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  • Cablegi2000

    Skyrim crashes everytime i try to start it...PLEASE help!!!

    Hi, my name is Chris. I have been having problems getting Skyrim to work with the mods I installed following the instructional video on this page: http://www.predcaliber.com/skyrim-1 and with this YouTube video:...
  • jonathan90

    Journey story of Jonny Hood Loxsley the wood elf and fendal the wood elf.

    Hello, I am loxsley of the Hood. I am commonly known as Jonny Hood Loxsley . But not like robin hood,well yes like robin Hood. I specialize in my bow and sword and dagger. I am a sneaky little wood elf bastard. I am the original wood elf. My story leaves me outside of whiterun after I was...
  • jonathan90

    The life of journey of Jonny Hood Loxsley.

    I am Jonny Hood Loxsley, and hello to my people wood elf and non wood elf alike. I am a bosmer race wood elf male and the most greatest archer in all of tamriel. I am skilled in 2 handed blades and i wear light armour.my skills invested in magic,craft and physical combat. I am the hero sworn to...
  • Hlíf 'Ulfr

    Character Card: Abelle (Beaulieu) UNDER CONSTRUCTION

    [ATTACH] Abelle (Beaulieu) 21 YEAR OLD FEMALE BRETON 23RD OF SECOND SEED, THE SHADOW, THE REACH SKYRIM PERSONAL DETAILS: Alias: Valdis Sexuality: Heterosexual Marital status: Single Occupation: I suppose the nearest thing to what she is would be called an assassin. Who she works...
  • lee murray

    need a bit of help

    hi im playing skyrim se complete with mods i need help with the quest to be the high king could someone tell me how to start it when i started playing it i went to the warrens in markarth to find the guy who gives u the quest but he is never there need to know when i should start the quest
  • Fafnir

    The Razielim

    Okay I haven't found anything stating this anywhere online so I gotta throw this out there.... It's been theorized that there's a connection between skyrim (or tamriel itself) and nosgoth, considering the daedric prince Hermaeus mora and the Elder God are fairly identical. But my theory, should...
  • GabrielR

    Build: The Warlock / Witch

    DLC: none needed Mods: Alternate Start Live Another Life, Mage Armor Gear: Mage Armor Backstory: From the time you were born you were imbued with magika and nobody knew why but while you slept things would float or your parents would find themselves in sudden fits of rage or fear or sometimes...
  • GabrielR

    Build: The vigilant

    DLC: none Mods: Alternate Start Live Another Life, Demon Hunter Gear: Mage hood, Mage robes, Steel plate boots, Steel plate gauntlets Backstory: when you were only a child a dark necromancer of Molag Bal killed both of your parents and trapped their souls in the soul cairn she spared you simply...
  • GabrielR

    Build: Dr.Jackel

    DLC: Dawnguard Mods: Alternate Start Live Another Life, werebear transformation Gear: wizard hood, Imperial armor, hand wraps, Imperial boots Backstory: you were a healer for the empire for 13 years since the age of 18 you've fought for them and you still do but when you turned 31 that all...
  • Hlíf 'Ulfr

    Character Card: Brynn Ráðúlfr

    [IMG] Brynn Ráðúlfr 23 YEAR OLD FEMALE NORD 5TH OF SUN'S DAWN, THE LOVER "She reeked of animal, both in ways and scent, her eyes were the eyes of predators, more than of any man." PERSONAL DETAILS: Alias: Sexuality: Heterosexual Marital status: It's complicated Occupation: Gold comes...
  • Ellen Ripley

    Rahd Sette

    Name : Rahd Sette Race: Khajiit Age: 24 Height: 5’7 Eye color: Light brown Sexuality: Bisexual Occupation / Faction: Mercenary/freelance Locations: Hails from Riften currently resides in Winterhold Major skills: One handed, sneak, archery, Smithing Minor skills: speech, lockpick,...
  • Hlíf 'Ulfr

    Hands of the Sorrowful Knight (REDUX): Character Card Reference Sheet

    Character Card Reference: Hands of the Sorrowful Knight Adapted by: CapObvious OOC IC Roster: CapObvious : Dolmas Hlerayn/ Daxos Loran Simus : Alice Psyrakon / Titus Psyrakon / Cilla Psyrakon EpicVakarian: Ella Fisher Daryl Dixon: Bryce Montarello Hlíf 'Ulfr: Cosset Beaulieu/ Brynn...
  • GabrielR

    Build: Buisness Man

    DLC: none needed Mods: Dwarven Storage cube (cheat version), and Alternate Start Live Another Life Gear: fine clothes, fine boots Backstory: when you were born your parents sold you for gold and left you with a slave owner who bought children under a viable business ledger, so you couldn't be...
  • GabrielR

    build: Black worm

    DLC: none needed Mods: Conjuration Defiled, Vile Art of Necromancy, Improved Necromancers amulet, unlimited summons, and Alternate Start Live Another Life Gear: necromancers Amulet, Necromancer robes, black mage books Backstory: ever since you were a child you enjoyed researching about the...
  • Hlíf 'Ulfr

    Cosset Beaulieu (UNDER CONSTRUCTION)

    [ATTACH] Cosset Beaulieu 23 YEAR OLD FEMALE BRETON THE SERPENT "There was a danger about her - the pungent odour of magic best forgotten engulfed her every move, from her stares to the rising and falling of her diaphragm." -Ysarth the watcher PERSONAL DETAILS: Alias: None Sexuality: Not...
  • TheLoneTraveller

    Tattered Journal

    Entry #1 I found this blank book sitting by a riverbed, laid on a rock. It will now be used as my journal to record my daily life inside of. I hope to show this to family and pass it on as generations go by. First of all, My name is Rassaq. I am a Redguard, however I am not from Hammerfell. I...