Cordelia Jun 29, 2018
Hi, welcome to the forum, dumbashell.

Blogs are a great place to express yourself, and any friends who follow you will receive updates any time you make a new blog post. However, if you're looking to participate in the whole community I recommend navigating to the top of your browser page and clicking on the "Forums" option on the top left of the site's menu -- just to the right of "Home".

From there, you can click on any of the subforum headers, which are the names of each subforum. For example, General Skyrim Discussion (the first subforum on the list) is for anything and everything relating to Skyrim. Skyrim Help (at the bottom of the first block of subforums) is a great place to post questions, or to seek advice if you're having trouble with anything in Skyrim, whether you're on Xbox, PlayStation, or PC.

I hope you find it easier to navigate the forums as you get used to the layout, and enjoy participating in the community.