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  • Character Cards 2 Aug 17, 2012

    Name: Fultheim Frostbeard/Esadi-Jay

    Race: (Sarcastic) Khajiit

    Gender: Male

    Age: 43

    Class/Skills: Shadow Warrior: Extremely sneaky, but also wears heavy armor and uses very powerful weapons, with some knowledge in illusion magic. Also quite good at bartering.

    Fatal Flaw: Becomes extremely angry when anything racist is said, especially when it involves Argonians. Terrible at most magics.

    Inventory: Full set of Nord Hero armor, a daedric shield, his iron waraxe, Frostbite, and his steel Warhammer, Avalanche, all improved to fine quality with no enchantments.

    Appearance: Long blond hair, left eye is blue, right eye is white with a scar running across it, a thick beard and mustache and lots and lots of muscle.

    Personality: Quite pleasant, though sometimes very gloomy and depressing, he tries to make friends with everyone, and he also has a great sense of humor, though when he gets angry he's worse than an Orc using berserker rage. He despises racism, as he was raised by an Argonian family in Hammerfell.

    Backstory: Fultheim was born in the town of Rorikstead. He lived there with his parents until they were killed by a native reachmen when he was 3. He was then adopted by an Argonian named Nalet-Jay and his wife, Glides-Across-Sands. They moved to Hammerfell and lived there until a group of Nords entered their town and began slaughtering any non-humans. His adoptive parents were the last to die. This is because he found the armor that used to belong to his adoptive grandfather, who fought in Morrowind after Black Marsh seceded. He hunted down and exterminated every one of those Nords. He then moved to Skyrim trying to extinguish racism in his home province.


    Name: Burag-Uk Shuk
    Race: What do you think?
    Class/Skills/Weaponry: Burag-Uk Shuk is a juggernaut, wearing heavy steel armor with dwarven
    gauntlets, daedric boots and an iron helm. He fights with a daedric warhammer that he uses to crush his enemies, and sometimes resorts to using the few spells he knows. He rarely carries anything else aside from his armor, his clothes, his weapon and his gold. He does not know how to swim and is terrible at running, jumping, climbing and anything else requiring dexterity. He is a great miner and smithy, however and knows all kinds of special moves for his warhammer.

    Fatal Flaw: Whenever he gets angry his Berserker Rage ability automatically activates, causing him to lose his ability to think rationally.
    Age: 27 in human years, 24 or so in orcish.

    Personality: Burag is somewhat unagreeable and has serious anger management issues. He tries to fit in and make friends, but finds it extremely difficult. If you manage to get him on your good side, then he will fight to the death to protect you, as he values friendship seriously.
    Appearance: Burag is usually hidden behind his armor, but when out of it he is a burly orc with
    dark blue eyes and pale skin, for an orc. He has a shaved head and large, jagged worn-tusks and knobs above his eyes. The entire front of his face is painted red and black, as are his upper arms and hands, as well as his lower legs and feet.
    Backstory: Burag-Uk Shuk is from an abandoned orc stronghol in western Morrowind right by the border to Skyrim. When he was 15 the Morag Tong assassinated his chief and all the other residents aside from Burag, who was out hunting. When he got back he found the stronghold burnt to the ground and realized that whoever did this would probably be after him, too. He took his fathers armor and weapon and ran. He arrived in Solitude and tried to enlist in the Imperial Legion, but he was rejected as he was too young. He wandered Skyrim and developed a passion for magic. He managed to get into the College of Winterhold, though he hasn't really progressed at all and knows only basic spells.
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