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  • Lady Lyfja Sky Umbranox CC [ Warrior ] (under construction) Jul 20, 2018

    Chaos Ablaze

    "I was born in the ruins of what was once a beautiful place, so I'm told. My mother and I lived in poverty on the shoreline, making ends meet by working day to night. As a child my favorite thing was to feel the sea and sun..... I am no weak woman, and you best understand that a lifetime of hardship builds character, my friend. I was born in the flames, and my heart burns with the fire of battle." - Lyfja


    Lady Lyfja Sky Umbranox

    She simply goes by the name Lyfja, and solely "My Sky" by her mother.
    Her last name and title is not to be told to anyone.

    Imperial [75%] Nord [25%]


    27 Years

    5'6 ft.

    130 lbs



    (All artwork is not completely accurate to the appearance of the character,
    but is rather closely affiliated with his or her appearance.)

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    Lyfja is a woman of unrelenting determination and courage.

    Fighting Style:


    Sarah Kerrigan - StarCraft 2: Heart of the Swarm

    Notable Quotes:
    "I'm not giving up... I hope you know that. I'll stop at nothing until the Aldmeri Dominion is destroyed."
    "You'd best lay down your weapons, less you welcome death with open arms."
    "Your desire for order is nothing but creating replicas of an unreachable perfection. You'll never understand the meaning of life if you don't live it first."
    "My family died because of you; all of you. One after another after another... destroyed my home more than once... riddled the land of the corpses of the innocent. You deserve no mercy from me, elf."
    "I... I... I don't know what to do... how do I even begin?"
    "I'm distant for a reason, and I'd like to keep it that way. But that doesn't mean I can't... feel."





    Lyfja is the only living heir to the city of Anvil in Cyrodill, that was destroyed 30 years ago by the Aldmeri Dominion.

    With the loss of her entire family, she feels as if she has nothing to lose; therefore, she fears very little. She has very few friends, but will protect the ruins of Anvil and try her best to not put them into harms way. Her entire goal is to defeat and avenge her family... and destroy the Aldmeri Dominion for good.
    Other than that, she fears nothing. However, she will often push herself too hard or too far to the point where she can hurt herself and required aid from others, despite not wanting it.

    Her home is the ruins of Anvil on the shoreline. She technically no longer owns Anvil by birthright due to the invasion, destruction, and conquest of the city, but hopes to someday return it to its former glory.




    The darkness shrouded the shadow that lurked around each corner. Silent she made no sound, and like an assassin, she was graceful on her feet. With many weapons at her disposal, she was ready to attack when necessary. Her eyes watched as a shadowed figure formed on the walls as the flame of a torch danced.

    Hiding behind some crates, she listened intently. Only one. Once the man passed, she pounced silently, grabbing his mouth and slitting his throat. She quickly and quietly brought his body behind the crates, his golden armor soiled with blood. She grabbed his keys and placed them in her pouch to avoid the clanging noise they often made.

    Onward she went, pressing forward through the cold stone hallways. She already killed thirteen guards to get to where she was, one by one. She was surprised by how easy it was at first, but more and more often she had close calls.

    Laughter filled the air as she pressed her body against the wall, listening carefully. Peering around a corner, there was another room not too far that held many elves dining. "They're such buffoons! It would just be easier for them to be slaves again.. right? Right!?" They all laughed in unison, their snotty attitudes making the female's face scowl.

    "I've tried telling them... they just don't listen; like a bunch of children. We don't have to kill them if they just follow orders, it isn't that difficult." "Precisely! It's just more work for everyone." "I can just remember their 'honor speeches' and how 'they won't surrender'... bah! They make me laugh!" The laughter ensued once more, which gave Lyfja the chance to quietly dash by the room.

    As the brunette visualized the area, it seemed that the only ones left on the property were in the dining room. It was a small base with no more than thirty guards, and she had already killed a third of them. There were two floors; she had killed the guards outside, a few on the inside, and was now watching the first floor. There was no second upper floor but watchtowers, which she had already cleared. The basement was the other floor, which held the prison cells. She knew that a commotion couldn't be heard from the main floor if things went awry, but a few blood-curdling screams may echo far enough past the doors.

    Counting the number of heads, she added up to six. Far too many to take on at once... although she had before in the past, but it would be a risk. A bow would get two dead before being noticed, but that would still leave four... much more manageable. She made her way back to a prior dead guard which she grabbed his bow and arrows. She had to act quickly, as who knew if any guards changing shifts had already noticed the dead bodies.

    Back she made to her post, eyeing the elves. She noticed two easy targets; closer to her, and both facing the opposite direction. She readied her arrow, aiming carefully as well as avoiding the tip of the arrow to glimmer in the light.

    the first arrow struck true, the elf simply limping over with instant death. With only a few seconds between, she fired the second, killing another before he could stand up. They already found her position, so she tossed the bow aside, drawing her lance and jumping forward. Fifteen down.

    One pushed forward as she blocked, spinning the lance as she jabbed forward. Around she spun, taking out another from behind as she blocked, side-sweeping him. One shot a fireball forward as she blocked it with the thick blade of her lance, firing it back, to their surprise. The lance was no ordinary lance... and they now knew. She returned every fireball with a spin, blocking the flames and lighting. Light flashed off the walls, crackling and shooting everywhere. One after another Lyfja would seemingly fly across the room, jumping and spinning.

    As one went to slice her with his conjured sword, she did a back-flip as she readied her lance, she pushed forward on her land. "Hya!" The lance pierced through his body. Sixteen. Pulling it out, she jabbed the other end into an elf from behind, breaking his ribs. She saw an elf out of the corner of her eyes trying to escape the room to warn the others. She removed the dagger from her side and threw it, landing straight in his neck as he fell forward. Seventeen.

    One after another she blocked the blows of both blade and magic. They were closing in on her, but she managed to do a quick roll away. As one went to swing she once again did her signature back-flip before pushing forward. However, she merely scratched him, as her foot stepped forward int he push.

    The flash of white light sent Lyfja flying backwards, her lance leaving her hand. Her head hit the stone floor along with the rest of her body as it skid to a stop, her lance clinging as it hit the floor. The ringing in her ears made it impossible to hear though. Her eyes opened only to meet a blurry world. Disoriented she tried to sit up, barely able to sit straight as her body swayed with her vision.

    The strongest lightning rune trap she had ever felt... let alone seen. She felt like she was in a dream, her body not listening as she tried to stand only to stumble. She could hear muffled laughter, and feel the warmth of blood running down her face. It was warm... so warm... It didn't take much for another guard to push her down back to the floor.

    Her eyes glanced to her lance as she went to reach for it. Then the pain. There they electrocuted her, Lyfja's screams echoing off the stone walls. With vision still blurry and hearing barely available, she could only slightly make out their words. "The bitch will pay... death is a mercy she will not have..." they laughed. Another round of lightning shot through her body, paralyzing her movements but only intensifying her screams. Eventually, the pain and electrocution knocked her unconscious.

    It was the warmest feeling she had ever felt. It was so comfortable... it was as if she had never slept in her life and finally got to feel the embrace of sleep. However, the pain set in as well as the cold. Her eyes opened once again to a blur, but quickly adjusted compared to before. In front of her were rusted bars. Below her a bucket for excretements and above her chains which held her hands. She could not sit or stand, and the pain from her wounds were already unbearable.

    "Well well well... good morning princess." A voice mused from the other side of the bars, a smirk on his golden face. "You caused quite the commotion back there... killed seventeen of my men single-handedly. I must admit you are a ferocious woman." His perfect teeth sparkled in the light of the torches on the walls, only making Lyfja scowl more so.

    "Aw what is the matter? Does your guest room not fit your standards? I'm sorry if it isn't good enough, but I'm afraid you overstayed your welcome the moment you arrived." With a frown he zapped the woman, her screams echoing in the dungeon. He chuckled, amused by her response. "You have some vocals on you too. If you were an elf I'd say you'd be a great toy... but we do not touch filthy humans in such an intimate manner." He remarked, smirking devilishly. The woman kept her eyes closed before he zapped her again.

    "Look at your superiors when they speak to you, welp. It shows respect." Lyfja's eyes rose as she met with his, before spitting on the ground while locked in eye contact. He laughed at her response, running his fingers across the rusted bars. "You humans are so amusing, really. Our last friend broke very early though; wasn't much fun. He quickly told us his secrets and we let him go to wherever in oblivion you humans go when you die."

    To the cell beside her still chained were the skeletal remains which still adorned his armor. "The stench was horrific... still lingers down here, but where else are we supposed to put filth?" "Up your ass." The Altmer paused a moment, his eyes furrowing before a smirk appeared on his face. "Oh, so it can speak words other than screams? How facinating... care to share why you came here yesterday?"

    Lyfja stared him in the eyes, the crusted blood from the battle before tickling her skin. "To kill all of you." She spoke blatantly. The male sighed, tapping on the bars. "Yes yes I understand that... but WHY did you come? Under what circumstances? To join the Stormcloaks? To fulfill a mission? Just for fun? Details m'lady details." The woman frowned, staring at the spit that left a wet mark in the dirt. "Just for fun."

    Another shock of pain filled the room with her screams, the light flashing from his hands and her body. He stopped, her body limp. "This action will not go unpunished. We will track down your friends and family and have them understand what happens when you have fun like this."

    "My family died because of you; all of you. One after another after another... destroyed my home more than once... riddled the land of the corpses of the innocent. You deserved no mercy from me, elf, and you can get nothing from me. You can't hurt me." She cut him off, anger burning in her words. Once again he frowned, more irritated now than playful. "We'll see about that, brat." She smiled, raising her head once more. "Your efforts are in vain. You won't will; will never win. The Gods will make sure that your race suffers for all eternity for what you've done. You've already failed."

    For days she was tortured. Electric shocks, no food or water, unable to sit or stand, and constantly woke when falling asleep. To keep her alive, they force fed her after a week and drowned her in water for the coldness of the dungeon. She was always above her own feces and urine, it soaking her clothes and skin. Her wounds began to become infected, a fever overcoming her. Her breathing was uneven, and her body hung from the chains as she could no longer support her body.

    Two weeks of suffering, and she never broke her promise to her home; to always protect them. It angered the elves more, which only made the suffering worse. In her courage to face them however, they realized they tortured her too much, and she was on the verge of death; to them, that was mercy, which they did not believe she deserved. She was so exhausted, her screams no longer echoed; she no longer had tears or could make a sound other than the outward breaths she made while in pain. She was almost a lifeless and destroyed doll.

    Halfway through the second week, she was barely responsive. The world felt surreal. The pain and stench was numbing, to the point where she no longer felt anything. She just hung there to the wall, awaiting death. She had killed hundreds of elves on her own, and yet she still felt like it wasn't enough to stop them. In her mind, she too failed to avenge her family.

    She was lost in her subconscious, but could faintly hear the sound of metal creaking. She could no longer tell the difference between reality and her mind, so she did not respond. The feeling of someone grabbing her torso did not affect her as she stayed limp. The chains of her hands were unlocked, her body falling into the person's arms. Who would want to touch such a disgusting state of a person covered in their own excrement was beyond her, but even then she could not tell what was going on.

    Her body was carried quickly as she could feel the breeze of swiftness. Warmer and fresh air eventually caught her breath, easing her breathing. Once she felt the warmth of the sunlight, she passed into unconsciousness.


    To her, it felt like no time had passed. The feeling of soft fabrics on her skin tempted her to stay asleep as she slightly awoke. She took the offer, her face rubbing on the soft blankets that hugged her body. It was the most comfortable she had ever felt in her life... and this time, it was true. Living in the ruins of a destroyed city was no comfort, but to her, there was nothing different. This was luxury. This was sleeping like a queen.

    After a few hours more, her mind caught up to her. 'Where are you? What are doing here? Why are you alive?' It called to her. Eventually her eyes fluttered open, meeting the soft warm morning sunlight from a window. Birds sang nearby, their shadows passing in a flash from the sunlight as they flew. The temptation to just lay there forever was powerful, but her mind knew she needed to awaken.



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