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  • Lilum Lancif, Apprentice Mage Sep 5, 2017

    (The art used in this CC are not 100% depictions of this character, but rather accurate ideas of what her visage is. Please keep this in mind while reading, and rely mainly on the descriptions in her CC and use the photos as reference points and imagery.)

    Lilium Lancif
    "Ar molag anyammis, av latta magicka."
    From fire, life; from light, magic

    NAME: Lilium Leidela Lancif

    ALIAS: Lily by loved ones

    AGE: 24

    BIRTH-DATE: 17th of Rain's Hand, 4E 178

    BIRTH PLACE: Unknown, but she was taken in as a young child in Anvil, Cyrodiil

    GENDER: Female

    RACE/ORIGIN: Altmer/High Elf [100%]

    CLASS: Pure Mage

    PROFESSION: Apprentice Historian, Lore-keeper, and Librarian

    LATERALITY: Ambidextrous

    SEXUALITY: Straight


    FAMILY: Her adopted father, Lucius Lancif

    POSSESSIONS/HEIRLOOMS: Outside of her personal journal, the only things that came with her when she migrated north were her two most prized possessions; Her father's sword, and it's matching dagger he made for her.

    AFFILIATIONS: Arcane College (Cyrodiil) [Excommunicated], Mage's College of Winterhold [Apprentice Mage]


    RELIGION: Standard Pantheon (The 8 Divines), acknowledges but does not worship Talos as a divine



    HEIGHT: 6'1"

    WEIGHT: 140 Lbs.

    BUILD: Lean, Fair, and Tall

    FACE: Soft and Angular

    EYES: Soft, with almost glowing Emerald irises

    SKIN TONE: Soft Golden Complexion

    HAIR STYLE: Cut Short, worn down and usually relatively messy

    HAIR COLOR: Soft, Pale Blonde - bordering on White

    SCARS: A violent looking scar, running across her left cheek from below her ear, to just before the left corner of her lips





    TEMPER: Even-tempered, she almost never loses her temper

    OUTLOOK: Positive, though she knows the world has it's darkness, but she believes the light and love of the good outweighs the shadows

    HONOR: High, she highly respects those she thinks deserves it (Most individuals)

    ALIGNMENT: Neutral Good

    POSITIVE TRAITS: Intelligent, Witty, Scholarly, Wholesome, Selfless, Caring, Warm, Intuitive, Friendly, Helpful, Strategic, Trusting

    NEGATIVE TRAITS: Selfless, Overly Focused on Knowledge and Magic, Sometimes Oblivious to Danger, Naive, Overly Trusting

    LIKES: Spring Showers, Rain, Thunderstorms, Aetherius, The Night Sky, Magic, Reading, Books, Libraries, Adventure, Anthropology, History, Geography, Botany, Animals, Other Mages and Scholars, Adventurers, and she is secretly fond of Chiseled and Brawny Warriors

    DISLIKES: Ignorance, Bigots, Liars, Evil, The Undead, Poachers, Belethor (He has a tendency of Hitting on her every time she's in Whiterun)

    FEARS: Death, Loss

    PHOBIAS: Snakes

    HABITS/QUIRKS: She reads when she isn't doing anything else (even while walking, and talking sometimes)

    ASPIRATIONS/GOALS: To know everything that she can before she joins her father in the afterlife; to make her father proud


    Gear and Fighting Style

    HEAD: A simple Copper and Sapphire Circlet, and a Hood depending on the weather conditions

    TORSO: A set of College Styled robes, that she opted to weave and piece together herself. Arm wraps, an inner-tunic and leggings the color of stone are at the base of her set. Over the tunic is a loose fitting shroud the color of nighttime purple. Covering her shoulders is a black cloth, with hood attached. Draped over her shoulder is a long cloth, the same color of purple, wrapped together at the waist with black cloth and a dark leather belt. [Click here for an Example]

    ARMS AND SHOULDERS: Her shoulders and arms are covered by the standard style of the College's Apprentice robes, however her arms while traveling and adventuring are embraced with Ebony colored Elven style gauntlets.

    WAIST: Around her waist a standard leather, steel clasped belt holds her robes warmly to her slender body

    LEGS AND FEET: Underneath her robes she wears a pair of thick fur and cloth pants, which run underneath Ebony colored boots matching the Elven style of her guantlets.

    EVERY DAY CARRY: Inside the small bag she carries over he shoulder, you will often find a small alchemist pouch filled with the ingredients to make health and magic potions. Along with this pouch a filled water-skin can be found next to a small count of assorted potions. Likely the most noticeable masses are a few of whatever books she may be reading and/or studying at the time.

    WEAPONS: As a pure mage, and because she has no clue how to wield any weapon; she carries none, and intends to keep it that way. It's a waist of energy and time to carry them around with her when all the offensive and defensive capabilities that she needs reside within her mind and her connection with the plane of Aetherius.

    MAGIC: Lilium is fairly proud of the fact that she refuses to pick only one school of magic to practice, and prefers to use all of them. Her goal is to be as powerful at wielding magic like the master mages of old - who knew every spell for any situation. With this, she has a plethora of mastered spells at her disposal that she masterfully and strategically uses. The list is as follows:

    ~ Alteration: Candlelight, Magelight, Ironflesh, Detect Life, Detect Dead, Equilibrium

    ~ Conjuration: Soul Trap, Revenant, Conjure Flame Atronach, Conjure Ice Atronach, Conjure Storm Atronach

    ~ Destruction: Flames, Firebolt, Fireball, Ignite, Fire Cloak, Frostbite, Ice Spike, Freeze, Frost Cloak, Sparks, Lightning Bolt, Chain Lightning, Lightning Cloak

    ~Illusion: Muffle, Frenzy, Rally, Pacify, Rout, Invisibility

    ~ Restoration: Greater Ward, Close Wounds, Heal Other, Heal Undead, Grand Healing, Stendar's Aura, Circle of Protection, Vampire's/Undead's Bane

    FIGHTING ABILITIES: While in battle, she is able to do numerous things, depending on the situation she finds herself in. Weather it means summoning support, healing comrades, raising the dead or striking fear in the hearts of her foes; she's a fierce competitor on the battlefield. However, she doesn't ever feel comfortable with going into a battle alone, and prefers to have friends or comrades at her side as she can only pull from her deep connection to Aetherius for so long. However, if need be, she has managed to master a spell that most mages refuse and almost never use - Equilibrium; in which she pulls from her own life energy to continue drawing from the Realm of Aetherius.

    FIGHTING STYLE: Heavy Support, Decent Defense, Formidable Offense, Major Influence



    Lilium never knew her birth parents, but at some point in her young life her adopted father took her in. Lucius Lancif, a soldier in the Imperial Army. Nothing more than a lowly soldier, he was assigned to new areas of Tamriel, moving them fairly often. Never making much money, or staying in one place for any more than a year, Lilium and her father kept mostly to themselves outside of the barracks'. When her father was out on duty, Lilium often wandered the roads in whatever town they were in at the time; with some of the few possessions her father could afford for her - books.

    This is how their tiny family lived, bouncing from place to place, until she was almost 18 years old. Just before she turned 18, Liliums father retired himself from the Legion, and purchased a small home inside the Imperial City in Cyrodiil. He had joined the city's guard, and for the first time in all her years she had a definitive place to call home.

    On her 18th birthday, after months of searching for a way to join the Arcane College, Lucius surprised Lilium with an invitation into the school. An old friend of his, from 'back in the glory days' as he so eloquently put it, was a member of the College and managed to pull some strings.

    Though she wasn't a proper student, and merely a handmaiden, Lilium took every chance she could to snatch a book to read in her free-time only to put it back and grab another. She would often make excuses to clean during lectures, in order to learn from the Master mages about the realm of Aetherius and the art of magicka.

    She was able to do this without notice until she was 21, before she managed to make an enemy out of the Lore-keeper and Librarian of the college. Lilium was caught stealing a spell book, and had admitted to only borrowing it. The College did not feel the same, and excommunicated her in an instant, forcing her to leave and never enter the grounds again.

    Her day of excommunication was only the beginning of her bad luck, as on her return home, a courier met her with a note from the Captain of the city's guard. Her father was mortally wounded in action.

    She got to speak with him only in his last moments. A robbery in the Market District went awry, and he ended up getting stabbed in the chest; puncturing a lung. Lilium didn't bother to tell him about the trouble she had gotten herself into, rather, she focused on making the last moments of his life as happy as she could make them.

    His last words echoed in her mind as she packed up the few things she needed, and sold the rest of the belongings and her first home. And then she was in the wind, on her way to the north. To a college that would accept and teach her no matter who she was or where she came from.

    "Never stop reaching for your dreams, my Lily. You're the best and smartest person I have ever known, and you have always made me proud. I can't wait to see you become the best that you can be, that I know you can be. I am always with you, and I love you to the moons and back."

    College of Winterhold, Lilium Lancif, at your service.

    Voice and Score

    (Trying this part out, inspired by some of my old CCs as well as @Zelda's Lovely CCs)

    VOICE: Soft, Bright and almost Vaguely Sarcastic

    VOICE REFERENCE: Ashley Johnson as Ellie, "The Last of Us" [Click for Example]

    (In the Example video she is the Woman in the Sound booth)

    "My World" composed by Florian Bur
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