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  • Jacoby Hlaalu Jan 18, 2018

    Jacoby: The Blacklight Shadeling

    Jacoby (2).jpg

    • Full Name: Jacoby Hlaalu
    • Nicknames/Alias: The Blacklight Shadeling, Jace
    • Race: Dunmer/Dark Elf [100%]
    • Gender: Male
    • Age: 31
    • Birthdate: 9th of Hearthfire, 4E 172
    • Birthplace: Blacklight, Morrowind
    • Class/Occupation: Legal Assassin/Mercenary
    • Affiliations: Morag Tong (Currently Exiled)
    • Religion/Patron Deity: The Reclamations (Azura, Boethiah, Mephala), but specifically most devoted to Mephala
    • Laterality: Right-Handed
    • Sexuality: Heterosexual/Straight
    • Relationship Status: Single
    • Family: Blood-related family is unknown. Adopted by the Morag Tong, considers them his family.


    Jacoby (3).jpg
    • Height: 5'9"
    • Eyes: Dark Red
    • Skin: Dull Blue-Grey
    • Hair: White and long flowing hair. Usually kept up in either a ponytail or bun
    • Build: Slim and Lean-Muscled
    • Scars: Two scars the cross over his right temple, a smaller scar jetting across the bridge of his nose, a few scars that start at his chest and run down to the side of his abdomen
    • Tattoos: The Black Widow symbol associated with Mephala on his right shoulder. Beneath the spider is his oath to the Morag Tong tattooed down his arm, written in Dunmeris (Daedric lettering)
    mephala symbol.jpg

    • Armor: Armor set comprised of netch leather and some chitin pieces used for plating on the shoulders and knees. Uses his face mask for harsher weather conditions such as ash or snow.
    Dunmer Assassin 2.jpg
    • Clothing: Standard Dunmer clothing used by most Raven Rock inhabitants. Has a few tunics in different colors for some variety.
    • Weapons: Jacoby is well-trained with a wide assortment of one-handed weapons, but he typically defaults to a classic Morrowind-style long blade which was a gift given to him by his family back on Morrowind's mainland. He also carries a few daggers he on his person at all times. Besides obviously being able to sneak up and slice necks with them, he is also proficient at throwing them as well.
    • Magic: Invisibility and Muffle are the only two spells he can skilfully cast. Though he has attempted to delve deeper into the illusion school before, he firmly believes he only really needs these two spells for his line of work.
    • Fighting Style: Jacoby is a glass cannon, as he is deadliest the closer he is to his target. His proficiency with 1-handed weapons and hand-to-hand combat is second to none. He will attempt to use the two illusion spells he knows to cling to the shadows, and eventually close the gap between him and his opponent when they least expect it. Once he is in, he is incredibly swift and lethal with his movements, and will aim to end the confrontation by eliminating his target as quickly and soundly as he can.
    • Weaknesses: Without the element of surprise, Jacoby is a sitting duck. His flawless close combat game comes at the price of a complete lack of range. He isn't an archer or offensive magic user, so facing one of these two types of fighters puts him at a significant disadvantage, especially if they are cunning enough to predict a sneak attack from him. Also being a glass cannon means he sacrifices all defense in the hopes that his all-out offense will prevail.


    Dunmer Assassin 3.jpg

    Young and bitter would be the simplest way of describing Jacoby to those who have yet to meet him. Despite all of the bravado and confidence the dark elf exudes, he will always be on the tail-end of glory. Both House Hlaalu and the Morag Tong's glory days have long since past, so Jacoby constantly seeks to prove himself in order to show that he possesses the potential and ability of those that came before him. Perhaps he is at times too confident in his own abilities, which can lead to him underestimating others. His brash and outgoing attitude is quite uncommon within his order as well, but when on the job, he is someone else entirely.

    Jacoby's ego goes completely out the door when he is on a mission to eliminate a target. With poise and precision, he approaches the task at hand. Cold and calculating, he will do what needs to be done to ensure he clears his contract as quick and efficiently as possible. No nonsense or gimmicks, Jacoby had made it clear why he was a rising star in his order just before his exile.

    Now out on his own however, more of Jacoby's personality has begun to shed through the hardened shell that his time with the Tong had created. Though he bares the tattoos of his patron deity and order, he's realized that he's not as committed to them as he once felt prior. He has been more open to conversation with others as opposed to simply just boasting about himself or his heritage. Though his cocky attitude remains, Jacoby still believes he has more room to grow as an individual, and sometimes ponders what life would be like if he wasn't an assassin (though he never mentions this to anyone).

    • Alignment: True Neutral
    • Positive Traits: Intelligent, Cunning, Witty, Charming (at times), Outgoing, Extroverted
    • Negative Traits: Incredible Pride, Ego. Confrontational, Sarcastic
    • Likes: The heat of battle, Formidable Opponents, Dunmer History, Sujamma, Reading (Especially plays- his favorite being "The Poison Song"), Strawberries, Rainy weather, The sound of his own voice (probably)
    • Dislikes: The Dark Brotherhood, House Redoran, Bandits/Reavers, Uninteresting people, Ash Hoppers, Bard music, Snowy weather, Public displays of affection, Beggars
    • Fears: Death, Letting down those who care for him, Causing problems for others due to his own negligence
    • Habits/Quirks: Carving a letter or symbol into wood if he has a dagger in hand, Will randomly doze off if he is caught in a particularly boring conversation, Checking with local merchants to try and complete his "Poison Song" collection (This takes priority over basic necessities like food/potions)
    • Voice: Raspy and a bit hoarse. Most either find his voice to be intriguing or annoying.
    • Goals: Redeeming himself and possibly starting a new life outside of being an assassin.

    • Childhood:
      • Details of Jace's birth are a relative mystery.
      • He was adopted by two wealthy nobles from House Hlaalu who had ties to the Morag Tong.
      • He lived a modest lifestyle in the city of Blacklight until he came of age.
      • He was eventually sent to Solstheim to begin his rigorous Tong training.
    • Teenager:
      • Jace trained day and night learning the ways of the assassin.
      • During his training, he gets paired with another rookie named Doryien. They form a quick friendship.
      • Both are taken under the wing of a more experienced assassin, a female dunmer by the name of Saraya.
      • Moving up the ranks of the order, Jacoby would find tremendous success as an assassin, until a certain confrontation years later.
    • Adulthood:
      • Saraya is revealed to be plotting with House Redoran to take down the Morag Tong
      • Her two students and two other talented Tong assassins confront Saraya, Jacoby hesitates in killing her; allowing her to kill Doryien and his two teammates. She badly wounds Jacoby
      • An enraged Jacoby manages to best his mentor, but he too is on the brink of death before getting discovered and rescued by a couple of sailors
      • Jacoby is eventually exiled from the Morag Tong, as they believed his arrogance had led to the deaths of his three kinsmen
      • He heads to Skyrim instead of Morrowind's mainland to leave the politics behind him, ready to embark on his own path

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