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  • My first blog, or 'Let's follow Ogrim around' Jan 8, 2014

    First off I'll explain the small backstory to the Orc I'll be adventuring as:

    His father, an Orc native of Morrowind whose name he cannot recall gave him the name of 'Ogrim' at birth, in honour of the first of Malachaths' kin he had slain. Foreseeing greater things for his son, he sent him as an infant to one of the Skyrim strongholds. Growing up an outcast, both for his unusual name and his lack of kin in Dushinkh-Yal, he left on a pilgrimage as a young adult to the other strongholds to find a place to call home. During this pilgrimage he was caught up with a group of Orc bandits posing as 'swords for hire' and joined their cause, who gave him the fitting title of 'Ogrim the Titan' due to his immense size and as homage to his name, the only memory he has of his father.

    On a particularly snowy day he set out to hunt the gangs next meal, and as he tracked a particularly cunning fox he stumbled on a standstill between the warring factions of Skyrim. Despite his best efforts to remain uninvolved, the Imperials took notice of the immense Orc and immediately detained him.

    And so our adventure begins!

    Day one: On his way to the chopping block, he was saved by what seemed like a divine intervention in the form of the most terrifying thing: a Dragon. Escaping narrowly with the help of a friendly Nord named Ralof, they headed towards Riverwood where Ralof had mentioned he had family who would help. Upon arrival, his sister Gerdur was more than helpful to our would-be hero, providing him with potions and a bed to rest.

    After a bit of wandering the village, he found himself restless from his day and wished only to continue on his pilgrimage. He returned to Gerdurs' home, to gather more things for his adventure with the small amount of coin he had gathered escaping Helgen. She requested he head to Whiterun, a local city, to inform the Jarl of the impending threat of Dragons. He considered the request, but only to further his own agenda. With iron armor strapped on and hammer in hands he proceeded to Whiterun, where he hoped to find a sense of direction.
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