dispatches them in whatever way he deems fit at the time. Whether that means a mauling, or a good mouthful of flesh, varies from person to person.




    -~ Basic ~-

    NAME: Kormuvan "Kor" Auvraeplith

    AGE: 214

    RACE/SPECIES/ORIGIN: Lupislycan - A wolf given lycanthropy (no beast form)

    GENDER: Male

    RELATIONSHIP/FAMILY: Kor's master and agreed Father, is Lytahlas. As Mer/Man are not wolves, the usual canine hierarchy doesn't apply to their relationship, and thus their friendship is based wholey on love, trust and innate and instinctual understanding. This understanding comes from Lytahlas being the giver of Kor's Lycanthropy, and their understanding is as close to telepathic as it can get. While Lytahlas is in his Beast Form, that hierarchy appears, and Kor becomes the Beta to Lytahlas' alpha and pack, and performs as such.

    AFFLICTIONS: Lycanthropy - adds to his lifespan, enhances his intelligence, strength, speed and senses


    -~ Appearance ~-

    HAIR/FUR COLOR: He's a shadowy looking canine, with charcoal colored fur and smokey colored underbelly and spots

    EYE COLOR: Blazing Red

    BODY/BUILD/SIZE: Standing at a tall 4' at the shoulder, and measuring from nose to tail 6'4", this 200 pound monster of a wolf puts most other wolves to shame. Despite his size, his muscles are lean, accurate and powerful. His Body is just as battle-worn and scarred as his master's and this adds a decent amount of intimidation to his form.


    -~ Personality ~-

    TEMPER: Short to medium; his temper fluctuates with that of his master, and due to his natural protective instincts, tends to be slightly more intense

    POSITIVE TRAITS: Loyal, Well Trained, Well Socialized, Well Mannered, Surprisingly Intelligent, Strong, Fast, Protective

    NEGATIVE TRAITS: Intimidating, Misunderstood, Too Inquisitive in Cities and Public, Uncontrolled Instinctively

    LIKES: Lytahlas, Nighttime, Rain, Thunderstorms, Forests, Horker Meat, Mammoth Tendon, Horse Hide, Elk Meat and Bones

    DISLIKES: Strangers, Loud Noises, Giants, Spider blood, Troll blood, Slaughterfish

    FEARS: Slaughterfish, Being alone

    HABITS/QUIRKS: Likes clawing deeply into tree trunks and roots, howling at thunder occasionally, and barking at a butterfly every now and again

    Here's the Original Character Card (Brace yourself :p)

    Lytahlas Auvraeplith

    Gender: Male

    Race: Wood Elf

    Class: Archer/Assassin

    Armor: Custom Leather Armor, Sangartii Armor. Check Reference Pictures.

    Weapons: Orcish Bow & arrows (or hand made bow), 2 Orcish war axes, Glass sword.
    In battle he prefers to stay "high and dry", but when he runs out of arrows (very often), he is fierce in close combat. He is trained in parkour because of his Valenwood origin. On a full moon, or when angered, he will turn into his wolf form, and kill. He has control, but only after the transformation. If he is confronted during, or right after the transformation, he will go on a blood rampage, killing until he is killed.

    Physical Description: 6'2", 185 lbs, dark, long, smooth hair, yellow eyes, well built, one large scar on his face, and a tattoo on his right arm of a wolf. Very hunter/assassin/archer looking. Check Reference Pictures.

    Biography: Born in the forests of Valenwood, and trained by his father. His parents died in a planned forest fire by the imperial legion, which is why he hates them. After his parents death, he constructed his armor and his bow. He traveled to to Skyrim to learn the art of the bow, and wolf, from the Sangartii Elves. On his way there, he found a young wolf pup, who he named Kenon, and trained to be his companion. They traveled to Skyrim, mastered the bow, recieved the wolf blood, and was hired by the dark brotherhood. Now he fights in any war against the Thalmor and Imperial Legion. He likes anyone who respects him and Kenon, and hates the Thalmor and Imperials as much as he.

    Personality: Very serious, and cold. Almost emotionless. Gets angered easily.

    Reference Pictures:
    Kenon: Lytahlas' Wolf:

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