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  • Keira Xentarezz Oct 15, 2012

    Name: Keira Xentarezz (Kear-ah Zen-tar-ezz)
    Race: Nord/Dunmer
    Gender: Female
    • 5’ 6”, curvy body, round face.
    • Shoulder-length blonde hair.
    • Light pink eyes, gray-tinged skin, but clearly part-Nord.
    • Scars streaked across her right cheek and eye, her own doing.

    It varies, depending on which one is active at the time. By default, she is a calm, introverted woman who is approachable and well-spoken. She likes to talk, and enjoys the company of just about everyone. She does not like to be alone for any length of time and it’s usually at these times, when she feels vulnerable and lonely, that her strongest personality, Olaf Jensonbeans emerges to protect her. Even still, she is very self-concious and insecure and often doubts her worth and usefulness to others. Because of this, she will go to great lengths to please her friends and allies, sometimes resulting in serious injury to herself. When she gets upset about failing herself and others, she withdraws into herself, quiet, but still wanting to be around others. In this state, her hallucinations and paranoia emerge. However, when things go right, she fills satisfied and happy, and her confident, hyper-sexual self emerges; this personality will throw itself at every man, woman, and beast present until she is rejected, then the cycle starts all over again.

    Other personalities:
    Olaf Jensonbeans: a tough, battle-hardened Nord warrior who’s seen his fair share of blood, guts, and gore. Is loud, in-your-face, and always ready for a competition or brawl. Very reckless and ignores rules until he really gets in trouble. Then is all “yes sir, yes ma’am”. Also, he loves mead way too much.

    Karnaak: a silent, calculating dark elf murderer who is always aware of what’s going on. She never takes risks and considers every option before making a move. Works hard to hide her intentions and obeys every rule and regulation until it inconveniences her work.

    Alter Kiera: a sexy, confident battlemage who knows what she can do and isn’t afraid to do it. She will show off her skills and throw herself at anyone who admires them. Impulsive and self-serving, she will bed you, then dump you like a rotten ham.

    Mental Disorder(s):
    • Dissociative Identity Disorder (Three: a full Nord male warrior named Olaf Jensonbeans, full Dunmer female assassin named Karnaak, a super-confident sexual version of herself.)
    • (mild) Schizophrenia, paranoid type
    • Bipolar Disorder

    • Sneak (Adept)(Novice)(Master)(Expert)
    • One-Handed, specializing in blades (Adept)(Master)(Master)(Expert)
    • Illusion Magic (Adept)(Novice)(Adept)(Apprentice)
    • Conjuration Magic (Adept)(Novice)(Expert)(Adept)
    • Alteration Magic (Apprentice)(Novice)(Expert)(Adept)
    • Speech (Novice)(Novice)(Master)(Master)
    • Block (Novice)(Expert)(Novice)(Apprentice)
    *her skills depend on the personality she is in at the moment, and the tier goes: (Kiera)(Olaf)(Karnaak)(Alter Kiera)

    • Ancient Nord Armor
    • Wolf Gauntlets & Boots
    • Fine Steel War Axe (health absorb enchantment)
    • Medium knapsack containing potions, foodstuffs, shiny objects and mead
    • Black Cowl

    Magic: (Kiera, Karnaak, and/or Alter Kiera only)
    • Muffle (Karnaak)(Alter Kiera)(Kiera)
    • Raise Thrall (Karnaak)
    • Magelight (Kiera)(Alter Kiera)
    • Detect Life/Detect Dead (Karnaak)
    • Invisibility (very weak, still practicing)(Karnaak)(Alter Kiera)
    • Flames (all)
    • Bound Bow (Karnaak)
    • Calm (Kiera)(Karnaak)(Alter Kiera)
    • Fury (Alter Kiera)
    • Fast Healing (all)

    • Kiera is blissfully unaware that she has any sort of disorder and until one is “activated” she does seems to be a perfectly normal woman.
    • She is incredibly awkward around Nord men. She finds them very attractive but lacks the confidence to approach.
    • She has an instant attraction to men and women who wear heavy armor. She sees light armor as weak and for sneak thieves and assassins…
    • Karnaak dislikes heavy armor but tolerates the armor Kiera wears b/c it is light enough to work…and she is a master at sneaking.
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