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  • More Skyrim Jobs for Roleplayers Oct 13, 2012

    Porter - Picks up shipments at the docks (the invisible chests in Dawnstar and Solitude) and delivers them to various merchants. Possible employers include Anlief and Sons Trading Company, East Empire Trading Company, and the Riverwood Trader. Doesn't fast travel. Invests in Fortify Carry Weight potions and gear.

    Soul Collector - buys/collects empty soul gems, fills them, and sells them to court wizards. All income derived from sales of soul gems. Does not use enchanting.

    Black Market Trader - Restocks merchandise for Enthir, the Khajit Caravans, and Tonilla. Joins the Thieves Guild only to unlock Tonilla as a fence, but doesn't progress the questline.

    Temperer - Collects, improves, and re-sells improved weapons/armor to blacksmiths. Does not use forges. Invests in fortify smithing potions and gear to maximize armor/weapon improvement capability.

    Tanner - leather strips and pieces of leather are only sources of income. Hunts for pelts, uses tanning racks to make leather and strips, and sells them to general good stores, fletchers, and blacksmiths.

    Nutritionist - only sells fortification potions and cooked food. Does not sell health potions, cure disease potions, or poisons.

    Scribe - collects and sells books and scrolls. No other trading allowed.

    Transmuter - buys iron ore from merchants, transmutes it, and sells it back as gold ore.

    Traveling Merchant - visit each town and use RPG dice to negotiate with each shop owner. Even die roll means they are your customer, odd die roll means they will not do business with you. Examine their inventory and make note of items and ingredients that they do not typically stock. Choose one item per customer that you will supply them with going forward. For Belethor, it might be mammoth tusks. For Arcadia, it might be creep clusters. Use another die roll to determine what quantity of the item you will deliver on a monthly basis.

    Knight of Mara - only performs quests for marryable NPCs. Can only activate shrines of Mara to cure diseases. Must wear heavy armor.

    Knight of Dibella - only performs quests for female NPCs. Can only activate shrines of Dibella to cure diseases. Must wear heavy armor.
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