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  • Character Cards Aug 17, 2012

    Character Name: Velid Anahill
    Age: 20 in elven years, 50 in human.
    Gender: Male
    Race: Bosmer
    Personality: Velid is very generous, especially to the down on their luck, as he was once in their position. He is a recovering alchoholic and so can be quite moody, yet is still very loyal and despises crimes of any sort. He tries to make friends with everyone he meets, and will gladly stand up for the innocent. He is quite intelligent and skilled at archery, with a basic knowledge of magic. He sometimes makes rash decisions, but usually things end up working out for him. He is also not very fond of Nords, as he knows of their hatred of outsiders. He intends to join the Imperial Legion and fight the Stormcloaks, as the Legion needs all the help it can get to fight the Thalmor, and if Skyrim seceded they would probably not form an allliance with the Empire, like Black Marsh. He hates the Thalmor and the Aldmeri Dominion in general, but not all Altmer, because they enslaved his people. He despises vampires as well, as they killed his family when he was a small child. He has a strong sense of justice and will hunt down the perpetrators of the smallest crimes and bring them to justice, but if they only do it for the sake of their families or something of the sort, then he will give them whatever septims he can muster, take back what they stole and send them on their way. He loves animals and can gain the trust of horses or dogs very easily.

    Inventory/Class/Skills: Nothing.

    Fatal Flaw: Overly generous, he would give every wordly belonging of his to a begger if the man asked.

    Appearance: Typical Bosmer male, long-haired with overgrown facial hair and brown eyes. Somewhat skinny, though he does have some muscle.

    Backstory: Velid was born in the Imperial City. His mother died giving birth to him and his father had run away when he learned that his girlfriends was pregnant. He was adopted by an Argonian named Walks-the-Shadows, who was raised to be a Shadowscale but ran away to avoid murder, and his Dunmer wife, Sanada. They moved to Valenwood and raised him as there own until he was about five, in human years. They had just moved out of Silvenar and started an inn when an odd party moved in and started harrassing the people staying there. When asked to leave one of them transformed into a winged gray abomination which tore into everyone in the inn, including Velids 12-year-old Argonian adoptive half-brother, Letan-Tal. He escaped and ran to the capitol, Falinesti, running past Silvenar without realizing it. There he became a street urchin until one day when he was 13, in human years, a trade caravan passed through the city. A Khajiit who was walking through the shopping district noticed him and gave him a few septims, and invited him to join the caravan. He travelled with them through Cyrodill, where he was taught to use magic, swords, bows and crossbows, and then into Morrowind. The journey had taken them 7 years. In Morrowind he stopped drinking, as it impaired his judgement, and decided to never break the law, as he loved justice and despised jails.


    Name: Sal-Dus Eliki

    Race: Tsaesci/Saxheel

    Gender: Male

    Age: 20 in Human years, 30 in Saxheel/Tsaesci

    Class: Agent

    Skills: Very charismatic, stealthy, okay at magic, extremely agile and very intelligent.

    Inventory: Sal-Dus always carries his armor and clothes brought from his homeland of Akavir, as well as some armor made to fit the local Saxheel, known as Argonians. He carries around a scepter that can banish foes to Oblivion, though it has very few uses, and both a dagger and a sword, both fashioned in Akavir. His armor is enchanted to deflect spells and his clothes are enchanted so that people will trust him more easily. His blade has a lunar enchantment, and his knife has a turn undead enchantment, both very powerful. He also always carries a a ring called the Ring of Khajiiti and an amulet that automatically cures all diseases, crafted and enchanted by Kamal blacksmiths and wizards.

    Fatal Flaw: Does not care about his allies at all and would sacrifice them all to kill a single skeleton.

    Appearance: Sal-Dus looks like a typical Tsaesci, indistinguishable from an Argonian, aside from the changing color of the scales. He normally adopts either a white scale color, for speaking with people, a black scale color, for sneaking, or a red scale color, for fighting. He has five large horns jutting out of his head and more along his chin. His claws are filed down so that he can gut people with his bare hands. He has very sharp teeth, as he uses them to gut enemies as well. His eyes are a deep blue, just like all Tsaesci, and his tail was cut off when he fought to escape the undead hordes that had invaded northern Akavir.

    Personality: He is quite depressing, almost never speaking if he is with the right company. If he has to act cheerful then he will put on the best damn act yoou have ever seen. He trusts no one, and does not believe there is any meaning behind the words love or friend. He believes that the ends justify the means, and would gladly kill all of Tamriel if it would save his homeland from the undead hordes. He has dedicated his life to stomping out the undead menace, and gets closer to that goal every day. In short, he's not easy to get along with.

    Backstory: Sal-Dus comes from the rich and powerful Eliki clan of Akavir. He lived peacefully in the capitol city of Akavir, in the old Imperial colony. From there his father governed the fridgid northern lands of the Kamal. His mother came from the Festial clan, whose brother governed the recently conquered territory of Pyandonea. The Akavir had also taken Yokuda and Thraas and were ready to root out the remaining Falmer that had moved to Atmora. Life was good. Then, one day when he was 16 in human years he and his father travelled to Kamal to meet with another politician while he was still thawed out in the summer. That afternoon a necromantic vampire coven burst through the city walls and slaughtered the citizens, raising them from the dead to form an army. They killed his father and the other dignataries. Sal-Dus managed to escape to the docks. There he chartered a ship to Morrowind while his wounds were tended to by a healer. He travelled across Tamriel hunting the undead.
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