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  • Explorer Extrordinaire [Adventurer Traveler] CC May 25, 2018

    Life's Adventurer


    Lady Marina Lynn Shore-Star


    Breton [75%] Redguard [25%]


    23 Years


    140 lbs





    (All artwork is not completely accurate to the appearance of the character,
    but is rather closely affiliated with his or her appearance.)

    With eyes reflecting the ocean's surface and hair flowing as the winds of the sky, she was the balance upon the shores that danced with the breeze and sands. Clashing with the forests not far from the shoreline, she had a purity that matched her graceful appearance with the nature of her homeland.

    Her eyes were the aqua-green color of the shallow shore waters. The mix of green and blue matched the crystalline aqua water on a sunny day. Her hair is the strawberry red-blonde of the coral in the ocean's call of crashing waves. It was long with light waves; the delicate low-tide on a cool night. Whether it stayed down, up in ponytails, in a braid, or in a bun, Marina was always messing with it and playing with the strands to make into some kind of look.

    Her skin was a warm honey beige, due to her constant outdoor adventures, chores, and heritage. With the water reflecting the sun's light, her skin was only saved on the long nights and deep forest hikes. Her eyebrows were thicker than the other ladies in town, but they were kept in-shape and cared for. A heart-shaped face brought her clean complexion together in harmony. Her muscular but feminine body was strong for her adventurous tendencies; capable for quick strength and endurance alike. With big eyes filled with excitement, and thick lips to smile wide, a joyous appearance for adventure never ceased.


    For adventures of all kinds, Marina needed to be equipped with casual attire. She adorns a pink top with chained ringlets of colorful beads. Between the fabrics is a thin protective light metal for some light but durable armor. She wears orange colored leather bottoms with a fur coat that she ties around her waist, in case of the cold, with the same inner light armor. She wears light tan brown boots with the same metals within the materials for protection. A few leather belts keep all her attire together and attached together. Miscellaneous do-dads and dangles and jewelry cover her body from head to toe. The charms and trinkets are made from various materials she finds on her travels: sea shells, gemstones, teeth, woods, etc. Aquamarine stones entangled in the golden metal that dots the occasional trinket is a sign of home: a gift from her cousin that reflects the still waters of a calm mind that dwells beneath her energetic demeanor. An occasional lipstick was applied to keep the salty air from chapping her thick lips.


    Overall, she wears this light armor, but it is barely armor if one may call it that. It does provide protection to her vitals, but she is often found explaining herself to folks who scoff at her brightly colored apparel in the dark world of Tamriel: "Why can't I dress as the colorful reefs of the ocean and the flowers of the lands, and the birds of the skies? Eh, it covers me enough. I don't plan on fightin' much anyway. I'm too busy exploring my next adventure, silly!"




    For the adventuring type, there is no such thing as being too prepared. Marina carries a blade that was forged for her as a gift from her cousin. With royal-like strength and work placed into the blade, it is one of two favorite weapons she owns. She has a bow that was created back in her village by an elder, who gifted it to her after completing her training in her younger teenage years. This was her other favorite weapon. Along with those, she carries two daggers, one in each boot for quick access. On her ship, she also has a lance that stays in her captain's quarters on the wall and a crossbow under her bed. Those were simple gifts that she could not deny, and with her training as a young girl, could easily use both weapons. If she were to somehow lose her others, she would still have two great weapons to use.


    Despite her affiliation with nature; the land, sea and sky, she unfortunately has no talents for magic thus far in her life. Her village only had one magical healer and destruction mage, but she was unable to learn from either of them. She hopes to some day learn restoration magic and alteration magic to help her while exploring. That doesn't stop her from becoming excited in the sight of magic, and using various talismans and charms blessed with magical abilities on her journeys.


    Again, it is impossible to be a true adventurer without being prepared for anything. Maps she creates herself, potions, nonfiction books and journals, talismans and charms, food, beverages, extra clothes, hygiene products, writing utensils, flint and steel, blankets, random nick-knacks, and money. She carries her satchel on her hip, but also carries a backpack that was well-packed to leave at campsites. Three of her most important miscellaneous carry-on's are her handheld nautical telescope, compass, and parent's journal.




    A woman with a childish demeanor... how fun is that? With the liveliness of a young child and the brightness of a sunflower, she is the last person to become tired. Marina is energetic without fault, which makes her a powerful ally to anyone. With the ferocity of a lion and the energy of the sun, she is an unstoppable force. Cracking jokes in the midst of battle, teasing her friends and foes, playing around when she shouldn't... a troublesome troublemaker is she. Stubborn as a boulder between a crevice: she isn't moving. Foul language isn't unbeknownst to her, but with a silver tongue and quick wit there is more than just nasty verbatim. As a rebel of most things 'unworthy of respect' as she would say, she never ceases to cause some sort of trouble, "if they deserve it". And being annoying, such as repetition and teasing, is a must-have in a relaxed state of mind for the bubbly woman.

    Beyond the annoying quirks of her personality, Marina is deep down, a caring person. Behind the constant teasing and playful antics, she does take note of her friends' feelings and well-being. She can be serious - such a surprise - when necessary, especially if she is apologizing. But even she can crack a joke when it mostly isn't necessary; even if she makes a fool of herself, it is so that she can cheer-up those around her. Her excitability for anything and everything is enough to cheer anyone up - even her smile is as bright as the warmest sunny day. How could the excitable woman not be adventurous as well? With a heightened curiosity of everything exciting, her unwavering courage allows her to go where most wouldn't: in her own quirky and bubbly way.

    With that said, her energy will always shine as the sun, trying to make the best of life and to make those around her smile. With a strong sense of optimism and care for those she loves, it is only fair that despite her energetic personality, those she loves never wish to leave her side.

    Fighting Style:

    As stated prior, she dislikes fighting "for real" as she would put it. Sparring with friends and hunting are exciting to her however, and if she must fight, she has fun while doing so. With her blade, she is quick enough to evade most attacks and slice her foes. With a bow, she can reach far distances with complete accuracy. With both weapons, she is unstoppable at any range: or at least, she and her crew think so. In truth, she is extremely talented at fighting, and more so than not comes out on top. She never goes out and looks for a fight, but Marina will not turn one down either.



    + Marina has a habit of cleaning herself constantly: growing up in a village, people never understood her, not necessarily germaphobe behavior, but neat and tidiness. It wasn't until they discovered the truth of her past, and they began to tease her because of it. She loves a good bath and washing after a long and dirty day of exploring. That doesn't mean she won't jump in the mud to catch a small critter: as long as she can wash herself before bed, she'll jump into any mess.
    + Humming tunes to herself is an annoying habit that she finds annoying when anyone else is doing, so she doesn't mind being called out on in.
    + "Not being ladylike" as some fancier folks in larger cities would tell her. She usually just laughs and says "piss off."


    Mae - Fire Emblem: Shadows of Valentia

    Exploring, as if it needs to be said.
    + Just gazing upon the sky, forests, and ocean: all of which she likes.
    + Sailing... would that go under exploring?
    + Eating meals with her friends and crew members after a long day next to the fire.
    + Collecting everything "cool" she can get her greedy hands on.

    + "
    Snobby rich folk who can't live a little... and I guess my enemies too."
    + Parasites: exploring has its faults... like too many parasites that enjoy the ride.
    + Not being able to bathe after being dirty for too long.
    + Being told she is trespassing
    + Thieves



    As a noblewoman gone rouge, she is still connected to the miniature royal line. She turned down the offer to return to her "home", as when she learned what her parents did, she felt the desire to follow in their footsteps. She still writes letters to her village and her cousin, who took her place in the noblehouse.

    There is no creature out there that frightens the adventurous and nature-loving gal; except for parasites. The little creatures scare the woman to oblivion and back. Just the thought of them crawling and gnawing through her body... a definite parasitophobic.
    + Losing her friends / crew is a huge fear. She loves them like family, and treats them that way. With that said, she worries of losing her family too.
    + Marina pushes herself too hard during urgent situations, which can be detrimental at times.
    + Pure darkness; whether it is temporarily blindness or being without a single bit of light. Low lighting does not bother her though; only complete darkness.

    The Mermaid; her personal ship which she sails around Tamriel. It is a fairly large ship that can hold her and her 19 other crewmates. It's a strong sea vessel that has an extra smaller ship attached on the side for emergencies or for sailing up rivers, called Seaweed.

    She is always welcome to return home to her village, and while not owning a property there, she could easily buy a property or build one.

    Adventurer, Explorer, and Cartographer
    Marina wants to live on the legacy of her parents: exploring every part of Tamriel, and some day, the entirety of Nirn to the other continents. She wants to become a master cartographer and share with Tamriel her maps of all places: so that others can too explore and let their curiosities run wild!

    She has a pet wolf she brings everywhere with her named Renegade, which she often calls "Ren" or "Renny". She raised him as a pup when he wandered into the village injured. He also saved her life from a rouge who attempted to kidnap her. Ren is extremely protective over Marina, and is her second set of eyes and ears. She goes nowhere without Renegade by her side.

    + She knows she has only so many few years before she needs to settle down and start a family of her own, AKA "grow up". She wants to explore as much as she can all while mapping out Tamriel and its lesser known locations so that she can sell them across the continent to all who wish to travel.
    + She has a strong affiliation with nature: plants, animals, and the weather. Animals tend to draw towards her positively, and she tends to relax among the outdoors.
    + Many find her foolish due to giving away a life of luxury for childish dreams. Beyond all hatred targeted towards her, she manages to stay optimistic and live the life the way she wants to.


    Off the shores of Hammerfell the small village of Radiant resides within a forest. It was a peaceful village that formed around a small band of explorers of all races who settled for a sea shore village. The village ended up growing as more explorers, merchants, and others traveled and ended up staying. Farms and stores formed and soon enough a small town-like village left its mark on the map. Many families took residence on the coastal town, especially with its usage of its very own port and docks.

    One quirky young girl was often found either running through the forest or swimming on the coast. Her name was Marina: an easy parallel to her oceanic love. Her curiosity often left her in trouble, but with everyone in the town knowing one another, it was easy to forgive the playful child. She grew up with her nieces and nephews of her far older siblings, playing in the sands and in the trees. "She's a fish out of water," her mother often stated, telling her daughter the tales of mermaids who thought Marina was too a mermaid. This is obviously false, but her mother always felt that building the imaginations was key at a young age to a bright and happy future.

    It was at the age of nine where she was told she was adopted. At the age of two she was found wandering the shore alone at night after a dangerous storm passed. In her pocket was waterproof-like bag with a journal and a letter inside. The letter read as follows:

    "I write this quickly for I fear we may be separated from her soon. I hope that as you read this letter, our child is alive and bright as ever. Her name is Marina Lynn Shore-Star. This is our journal: give it to her when she comes of age. She is a lone pearl among thousands of shells in this world... treat her well. We love you, my sweet Mar-Mar. Mama and Daddy love you more than the sea loves the sky."

    The poor girl was soaked to the bone, and was exhausted. She was crying, wanting to be held. Her adoptive father took her in when he found her after late night fishing. From then on she would be raised as their own. With no idea of how she came to such a situation, the two with grandchildren accepted one more child as their own.

    When she was told of her past, she was upset and curious as to how she was separated from her true parents. However, much like an innocent child, she knew that those who watched her then were still her parents, and would continue to love them for the care they offered her. She would still call them mom and dad, and never did her love change for them.

    Being called "auntie Mar-Mar" by her nieces and nephews the same age as her was a stranger part for the town to behold, but despite the age difference with her adoptive siblings, they all treated each other as if they were cousins brought back together. They all played together and spent time as one happy family. Other of the village's children would join in the play of the group, allowing the village of Radiantians to grow livelier.


    Her connection to the land sea and sky was unlike many others. The local priest said she had a spiritual connection with Nirn, but it was ultimately turned down due to her inability to control magic. Her ability to sense the oncoming weather and connect with the energies of the earth continued to go unsolved.

    Her adoptive parents Shauna and Dirk were so open with the girl. Dirk was a sailor for the town and Shauna a merchant. Together they had a nice trading route going with many goods for sale. They mostly traveled to other parts of Hammerfell and High Rock, but found the occasional ship from Summerset Isle, Valenwood, Skyrim, and more. Marina became well versed with creating all sorts of goods, whether it be jewelry and trinkets, satchels and baskets, makeup and paint, or remedies and potions. Dirk taught her how to sail smaller ships on her own, and allowed her to board the larger trading ships within due time. However, he never allowed her t go on their long trips due to the dangers of the high seas. She could only go fishing far out on her own smaller boat.


    Late one night, Marina's father was leaving for a regular trade route to High Rock. Marina, being the mischievous and curious rebel, she boarded the ship and hid in a wine crate. Waiting hours, she watched through the crate's open hole, watching the crewmen laugh and go to work on sailing the calm ship. The two reasons for never allowing her to board the merchant ship was that storms can cause fatality to the vessel, and pirates were well known in Hammerfell.

    She ultimately fell asleep in the crate before awaking to the sound of crashing waves and the morning sun peering into the holes. Calmly, she lifted up the crate's lid and crawled out, the crewmen staring in shock as the thirteen-year-old stood with a small grin on her face. "Good mornin' fellas!" She spoke, giving a small curtsy. Her father walked across the deck, finding his daughter standing proudly. Quickly he pulled her aside into the captain's quarters, scolding her for her appearance.

    "Marina! You know how dangerous it is to be aboard! Does your mother know you left? She's probably worried sick! How many times have I told you why you can't be aboard!?" He scolded, trying his best not to yell. "Dad! I am thirteen now! Why can't I become a part of the family business huh? I don't wanta' be tethered down on the shore forever ya' know!" She retorted, huffing as she placed her hands on her hips. "Marina... do not argue with me. You are still a child." "I wanna be a protege! I wanna be someone you can rely on in later years! Please dad just let me help!" She begged, placing her hands together as she pouted. Dirk sighed, tussling the hair atop her hair. "Alright... but only because I cannot turn this ship around. We are already a quarter of the way there." The young girl jumped cheerfully before hugging her father, thanking him over and over again. "You won't regret it! I'll listen and do whatever you say! I promise!"

    [Marina sailed with her father by sneaking on the ship one late night. Finding her on board, he decided to teach her how to man a ship. It seemed it was in her blood, due to her adept ability to sense the water and wind of the sea. After years of training, she was given the chance to sail the ship on her own, becoming the temporary captain. Her eagerness to sail and talents displayed a bright future for the young girl.]

    [She continued to make shelled jewelry with her mother and sailed with her father to master the trade. Her drive for adventure never ceased.]

    [One day a small band of knights were traveling through the village, looking for a woman with the name Lady Shore-Star. Explain the introduction, and how she learns she is the bastard daughter of a noble in High Rock. He had an affair with a Redguard woman during his travels, and left his duties as a nobleman to be with her, running away. The two were so madly in love they left everything behind to explore Tamriel. A cousin of the family took over through birthright, and after finding lost documents, found record of a letter stating the birth of a single daughter. It matched with the letter of the supposed ship they owned sinking in the sea three years later: explaining the abandonment of Marina. With heir to a noblehouse throne, Marina would never have to worry about life's troubles ever again.]


    [Marina rejects the knights to everyone's shock, knowing that she would love to continue her parent's legacy of exploring every corner of Nirn. The cousin of the noblehouse was a kind fellow, who was eager to meet his relative who went missing years ago, and was willing to give up his place as a noble as long as he was still included in the castle, as well as the riches. With her response, the knights looked behind them to see the second carriage arriving late surrounded by guards who traveled far - it was her cousin, Sir Eric Waterstone III.]

    [Explain the two's conversations with the days to follow, eventually meeting upon an agreement, as well as the assignment of her new 'crew'.]

    [Marina leaves her adopted family and longingly says her goodbyes. With a promise of returning between travels, she leaves upon new adventure to explore for treasures and lost history.]


    [Explain where she travels before coming to Skyrim, and for what reason.]


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