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  • Character Card for Natesse Oct 2, 2012


    Pronunciation: "nah-tess"
    Race: Bosmer/Nord
    Class: ShadowSpell (theif/assassin-mage)
    Gender: Female
    • 5'5'', curvy for an elf, blue-gray eyes
    • chest-length strawberry blonde hair
    • Black paint over her left eye; a subtle symbol of her status.

    Natesse is a woman of the night… Or day, if you have the proper coin. Although the commoner would call her a whore, she prefers the term “escort”. For the right coin, she will pretend to be anything, from your wife to your pet and everything in between. She is the best of her breed, and there is no woman you would rather bed; she is seductive, and mysterious: two traits that scream “sexy”. She is a smooth talker, appealing to the ego and libido of most her clients. Those that cannot be swayed in that respect, she offers other…services. Though she is what she is, she is by no means an idiot. The streets have taught her well, and she uses that knowledge, along with her body, to get along in life. Just don’t turn your back on her or she’ll rob you blind and send you off as docile as a sheep. Beyond her "professional" demeanor, Natesse is very friendly and approachable. She is generous when she can spare it and enjoys the simple things in life. She has few friends, but she cares deeply for the ones she does have. She longs for a fairytale romance, though she knows she will never find it doing what she does.

    A rare hybrid, Natesse is the bastard child of a Nord and a Bosmer. Her mother was the one who raised her, and that, along with growing up in Bravil, surrounded by filth and debauchery, shaped her morals and beliefs. It was a tough life for a youngling; her Bosmer mother was a heavy skooma addict and while she spent her days getting high at the skooma dean, Natesse was left to her own devices. Eventually, though an act of sheer pity, the Mage’s guild took her in and taught her to use illusion magic; they figured the poor child could use some constructive learning…Little did they know they were only making things worse.

    When she hit her teenage years, she learned to steal and cheat from a local Argonian gang and in such, formed a rather unique bond with them. They created a robber band and took to breaking and entering for a living using Natesse’s magical prowess to excel. Before long though, Natesse’s greed got the best of her, and she decided she didn’t want to share the spoils; she became a freelance thief and left her Argonian mentors. Enraged and fearful she would plunder all but the worthless goods, they turned her in to the guard and she was imprisoned. It was here she learned her current trade. It didn’t take a scholar to see that Natesse was beautiful. How a child of such looks got into a business so ugly was the question on everyone’s lips. She was under a sentence of life in prison for her crimes, but before she could be jailed, the owners of her stolen goods came forth with a proposal: they would pardon her actions if she would lie with them. The notion seemed preposterous but Natesse valued her freedom. She complied.

    It was at this time she discovered how much she loved sex. It didn’t take long before she had pleasured all those she “owed” but they kept coming back, some even offering her septims to spend days and weeks at a time in their company. She had made a name for herself in Bravil and in so doing, got bored with the men of the city; she desired variety, change… She decided to travel the land, beding the strongest, virile men she could find, and when the mood hit her, rob them completely blind. She even developed a knack for killing, but that is a story for another time.

    Eventually she decided to move on to bigger and better things, to leave behind her life of debauchery and become a real someone. Following a series of events that led her to flee the Imperial City, she moved up north to Skyrim where she intended to join the student body of the College of Winterhold to further perfect her art and maybe become a teacher. Needing somewhere to start, she found a home in the dank city of Riften and settled down to begin saving septims for her journey. Tempted as she was to ply her previous trade she resisted, knowing that in order to be a respected mage she had to forge an honest, clean living even though it was hard, hard work. She worked day after day in the market selling potions she made herself and for a while time passed agonizingly slow.

    It wasn't too long before she was unable to resist temptation and slipped into her old habits... She tried to pickpocket a man in the market, but was caught. However, instead of him alerting the guards, he admired her skill and offered her a join in his "organization". However...she declined. Sneak-thievery wasn't something she wanted to make a living off of. She wanted to *be* someone...a leader. Maybe run an inn until she'd saved enough to move up north to Winterhold and the College. As luck would have it, the man needed just that: an innkeeper. But this inn was...different, "special" even...

    It was a brothel, and Natesse was happy to run it. Who better to take care of a house full of whores than a woman who'd been one? As such, she became Madame Natesse of Thy Lady and Lord and loved all the girls and treated them fairly. Time passed her by and the septims flowed in yet Natesse didn't budge. She kept to her inn and eventually bought it for herself. It was hers, and she loved it. No, it wasn't exactly clean living, but she finally had a place to call home, people to call friends, and a life to call her own. She was at peace.

    • Sneak (Master)
    • Pickpocket (Expert)
    • One-Handed, specializing in daggers (Adept)
    • Illusion Magic (Expert)
    • Destruction Magic (Adept)

    • This is the actual armor she wears when not in her dress (e.g. outside of her home); hers is all black to reduce the odds of it being immediately recognized at DB gear.*
    • She always keeps an enchanted elven dagger inside her bodice; it is magically hidden with an invisibility spell, and contains the soul of a vampire matriarch. It carries a absorb health spell, and hums when a vampire is nearby.
    • Her dress is imbed with an stoneflesh spell; one can never be too careful in her line of business.
    • She doubles as a thief/assassin for hire. When money is low, she will take on all manner of shady jobs.
    • She lives at the inn she does most of her work at, though she only takes trusted regulars into her personal chambers; otherwise, the client pays for the session.
    *No personal screencap b/c the actual armor file isn't available to download yet; it is still a WIP. Original image and creator of the armor can be found here.

    ((NOTE: Natesse was created specifically for the "Arena Games" RP. While most of her character holds true outside of that story, the 18+ concepts will not be applied to general RP stories.))
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