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  • Zelda

    Princess Tiki Alabora [Royalty] Character Card (Under Construction)

    [IMG] Name: Noble Princess Tiki Alabora Nicknames: Princess Tiki Birth name: Tiki Alabora Race: Breton [100%] Gender: Female Age: 21 Height: 5'6 Weight: 125 lbs Sexuality: Heterosexual Laterality: Right Handed APPEARANCE Skin/Scale/Fur Color: Fair Eyes: Light Green Hair...
  • Hlíf 'Ulfr

    Character Card: "Ther" Ethel Matius (Under Construction)

    [IMG] "Ther" Etheril Matius 25 YEAR OLD FEMALE IMPERIAL 1st OF FIRST SEED, CYRODIIL, THE LORD PERSONAL DETAILS: Alias: None, though those she is on friendly terms with often come to call her “Ther” as opposed to Etheril. Apparent age: Youthful in face, body, and movement yet clearly of...
  • Easter Egg Hacker

    The Hag is Dead

    recently, I have married Muiri and murdered the old hag who currently owns the 'The Hag's Cure'. I've murdered her because I was hoping to gain ownership of the shop with Muiri. Once I've murdered the hag I have come back to the shop to explore if there were any items in the shop that I was...
  • Specter of Death

    Kyneth Grohiikiin CC - Under Constant Revision

    Kyneth Grohiikiin ~Last of his Name~ [IMG] NAME: Kyneth Sithusaar Grohiikiin ALIAS: Wolf, Nomad AGE: 30 BIRTH-DATE: 6th of Morning Star, 4E 171 BIRTH PLACE: Somewhere deep in the Wrothgarian Mountains in High Rock GENDER: Male RACE/ORIGIN: Nord [75%] Bosmer [12.5%] Breton [12.5%]...
  • CaliphOmega

    Another chance

    Let me tell you about my day, fellow adventure I Aivr was almost beheaded by the foul Imperials and burned to a crisp by a dragon. I met people that you could only dream of witnessing, and what I learn from this experience is that the Divines were watching me and gave me another chance at life...
  • Zelda

    Eydis Makoi [Healer/Priestess] Character Card

    [IMG] Name: Eydis Nicknames: Eydis the Peaceful Birth name: Eydis Makoi Race: Nord [100%] Gender: Female Age: 19 Height: 5'5 Weight: 120 lbs Sexuality: Heterosexual Laterality: Right Handed APPEARANCE Skin/Scale/Fur Color: Fair Eyes: Indigo Hair Color/Horns/Ears: Light Blonde...
  • ADAM1999

    Help me with bugs please

    Hi guys I am on Skyrim on PS4 and I'm doing the beyond death mission and valerica won't go into the bone yard to give me the elder scroll I have killed the keepers and I have defeated the dragon but valerica won't budge can someone help me :)
  • Hlíf 'Ulfr

    Character Card: "Bram" Bramwell Ackerly

    [ATTACH] "Bram" BramwellAckerly MALE BOSMER PERSONAL DETAILS: Alias: Silverthorn Apparent age: As with many of the longer lived races the only indication of age is the eyes which hold the knowledge and pain of undeniable age and the slight crow's feet that accompany them. Due to this, even...
  • jonathan90

    Assiff Alikazeem "redgaurd warrior/Assassin build.

    skills in combat: dual swords ,daggers and bow sniper. also can use single handed swords ,daggers and war axes. specializes in: A silent Assassin warrior and can be a thief in the night stealing whatever loot he gets his hands on. sneaky as a sh** house cat and silent and deadly warrior also...
  • jonathan90

    moona apacalypse-warrior/mage/Assassin.

    name: Moona apacalypse race:imperial sex: female specializes in both combat and magic. style: warrior /Assassin other skills: magic in conjuration,restoration and illusion. combat style: she can weld magic in binding and summoning. she utilizes weapons and bows for her archery kill...
  • Elfyy


    Hiya! I need help really quick with an issue im hoping can be resolved with a little bit of walking through. - Basically, I'm playing Skyrim SE (Special Edition) on my Xbox One and ran into a bit of a problem during a certain quest. In the game I'm on a quest for the Dark Brotherhood. The...
  • jonathan90

    Minecraft project blog.

    [ATTACH] [ATTACH] Just working on this one and more parts of the map I need to reveal. edited on paint brush. best editing software for making my map complete. took a picture of my map with my android tablet . Boof head sea: consists of water and ocean as far as the eyes can see with mountains...
  • Kohlar the Unkilled

    On the Battle with Miraak

    Miraak... So much talk and posturing; appearing from thin air to steal the souls of dragons that were rightfully mine, then vanishing like a mudcrab in the reeds. Miraak, hiding from his destiny amidst infinite volumes of books tended by tentacled giants and sadistic floating librarians, mocking...
  • jonathan90

    Jonny Hood loxsley and the hidden gold stash.

    [ATTACH] I am wood elf of these lands,and I seek my fortune . I have in pocket 20,000 gold. And I am wanting to invest in some land for 5,000 gold. But somewhere elsewhere there is a Huge stash of gold laying beneath the reaches of this land. So, in order to get it I must kill the bandits and...
  • Hlíf 'Ulfr

    Sneak Peek

    Hello there, I thought I might post a sneak peak of a CC I've been working on for one of my first two characters to be created for the forums. This is an excerpt from the history of my character "Hlíf 'Ulfr." Enjoy. -*- The man known now as "Hlíf 'Ulfr" was once a child with no name or at...
  • Madrar

    A little update

    Just posting this up to let anyone who's interested I'll be trying to get back on track with Origins.
  • Cablegi2000

    Skyrim crashes everytime i try to start it...PLEASE help!!!

    Hi, my name is Chris. I have been having problems getting Skyrim to work with the mods I installed following the instructional video on this page: http://www.predcaliber.com/skyrim-1 and with this YouTube video:...
  • jonathan90

    Journey story of Jonny Hood Loxsley the wood elf and fendal the wood elf.

    Hello, I am loxsley of the Hood. I am commonly known as Jonny Hood Loxsley . But not like robin hood,well yes like robin Hood. I specialize in my bow and sword and dagger. I am a sneaky little wood elf bastard. I am the original wood elf. My story leaves me outside of whiterun after I was...
  • jonathan90

    The life of journey of Jonny Hood Loxsley.

    I am Jonny Hood Loxsley, and hello to my people wood elf and non wood elf alike. I am a bosmer race wood elf male and the most greatest archer in all of tamriel. I am skilled in 2 handed blades and i wear light armour.my skills invested in magic,craft and physical combat. I am the hero sworn to...
  • Hlíf 'Ulfr

    Character Card: Abelle (Beaulieu) UNDER CONSTRUCTION

    [ATTACH] Abelle (Beaulieu) 21 YEAR OLD FEMALE BRETON 23RD OF SECOND SEED, THE SHADOW, THE REACH SKYRIM PERSONAL DETAILS: Alias: Valdis Sexuality: Heterosexual Marital status: Single Occupation: I suppose the nearest thing to what she is would be called an assassin. Who she works...