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  • Dancer/Bard [Support] CC Oct 1, 2017

    Timid Morale


    : Melody the Graceful

    Nicknames: Mel
    Birth Name: Melody Florina Varo

    Race: Imperial [100%]

    Gender: Female

    Age: 25

    Height: 5'5

    Weight: 120 lbs

    Sexuality: Bisexual, leans more towards heterosexual, as she wants to have kids of her own blood.

    Laterality: Ambidextrous


    Skin/Scale/Fur Color: Pale and pure

    Eyes: A shade of blue that appears indigo/violet in certain lighting

    Hair Color/Horns/Ears: Sheer black

    Hair Style/Feathers: Long, straight, and simplistic. Depending on he performance, she will change the style.

    Build: Thin, but lean.

    Scars: None

    Tattoos: None

    Piercings: Ears only

    Other: -


    Constant Wear:


    Skyim's weather is far too harsh for the thin, costume-like attire she wears for performances. She does not have the luxury of buying clothes to simply relax in, as she dances for anyone whenever she can: thus, she needs to wear the correct attire to dance in all the time. To combat the harsh changing weather and keep her dancing attire hidden unless performing, she wears a pale peach-colored long cloak with black gloves. On her back she carries multiple strapped bags with instruments, costumes, and personal belongings. If she checks in at an inn prior to her performances, she leaves her belongings in her room.

    Performance Wear:

    Her performance costumes all depend on the song, performance type, and theme. She usually wears a black and pink outfit when traveling, as it works with all of her songs. It has it's top, long sleeves of hanging floral pink, and a open-front skirt with black and pink leggings underneath. This allows her dances to flow with her clothes, making each move more mesmerizing. When hired for planned performances, she often plans her costumes: for darker songs, darker clothes, lighter songs, lighter clothes, energetic songs, bright clothes, etc. Her footwear are her boots, but underneath is a thin layer of sandals that is less shoe and more barefoot than anything: dancing purposes only.




    The poor woman does not know how to fight: at all. Only for protection and final decision would she ever use her ebony dagger. She has never had to use it yet, and she hopes she never has to.

    Magic (If applicable):


    She is absolutely skilled in Illusion, Restoration, and Alteration. Alteration, to make her performances far more interesting. Illusion, to make people happy. She knows the Nords of Skyrim are not fond of magic... but placing a courage spell on a fellow too fearful to admit his feelings to the woman of his dreams is not so bad; at least, to her. If she can make people happy without them knowing, it is perfect. Restoration, to heal others and herself when injured. And with her recent hiring for support in barracks and in actual battles, such spells can support her allies not only off the battlefield, but on it. She herself is unsure why her magic is so powerful compared to mages even in Winterhold. During a conversation with one of the bards of the college, she stated "I... I think it might be the way I project my magic. The only way I can naturally do magic is through my singing and dancing... I believe my passion for such and by projecting my magic through such passion makes the spells extremely powerful... But... who truly knows... I simply know that when I perform, my magic is stronger, and that is all that matters to me."

    She also uses alteration spells to do something rather unexpected... while it may have no use to mages, it is extremely viable to her. Alteration is the altering of the world around people, and for Melody, she can manipulate instruments, and make them play on their own. She most often sings and plays her instrument or sings and dances, but she has experimented with singing, playing instruments, and dancing, all at once. For the few times she did, the small audiences were amazed. Despite her using magic, and Nords not too fond of such, because the magic is absolutely harmless, they could care less. She could feel a few were still questionable of the act, but were either too drunk or too mesmerized by the act itself to complain.

    She carries everything she owns with her at all times. Being a traveling bard, she has no choice.


    Personality: Determination, shyness, and beauty can easily describe Melody. However, no person can be described with mere single-worded adjectives. A dancer with a pure spirit for life, she is always trying her best to make not the world a better place, but the people. She knows that with happiness, she can perhaps change negative views on the dark lives of Tamriel. Her shyness at times gets in the way of her social life, but her speechcraft is phenomenal: how else could she have been once a priestess for Diabella? Her magical prowess is something many mages go in awe with, but are utterly disappointed in the fact that she uses them for the arts, rather than research. She is both intelligent and creative, allowing her to think her way out of situations in far-fetched ways - that work - and can speak her way through. Despite her pure outlook on life, she knows better and can easily manipulate her words to influence others. Lying is an easy task for her, although she is guilty whenever she does so. Her passion for dancing and singing is almost unmatched by the bards of the college. A woman of kindness, Melody will do everything in her power to make others' lives greater than what they were minutes ago.

    Fighting Style: She cannot fight: however, she is 100% supportive in battles with others. With allies, she can boost their courage to increase attacks, heal them when injured, and alter the world around them in their favor. She is a bit embarrassed by it, but she can only support other


    Azura - Fire Emblem Fates. (Japanese for singing, and English for speaking)
    Her voice is light, elegant, and melodic: singing or simply speaking. However, when need be, she can sing deeper songs for her darker performances.

    + Dancing
    + Singing
    + Playing her Instruments
    + Performing
    + Giving Life-Support and support in general
    + Cooking
    + Cute animals (Especially Lyric)
    + Flowers
    + Jewelry

    + Racism
    + War
    + Evil (bandits, daedra, etc.)
    + Perverts/Haughty men (and women)
    + Supremists
    + Illness (being sick means no performing, and no performing means no gold for the day)
    + Violence


    Affiliations: Bard's College

    + The Dark
    + Spiders
    + Undead
    + Bandits
    + Dragons
    + Vampires
    + Werewolves
    + Falmer
    + Hagravens
    + Ghosts
    + Seekers
    + Daedra
    + many other things...
    + She is fearful of many things, truthfully. She is not much of a fighter, but a supporter. If people are in danger, she will face her fears in order to support them. However, she is absolutely claustrophobic.

    Properties: She is a traveling dancer, and takes everything she owns with her, where ever she goes. Certain times of the year, with bad weather, she will hunker down for a semi-permanent time frame and make a deal with the inn owner to change the payments slightly. She owns a horse, named Lyric, that she travels with. She usually carries all of her instruments, clothes, and other belongings on her back when in towns: but over far distances, Lyric does the heavy-duty work with bags strapped to her saddle.

    Job: She is a traveling bard, who not only plays instruments and sings, but dances as she does so. This makes her more unique in comparison to other bards, and more desirable for hire.

    Combat Skills: Zero to none - she never learned how to fight: however, she did learn one thing... how to speak. She can easily manipulate the thoughts of others with her wordplay, magic in illusion and alteration, and overall speechcraft. She can convince many to outright not rob her, kill her, etc. With her persona and magic combined, she does well to evade most conflict and combat.

    + While she is very timid and introverted, her speechcraft is phenomenal, and she will use it when need be. Those who were once close to her speculated that the reason she is so shy is the fact that she can easily manipulate people's thoughts unintentionally with her own words, so she is not great with small-talk and becoming close with others. Her overall persona makes almost anyone trust her with her speech and demeanor alone: which makes her friends happy she is not a politician.
    + She hopes that one day she will perform in front of royals: and that she will be rich enough to create a theater for the arts such as plays, dancers, and bards alike.
    + She doesn't have many friends at the Bard's College, due to her exceptional abilities. Many are jealous of her, which she doesn't quite understand why (she does not think highly of her talent... and let's admit: some bards are quite arrogant). However, those with kinder hearts love her dearly for her kindness and support her.
    + Her magical abilities are astounding, which makes many question why she did not become a scholarly mage for her intellect and skill. She always answers with a smile and this response: "You do not choose a passion: it chooses you."
    + Despite appearing very pure, shy, and innocent with thoughts and beliefs of hers, she becomes very offended when people think of it to be entirely true. She would not be great at her speechcraft if she did not know what people are thinking and how to address responses with ease, including manipulation. She does, however, try her best to be kind and honest to all.


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