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  • Dead Is Dead Mar 11, 2018

    I have been an obsessive Skyrim addict for over three years and far as I am concerned dead is dead is the only way to play. It is the most honest way to game and develope skills and strategies to beat the program. I have several saves where the character has died that i continue to play just to explore the game, but i always have a fresh game going because the game always finds a way to trip me up. Oh Yea! You gotta play on LEGENDARY! There, that being said I must say the farthest I have gone is to level 21. Here is what I've noticed. The longer ya go without dyin' the more the game responds with ridiculous ways to kill you.....
    • Getting stuck on terrain during a crucial moment
    • Couriers appearing during a crucial moment
    • Multiple attacks from multiple creatures
    • An enemy inexplicacably travelling a long distance in a split second to murder me.....

    You get the picture. One must design and develope a character to protect against the unpredictable. Thats why the first things i do is follow a script for the first few levels.

    1. Escape Helgen
    2. Attack raider camp down the trail and grab thier stuff, npc will help you
    3. Go to Riverwood and collect Faendal talk to arngeer (sic)
    4. Go to Bleakfalls Barrow and get that done
    5. Go to Whiterun get that done , turrn in Dragon Stone
    6. Go kill that dragon and get to the Greybeards, do their quest and get the Dragon shout AND the Become Etherial shout. Now you have a fighting chance!
    After I have those two things in my bag o tricks. I try different things to advance. Lately I have been playing the game all on the surface. Meaning i don't go into any place that has to load. No caves, no castles, no keeps etc.

    My first goal in DEAD is effin Dead is to create 10 different level 20 characters that I can load when the game kills me. getting real close now. To be honest, lately all deaths are due to mental mistakes on my part.

    Even with become etherial shout I have to avoid archers. They seem to sneek around the melee and get a bead on me.
    Always Always Always save! When confronted with an uncontrolled situation hit pause and reload before the death blow.
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