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  • Character Cards 4 Aug 24, 2012

    Name: Serves-His-Lord

    Gender: Male

    Race: Argonian/Dragon Priest

    Age: 47

    Appearance: Serves-His-Lord had black Scales with white markings all over his body and three large horns, curved backwards, filed down to points. He has black feathers underneath the dome formed by his horns and red eyes. The Argonian also has very sharp teeth and claws, both always coated in a red poison that does not affect Argonians. He is very thin, and has a long tail. His snout is pressed up against his face, giving him a more human/elven look.

    Class: Master of Illusion, Enchanting, Alteration and Conjuration magic, as well as Alchemy.

    Skills: Good at all magic, but mostly the ones above, as well as dual-wielding swords and sneak skills.

    Equipment: Serves-His-Lord wears the mask of Konahrik and Dragon Priest Robes over Ebony armor with powerful fortify illusion enchantments. He wields a staff of Summon Flame Atronach, a Dragon Priest Dagger with a powerful vampire enchantment, a Daedric Bow with a 30% faster firing enchantment and two Ebony swords, one with a powerful Dragonbane enchantment and the other with a powerful Weakness to Poison enchantment.

    Faction: Dragon Loyalist

    Personality: Serves-His-Lord is extremely deceitful and charming, using his huge intellect and his charming ways to convince even dragons to do almost anything for him. He does not care about anyone elses life and will simply look at situations and throw his lot in with the one most likely to win. He's cunning and logical, with no emotions at all. He has no loyalty to his dragon masters and just pretends to revere them in order to rise in their ranks. He considers the Stormcloaks brutish morons, the Blades rash idiots, the Greybeards crazy pacifists and the Organized Resistance foolish optimists.

    Backstory: Serves was born into a Boethiah cult outside of Blackrose. He had two older brothers, one of whom sacrificed himself shortly after Serves hatched to allow the cult to commune with Boethiah. Serves-His-Lord grew up learning that you are the only one that matters, everyone else is an obstacle. Taking those words to heart he murdered his other brother and his father so as to grow in ranks. He became leader of the cult at age 20. He promptly handed it over to Blackrose guards in exchange for 20 septims, but first he robbed his own cult blind. He joined the Imperial in the Stormcloak war and became a Legate at about age 30. He turned all of his forces over into Stormcloak hands, but not before robbing them blind. With a huge bounty on his head he fled Skyrim, moving to Hammerfell. There he got into the kings court and... Well, you can see a pattern emerging. He bummed around the Summerset Isles for two years when he heard the dragons were returning. He promptly hightailed his way over to Skyrim to join up with these dragons. He arrived in the smoldering ruins of Helgen just as a black dragon flew in and viewed the once-great city. He laughed heartily. Serves-His-Lord knew that he would have to be creative if he wanted the dragon to speak with him. He thought about it and decided to appear to be worshipping dragons. He began to laugh, remarking about how he was glad the dragons had finally returned. Society could use a little oppresion. The dragon flew over and Serves acted astonished. While the dragon basked in the admiration Serves quickly struck a conversation. The two became great friends, with the dragon, Alduin, even making him the most powerful of the Dragon Priests.

    Fatal Flaw: Will switch sides in an instant, depending on who's winning.


    Name: Eselian Desa *Deceased*

    Gender: Male

    Race: Maormer

    Age: 34

    Class: Merchant, has some skill in illusion magic, Pyandonean serpent magic and thievery, though mostly just good at speech.

    Appearance: Eselian looks pretty average for a Sea Elf. He has jet black hair that he cuts and fixes regularly. His prefered skin color is the color the Chimer had, an odd orangey tan color. He has balnk eyes and very thin lips. He also has relatively pointy ears, even for an elf, and sharpened fingernails, which he uses to sink into the flesh of people who try to back out on deals.

    Equipment: Fine clothes fashioned in Cyrodill and an amulet created in Yokuda before it fell passed down through his family that increases the ability to sweet-talk by a lot, as well as a simple gold ring with a diamond embedded in it's center.

    Fatal Flaw: Obsesses over his hair.

    Personality: Eselian is a con man by heart, though there are strict laws in Pyandonea against swindling. He is not very trustworthy and prefers to use trickery to his advantage. He has almost no sense of right and wrong, though he tries to avoid murder. Eselian is also very intelligent, even able to hold his own against the oldest Sload or the wisest dragon.

    Backstory: Eselian was raised in the capitol of Pyandonea, a port city with no real name. There he learned much about the market business. His parents never really cared about him, though his father taught him well. When he turned 17 he was booted from his house and opened a simple stall selling "magical" artifacts. He was quickly closed down and was sentenced to a year in prison, though he was able to get an audience wiith their immortal leader and sweet-talk his way back to freedom. He spent a stint of time as a thief, and then a sellsword who would rob his customers blind. He went back into the market business at age 23 and now owns a succesful fishing store chain spread across Pyandonean docks and inland port cities. He is looking for new business opportunities in Akavir, as his stints in Thraas and Tamriel didn't go well.
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