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  • Rahd Sette Nov 23, 2016


    Rahd Sette
    "Is that weapon for killing?"​

    Race: Khajiit

    Age: 25

    Sexuality: Bisexual

    Occupation: Mercenary/freelance

    Religion: He worships Mara.

    Residence: Winterhold


    Rahd has three distinct fur shades. While most of his body is covered in grey fur he bares black stripes on most of his body while the tips of his ear. The middle portion of his chest and underside of his jaw, cheeks, and eyebrows contain patches of white fur. Scars mark the top of his muzzle and his hands contain many scars. Rahd wears a black robe that covers his scaled armor.

    Height: 5'7

    Eye color: Light brown

    Fur color: Grey, black stripes, white patches

    Voice: Rahds voice is smooth and cultivated.


    Rahd does not like being the center of attention and often travels alone. He feels at ease being alone although he enjoys sharing his leisure activity with others that also enjoy similar activities. Rahd is confident in his skills with battles and an anvil and hammer. He worships Mara and believes in protecting and honoring one's family. Rahd has a big heart and a lot of patience and following the ways of an honorable warrior.

    Likes: Reading, geology, weapon and armor craftsmanship

    Dislikes: Abuse towards children, being the center of attention, thieves


    Rahd is ambidextrous and wields two scimitars with an elegant design in the hilt where rubies are embedded. The scaled armor is in a two-tone shade both of light silver and an ebony color.

    Class: Warrior

    Major skills:



    Light armor

    Minor skills:



    Weapons: Two upgraded scimitars

    Armor: Rahd created his own set of scaled which took him many months to create. He does not wear a helm and wears a black robe over his armor.


    Rahd knows very little about his parents as they passed away while he was still an infant. Rahd does know that his parents were traders and often traveled with their caravan of goods to other towns and villages. It was during one of these journeys that his parents were attacked and fled leaving behind their belongings to try to protect their cub. It was during their escape that his parents wondered out too far and did not survive the winter conditions of Skyrim and both of their bodies were discovered holding their cub between them. A local Breton from Riften discovered the bodies and the cub that survived. The Breton attempted to drop off the cub at the local orphanage when he discovered the orphanage was full. The man then decided his family could care for the cub until vacancy at the orphanage occurred.

    The Sette family named him and treated Rahd as one of their children. During the first few years of his life values like respect, tolerance, and morals were instilled in him. It was around the age of five the family could no longer take care of him and Matron of the orphanage was happy to take him into her care. Rahd never got along with the matron of the orphanage and struggled with his behavior. Rahd was still allowed to visit the Sette family and he often found himself their playing amongst his siblings. Rahd learned the culture, speech, and traditions of the Breton lifestyle. Due to this Rahd does not speak like most traditional khajiits and he regards education highly along with the worship of Mara.

    Rahds happiest memories are revolved around his family. Rahd had always been teased or bullied amongst the other children at the orphanage. The Matron also disliked him especially since he was a khajiit and often emotionally abused him. Regardless of his treatment Rahd made sure to treat others with kindness and he helped to take care and look after the smaller children at the orphanage. Rahd although small for his age learned his was quick and nimble and went through a phase of stealing food for the children. Later the Sette family took him to the Temple of Mara where they taught him that stealing was wrong and there are other choices and methods to help people. Rahd received his own amulet of Mara that day. The amulet he holds dear and always carries the item but does not wear it for fear of losing the keepsake.

    In his teenage years, Rahd became more curious about the world around them and began to explore other cities. Once he left Riften he discovered the world was cruel and dangerous and regardless of where he went he would always feel like an outsider. Other khajiit found him odd and people often thought he was dangerous or a thief, judging him based on his race. Rahd discovered that he enjoyed laborious work like working the wood mills or picking crops for local farms. Rahd made sure to always save money he earned for when he returned to Riften he could donate it to the orphanage. Rahd one day accepted the odd end job of working in a mine and this is where he discovered his first passion.

    Upon exploring and mining caves Rahd sought out to gain more knowledge and often read books about geology and smithing. It wasn’t long after that the kindness of the local blacksmith began to teach Rahd how to smelt iron and work with ore and ingots. Rahd soon became skilled enough to craft armor and weapons for the shop to earn his keep. When Rahd found the spare time he would travel to different parts of Skyrim in search of more rare ores along with gems. After a few years of working at the shop, he saved enough money to begin training using the weapons he often crafted.

    Rahd was naturally gifted with the ability to wield one-handed weapons but his favorite was a sword. With the ability to understand how weapons were used and held he focused on making the best weapons he could. Rahd finds blacksmithing relaxing and takes his time with the work he is given. Rahd enjoys his adventures and he has one person in all of Skyrim that he would consider his good friend. She was also an orphan in Riften and the only person he remains in contact with. This is also the reason he lives in Winterhold and the two have traveled through many dangerous places.

    "Live soberly and peacefully. Honor your parents, and preserve the peace and security of home and family."

    – Ten Commands: Nine Divines​
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