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  • Grohiikiin Secondary Character 3 - The Orcish Blacksmith Jun 4, 2018

    (This character will be one of many to come that are directly tied into the past of a roleplay character of mine: Kyneth Grohiikiin. These CCs will be as basic as a CC can get, providing only information that is relevant to Kyneth's backstory and character growth, all from or relating to Kyneth's point of view. There will be no physical descriptions, but rather a few reference photos that somewhat capture the idea of who these characters are. Enjoy!)


    Drahkaash Volkrub
    - The Orcish Blacksmith -


    AGE: Late 30's/Early 40's

    STATUS: Deceased as of a couple years ago

    Not too terribly long after leaving the mentorship of Captain Sidrey, with the guidance of his ancestors in his meditations, Kyneth found himself stumbling upon an encampment of Refugee Orcs. Though most all of them were more than standoffish, Kyneth was determined to earn their respect, as his ancestors foretold he would find his next mentor within their ranks.

    It was a simple problem to solve, in order to prove himself to them, he must play the games they are most fond of playing; the games of battle. He offered to battle however many of their fighters it took in order for him to gain the trust of their group. The number was irrelevant, however, the fighter was one of their best. A warrior called Volkrub, slightly older and grizzled.

    The battle was long, and exhausting for both involved, and though the Orc demanded it ended in his own death, Kyneth decided it was better for them both if he left it up to a draw. Though the group was frustrated with their brother, they were more than impressed and happy to accept the Company of the young human man. They tasked the Orc he fought to show him around and introduce him to the way of things in their little group, and before too long it became clear that this Orc was the mentor Kyneth had been searching for.

    He was groups only craftsman, mainly a blacksmith but he dabbled in other mediums. Kyneth told him he wanted to learn all he could from him, and though the Orc was reluctant at first, the two began to bond over their shared dark dispositions and attitudes. The Orc walked him through the art of finding the elements he needed for anything he was looking to craft, a long-winded and rather tedious set of months that Kyneth longed to go by faster. Ironically, it quickly became his favourite part of the process, as it allowed them both to escape into the terrain of High Rock, delving into caves and scaling mountain faces in order to mind and gather the various materials they required for each project they had for the group.

    It was years of this type of work, diligently collecting, watching, listening and gaining a trust and relationship with not only his mentor but his mentor's brothers and sisters. He was nothing like them, but in that way, he was also everything like them. Cast out, looked down upon, spat at, misunderstood. Yet, they were much more than most eyes ever gave them the opportunity of being.

    Along with doing the various crafting projects, from repairing weapons and armour, crafting simple supplies, and collecting ores--Kyneth got to taste the excitement of battle. Whether it was wrestling and fist fighting between those within the group, or fending off the hungry and selfish hands of travelling bandits. He more than earned his keep and his respect. They were as close to a family as he had ever thought of having, and the closest thing that Kyneth could ever want.

    Of course, along the way, he crafted his own gear and items, using the traditions of his ancestors and the traditions of his own mentor to do so. And before long, he was well into manhood, and his mentor was itching for death. This, of course, was something Kyneth could not accept, as losing those close to him was one of the hardest and most difficult things for him to ever have to deal with. The fact that the culture of the Orsimer glorified death in battle, Kyneth quickly began to understand it was quickly coming time for him to go on his way, and leave his friends behind once again.

    It didn't take too much explaining, they all knew he wouldn't ever fully understand. He wasn't a true Orc. However that didn't make their separation any less difficult. Especially for Drahkaash, who wished for nothing else than for Kyneth to take his place in his stead when he fell. But he refused to hold his friend back, and Kyneth refused to see his friend die. So they parted ways, and Kyneth headed east.

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