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  • Character Card: Ma'Aashi the Fair Mar 8, 2018


    Ma’Aashi the Fair/ The Pale


    “Power is no blessing in itself, except when it is used to protect the innocent.” - Jonathan Swift
    Alias: Her name is followed by one of two titles, both in reference to her colouration. She is known as both “Ma’Aashi the Fair” and “Ma’Aashi the Pale.”

    Apparent age: Her frame and size may lead those who are not knowledgeable on the variety of khajiit to assume she is a youth or a child. Those who know better can still see her youthfulness, though she is no kit.

    Sexuality: When first afflicted with romantic feelings the target of affection for the girl was a rather androgenous khajiit with whom she traveled for a short time. Though nothing came of it the two made eyes and flirted often, and never did it occur to Ma’Aashi to inquire as to their biological gender. It seemed unimportant and continues to be. She would be identified as pansexual for this reason.

    Marital status: Single

    Occupation: She requires none of her own funds as her family can provide for her and so she treats the ill and injured without asking for anything in return.

    Residence: As she travels the healer offers her services to those she meets as well as the temples and often will stay with them when granted entrance to the cities. When traveling she enjoys sleeping under the stars and by the flame of a fire.

    Family: She was born on a quiet and unseasonably cold night into a prosperous and close-knit family of four. With two doting parents, she always knew love and having been preceded by two brothers was well watched over. The eldest brother, a Cathay like her father, had an even temperament and dotted on his youngest sibling with endless patience. The bond between them was strong despite the large age gap between the two. What lessons she did not learn from her mother and father were imparted through him. Her second brother was a larger creature and though he inherited his father's talent for delicate work he was indelicate in every other sense. His temper was easily stirred, and he lived life with a fiery confidence. He would always defend his sister, though he was just as quick to snap at her.

    Their wealth was fed by trade and skill, her father a master jeweler and metalsmith while her mother commanded an impressive affinity for business and trade. The two were a perfect pair, complimenting each other beautifully, and would become the foundation of what the girl would view as an ideal relationship. They traveled often following new opportunities, exposing the khajiit to many different cultures and people, as well as tragedies. Empathy called to her, and her hatred for war and conflict which damaged the innocent became evident early on.

    Seeing her affinity for charity and compassion her parents were quick to seek out the best available tutors to mold the young mind. She took immediately to restoration and by her brothers' urging also studied alteration. He would protect her in this way, even when far from her side. When they did settle she could often be found offering her time to aid those less fortunate. She was well liked, though slightly peculiar.
    When her mother died unexpectedly it shook the family to its core. Her eldest brother had left years before to break out on his own, to trade in goods and explore Tamriel, returned with great haste. He made it just in time to see his father also pass of what was in truth a broken heart. The sudden loss of both parents brought two of the siblings even closer together, while it isolated the middle sibling as he threw himself into taking over his father's clientele and grew solum.

    She attempted to remain in her families home and managed to do so for the passing of a year. The cause of her departure was the increasingly erratic behaviour of her brother, for which she was most often the target despite her best efforts. Though she aided his mate with their son and gave her time where she could her brother began to view her as a pest. Following an incident that left her burned quite badly in his shop, she was retrieved by her eldest brother so that she might travel with him. She follows his ventures and remains in the same province that he occupies, always rendezvousing with him as he departs.

    Affiliations: Some of the khajiit that travel within Skyrim will recognize her brothers' name, and so too at times his sister. She can often rely on them for aid in traveling from one place to another. Though she does not follow the same religious pantheon that the temples of Skyrim worship she has offered aid to many and so has a generally positive relationship with many priests and priestesses.

    Noteworthy Personal Relationships:
    • Qa’Takaar (Youngest brother)
    • Ra’Zankir (Eldest brother)
    Political Views: Though Talos and his divinity means little to her the war has wounded her deeply for the suffering that it has caused. She wishes for an end to the conflict that does not lead to further harm and war.

    Religion: Her beliefs are those of her parents who followed the customs of their parents before them, following the khajiiti pantheon. S'rendarr, also known as "the Runt" has her patronage and her deviation above all others as the god of mercy and compassion.

    Affliction/Disease/Ailments: None



    She was a thing of finery, and so delicate that at times I dare not breath for fear of breaking her. Those who did not know better might think she was frail, for she was thin with prominent bones and narrow wrists. Her frame itself was wispy, fine-boned, and all of her curves were subtle. Standing at no more than 5’2 she took up little space and was far from imposing though she made room for herself humbly in the aura that she radiated.

    Her pelt was reminiscent of mist over the water. It was a glowing, healthy white without being stark or crisp. Fading along the upper half of her appendages, between her ears slipping over the top half of her face, and along the majority of her back a muted beige, grey tone added dimension and complexity. Her markings ranged in shades of brown, the lightest of these being the gentle spots that dotted her back and stripes that slid along her cheeks and began along her thigh and the base of her tail. Those stripes over her arms were similar, though less structured in shape. In all places but her face these markings darkened as they continued onwards though never becoming dark enough to disturb the impression that she had been set in the sun too long and had been bleached by its rays. Her eye sockets remained white while above each of them an oval marking could be found and from the inner corner of her eye, a marking resembling the staining of tears ran. Framing a diminutive pink nose a sandy colour bloomed, covering the lower portion of the bridge of her nose.

    The fur itself was plush and silky to the touch. Of average length over the majority of her body, it grows long and feathery on her elbows, cheeks, and tail. It was well groomed, as were her sharp translucent claws. The hair on her head was ashy and fell in loose waves instead of the popular dreaded style. It's layers framed her face and tapered off beneath her chest. Erupting from the crown of her head two exaggerated ears stood proudly. Almost comical in their size, and featuring small brown tuffs, they were one of her most expressive features. Though largely sandy a white spot was at the center of each while their interior and all other visible skin, including the large burn scar that covered her left shoulder and collarbone, was pink.

    Her face featured a serene countenance with refined features. A certain quality that made it hard to read also made her appear pensive or cold, and her lids heavy when she was deep in thought. Her eyes were peerless, like stars and constellations reflected on a still pool. Flecked with white, and webs of smoke they appeared almost milky but where in fact blue in tint, bordering on lilac. Her muzzle was small, and from it sprang long white whiskers. Hers was a distinctly enticing, attractive visage complimented by her tendency for motionless placidity.

    Voice: Growing up amongst a variety of cultures and people her accent is not as strong as that of many khajiits and is more so an undertone to a soft and even voice filled with rich and warm tones.

    Reference: Catherine Zeta-Jones

    “A clear and innocent conscience fears nothing.” - Elizabeth I

    As a healer, Aashi is generous and giving, as well as patient beyond what anyone would expect of her. Mending others is her calling, her desire, and her drive. The opportunity to carry out her purpose, to instill hope and banish suffrage is all the payment she requires for her efforts. Regardless of the despair that surrounds her the good and the innocent fill her with hope and keep her own spirit from becoming dark. She seeks them out and attempts to guard them against pain, using herself as a shield if necessary.

    Conversely, she can also come across as apathetic at times due to her quiet demeanor and her tendency to observe before speaking. For a supportive figure, she is surprisingly independent and gets easily frustrated when she is assumed incapable. When angered a cold, icy air slips over her to defend against the tears that come with strong emotions. In these cases, she maintains a level voice and head. Believing that she is entitled to her opinion and the right to follow her own judgment she can become bullheaded, though never aggressive. Passive resistance is her favoured tool.

    She prefers to surround herself with people of skill and knowledge who are authentic in their lives and to themselves. One dimensional or typical people bore her and are easily discarded and given less value. She enjoys being dotted on and appreciated by those around her, beautiful words entice her, though she plays coy and disinterested. Unfortunately, her desire to heal others has resulted in her adopting a handful of harmful “friends” in the past with the hope of giving them the space they need to become whole once more. The resulting breaks always leave her torn up and are particularly difficult.

    Positive Traits: Kind, Charitable, Gratuitous, Well-Mannered, Meticulous, Calm, Capable, Empathetic, Modest, Mature, Selfless

    Negative Traits: Stubborn, Disobedient, Picky

    • Cultural songs: She believes that one can tell a lot from the songs a culture produces and so enjoys endlessly listening and examining the intricacies of each one
    • Unique architecture
    • Children and their innocents, as well as all others pure and true in heart without stupidity or ignorance
    • The warmth and glow of a fire, especially under the twinkling of stars and a full moon
    • Sparkling gems, as they remind her of her parents
    • Discrimination for her people who have experienced too much of it, and for any person who has suffered it without cause. She personally fights against the prejudice by giving rather than taking and living righteously.
    • Any individual who claims to be perfect, or acts as such. Likewise those that are shallow and lacking depth bore her and irritates her endlessly.
    • She abhors having to suffer fools
    Alignment: Neutral Good

    Ma’Aashi does not generally involve herself in combat, she is a healer and not one to deal injuries. When healing in the heat of conflict she uses mass spells as well as targeted wards to protect others and herself. Alteration is also used as protection and somewhat of a defense, though any offensive spells are a last resort. Even these spells are simply to give her time to escape and not meant to deal permanent damage. She also is quite familiar with herbal cures and remedies, though those are usually only used outside of battle.

    Class: Healer

    Major Skills:
    • Restoration
    • Alteration
    Other Noteworthy Skills:
    • Herbal Medicine
    • Jewel Appraisal
    Weapons: None, though she can often be seen with a simple wooden staff.

    /GEAR/: Her simple robe is made of a luxurious material resembling dupioni silk of reflective silver. It wraps around her side to be fastened with buttons caved of seashells and splits at when reaching her hips. Its lengths go past her knee by some but allow for ease of movement. Over this, a shall of grey, embroidered intricately with white thread, similar to those seen over the robes of many mages, hangs. The sash that holds this is white, and weaving in out of its length a fine silver chain with pendants of polished moonstone dangles. Attached to the belt hidden beneath is a leather contraption within which a book is bound.
    The trousers she wears are cream in colour and rather simple. They are loose without being baggy and are wrapped around her calf in a light pink material. Otherwise, her adornments are few and include silver cuffs and a long, thin silver chain with a diamond pendant crafted by her father. In colder weather, she wears foot covers as well as a heavy shall of white fur. A bag is slung over her shoulder to carry her possessions as she journeys between cities.

    Laterality: Ambidextrous

    Inventory: TO BE ADDED

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