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  • Gorlocke Sep 17, 2017

    Gorlocke: Ye Big, Olde Bastard

    Gorlocke headshot.jpg


    • Name: Gorlocke
    • Nicknames/Alias: "Gor", "The Wrothgar Butcher", "Big Bastard"
    • Race: Orsimer/Orc
    • Gender: Male
    • Age: 34
    • Birthdate: 7th of Frostfall, 4E 167
    • Birthsign: The Tower
    • Birthplace: Orsinium, Wrothgar Mountains
    • Class/Occupation: Bounty Hunter/Mercenary
    • Affiliations: The Silver-Bloods (served as a personal bodyguard to Thonar & Betrid Silver-Blood), East Empire Company (performed odd jobs here and there on their behalf)
    • Religion/Patron Deity: Malacath (worshiped formerly), Zenithar (currently worships)
    • Laterality: Right-Handed
    • Sexuality: Heterosexual/Straight
    • Relationship Status: Single
    • Family: Father was the chieftan of orc tribe in Orisinium, killed by his heir, Veruk. Mother was the chief's 1st wife and current wise woman of the tribe. Grandmother was the former wise woman of the tribe before her death. Younger brother Veruck is the current chieftan of the tribe after besting their father in combat.


    gor 3.jpg
    • Height: 6'10"
    • Weight: 395 lbs
    • Eyes: Dull Green
    • Skin: Dark green, darker than most Orcs
    • Hair: Bald, Eyebrows very thin/non-existent
    • Build: Has a muscle gut, contributing to his 'big bastard' nickname, which he owns up to 100%
    • Scars: Missing right tusk and Glasgow smile on the right side of his face, obtained in a battle during his time as a mercenary. Along with these facial injuries, he has a plethora of scars and welts along his chest and back from countless encounters throughout his years.
    • Tattoos/Piercings: n/a


    • Armor: Gorlocke's armor is of a special make, a unique hybrid of both Nordic Steel and Orcalicum pieces. It was forged by a Nord smith who had heard of Gorlocke and his past, and forged it as a thanks for fulfilling a bounty on his behalf.
    • Weapons: An orcalicum, butcher-style greatsword. It has no tip but instead has a curved flat head, meant for cleaving instead of stabbing. The sword's edge has indents intended to maximize cutting/bleeding potential. The sword belonged to Gorlocke's father before he was accidentally killed by Gorlocke himself.
    Gorlocke Sword.jpg
    • Clothing: If he is looking to settle down for a bit and relax, Gorlocke can strip pieces of his armor down to just keep the clothing underneath remaining. This entails simple baggy pants, leather boots, and a leather holster around his chest. (think Iron Bull's outfit from Dragon Age: Inquisition)
    • Magic: n/a
    • Skills: Gorlocke is incredibly proficient with the use of his greatsword and heavy armor. His magic prowess is completely non-existent, but he makes up for this with unrivaled health and a seemingly endless supply of stamina. He also picked up on basic alchemy from his mother back during his time in the stronghold. He cannot make poisons, but is capable of brewing simple healing/stamina potions.
    • Fighting Style: Gorlocke is the very definition of a tank in combat. A bit of a masochist, he enjoys seeing how much pain he can take in combat and pushing this threshold to his limits. He isn't stupid with this however, and will immediately ramp up his offense if he has underestimated his opponent's strength. Being in close-quarters with the beefy orc is almost a sealed deal for him, as only 1 or 2 mighty swings of his massive ripper blade can slice a foe clean in two. What he lacks in speed, he makes for in sheer, brute strength.
    • Weaknesses: Magic users are Gorlocke's Achilles' Heel. He was never properly conditioned to take on mages or any magic of any sorts, and can easily be outdone by any half-decent user of magic. Incredibly fast fighters can also hold their own against him, as his massive size and heavy blade make his offense quite slow. A fast fighter would have to be able to dish serious damage to him however, as his pain threshold would allow him to remain in combat for as long as he needs.

    • Personality: The term, "Don't judge a book by its cover", could not hold more weight than with Gorlocke. Despite being the size of a mammoth and having a face not even Mara would take pity on, he is still a big, softie beneath the rough exterior. Although he used to be the typical angry, brutish Orc, he has long since turned a new leaf. He is an optimist, and will try to remain positive even when pl*ps hits the fan. He can be very humorous and sarcastic as well to lighten up the mood if need be. Despite this, he approaches combat in way that would put other orcs to shame. Slightly masochistic, he enjoys putting his pain threshold to its limits in battle, and as such thoroughly enjoys a good fight. The only subjects that kill his positivity are any that relate to his father, family, or his time in the stronghold, as those memories hold a burden on him and remind him of a time he could not live up to his potential.
    • Morality: True Neutral
    • Positive Traits: Incredibly Friendly (despite his appearance), Strong-willed, Disciplined, Humorous, Typically Jovial attitude, Able to withstand tremendous physical abuse
    • Negative Traits: Short Tempered, Tremendous Pride, Reckless, Not easy to calm after he has been angered.
    • Likes: Fighting, Feeling Pain, Laughing, Telling Jokes/Stories, Debauchery, Drinking/Eating (a HUGE amount), Non-Orc women
    • Dislikes: Uptightness, Complete Silence, Weakness in his opponents, the Civil War (all sides)
    • Afflictions/Fears: Dying in "pathetic" fashion (Falling off a high ledge, choking on something, getting poisoned), Returning to Orsinium to confront his family
    • Habits: Daydreaming about past adventures, Randomly feeling the scar on the side of his face with his hand
    • Voice: Iron Bull - Dragon Age Inquisition
    • Goals: Making as much money off bounties as he can and possibly settling down in the near future.


    • Childhood: Born in Orsinium as the second eldest of eight siblings, just a few minutes before Malacath's summoning day. His father admired his son's strength and fortitude, and would train with him personally. The training was brutal however, typically leaving Gor just short of serious injury. Gorlocke would also learn basic alchemy from his grandmother, the wise woman of the tribe. The chief was always certain either he or his younger brother Veruk would become chief of the stronghold.
    • Teenager: A band of adventurers stops by the stronghold. Tales of their travels intrigues and inspires Gor, making him ponder what life would be like beyond the walls (excluding the occasional hunting trip). Being of equal strength to his younger brother Veruk, Gorlocke is forced to challenge him to the death to eventually be able to confront and usurp leadership of the hold from his father. Gor cannot find the strength to fight his brother, thus ensuring he is never to become chieftan.
    • Early Adulthood: Veruk eventually becomes chieftan, and Gor is happy for his sibling. However, he does not want to live in his shadow, and exiles himself from the hold. This strains the relationship between the brothers, as Veruk believes Gor is doing this out of spite and contempt for his seat of power. This saddens Gor, but also acts as motivation to pursue the life he dreamt of when he was an adolescent, becoming an adventurer.
    • Present Day: Gor travels between Skyrim and High Rock as a bounty hunter, tracking down the north's most undesirable and dastardly contracts. Many throughout the north have come to hear tales of the infamous Wrothgar Butcher.

    Inspirational Music:

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