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  • im upsetti Jun 4, 2018

    i dont have any idea how forums work and idk if anyones gonna see thiS BUT im frustrated as pl*ps well idk if swear words are allowed lmao anyways im??? so mad lmao ok so background:
    i've been playing skyrim for some time and im not gonna lie ive been using console commands to cheat bc im lazy and i dont like challenges :-) but anyways i tried this tutorial by ESO on yt that like heckin gives you a weapon with like a million damage so its one hit kill for everything which sounded cool
    i t s o u n d e d c o o l
    so i followed the tutorial wITHOUT CHEATS for once lmao but like i followed it and everything and i got the cool enchanted daedric dagger with like a million damage and i killed some giants with it which was hella cool
    but then like it ran out of charge
    and theres no recharge button
    like theres nothign sas dfahd fksah
    its blank yall
    maybe its skyrim trying to punish me for my sins
    i literally made this acc 5 min ago just to rant about this gbye lol
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