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  • cannot be killed Dec 12, 2017

    So I have discovered ultimate killing, ultimate stamina, ultimate everything. I wanted all this power but now that I have it. the game is no where near as fun. All my weapons and armor I create are so expensive, NO ONE can afford them! I no longer have to look in chests, or pick up health potions, I can shoot a dragon with a single arrow and it's dead, there is no creature or enemy in the game that can put a dent in my health, as it is currently over 7000. My stamina is over 7000. I can run for ever. my scrawniest weapon is my two handed hammer, it only does about 600 damage, but it is enchanted to suck souls for over 596 seconds, it never runs out of juice! My cross bow is worth 2 million dollars and does over 250 million damage! The secret is in the fish hatchery!
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