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  • jonathan90

    Other funny stuff.

    [ATTACH] [ATTACH] [ATTACH] enjoy!
  • Kwyntreth Ivy-Leaf

    Future signature

    For a great, long while I couldn't understand why no one would ask me to marry them - then I realized it was because I hadn't gotten Maramal's "approval" at the Temple of Mara in Riften. Also I haven't done a forum in years and I forget how this works. Sorry if this is showing up everywhere....
  • Alty

    The Dust Devil [WIP]

    ⊰ Allo ⊱ (AH-LOE) "" General "" × "The Dust Devil" say his acquaintances, but he prefers his true name. × Dunmer × Doesn't live under the name of a house; identifies as an Ashlander, though he does not belong to a clan. × Classifies as a Battle Alchemist × Occupied with raiding tombs and...
  • Captain Turkette

    My arrival...

    I was laying there dwelling on skyrim as usual, boredom hindering within the deep depths of my soul and reeking havoc on every bit of my very existence when I decided to grab my phone and bask in the glory of the infamous Google!! I stand proud at level 77 with my Daedric heavy armor with a...
  • henry03

    Passive Playing

    New here. Hello! I'm trying to play a passive character and sure enough, right out of the gate, run into problems. Doing the thieves guild, going through the rateway, the guy leaning over the table just before going into the guild, kills me every time. Any advice?
  • Zelda

    SKYRIM CHARACTERS [under construction]

    { The following are my collective characters in Skyrim that I play in-game. } I had some based off of my RP characters, and others inspired my RP characters, so they might be recognizable. This post is more for my own reference and organization, but that doesn't mean you can't read! So enjoy I {...
  • Shadow Moses

    God fucking dammit I'm so done!

    I'm done trying to learn guitar i can't fluffing do it!!! I can't do a single fluffing thing right
  • Shadow Moses

    Trouble with character

    I'm making a new character but idk what he/she should be I'm stuck between a warrior, crusader, and thief any ideas?
  • Shadow Moses

    Boring Day Today

    I gotta do history homework and catch up on missing assignments cause my lazy ass didn't do them when I was supposed to
  • Alty

    The Ace of Spades

    ⤜| Cedrida Ibn'nar |⤛ (SEH-DRY-DUH EYE-BIN-NAR) "War does not determine who is right - only who is left." - Bertrand Russell ↞↞↠↠ General "I am immortal, though not invincible. I live once as any mortal would, but if I live right, once is enough." × The Ace of Spades; He goes by Spadi...
  • Nicola

    Dragonborn Skyrim 7ft statue

    I have one of the 7ft Dragonborn Skyrim Statues, I am looking to sell it and was wondering if anyone could offer me some advice on the best place to sell it?
  • Zelda

    Lady Lyfja Sky Umbranox [ Vengeful Daughter ] (under construction)

    Burning Heart "I was born in the ruins of what was once a beautiful place, so I'm told. My mother and I lived in poverty on the shoreline, making ends meet by working day to night. As a child my favorite thing was to feel the sea and sun..... I am no weak woman, and you best understand that a...
  • Shadow Moses

    today is a pretty good day

    I'm having a pretty good day today I'm playing a lot of Morrowind, ESO, Divinity Original sin 2, etc. and my mom isn't coming home until midnight so that's cool
  • TheShadedOne

    TheShadedOne's characters'

    This'll be where I keep my tonne of Khajiiti characters' I've been working on. Mostly descended from my first rp character, Shadari. Updates to follow.
  • Essential gaming

    Skyrim House Tour EPISODE 03

  • Essential gaming

    Whiterun RAMPAGE with OVERPOWERED CHARACTER in Skyrim!

  • Essential gaming

    Skyrim House Tour EPISODE 02

  • jonathan90

    Assiff Alikazeem the red gaurd warrior assassin.

    He grew up in his red gaurd homeland in the alik desert .he searched far and wide for his wood elf freind jonny hood loxsley who he partnered up with against the empire and the sheriff of solitude Rika which is working under millitary commander general talius. Both jonny hood and assiff...
  • Specter of Death

    Branwen Ravencrone - The Ravencrone Bastard

    [This character is being used in a Fan Fiction story I am writing that takes place in an alternate version of Skyrim taking place in the year 4E 202. For more information, check out the story.] (The art used in this CC are not 100% depictions of this character, but rather accurate ideas of what...
  • Zelda

    Lynn Wind-Walker [Explorer] CC --UNDER CONSTRUCTION--

    Free Spirit "Yeah... that woman Robin... she's an odd one. She said something to me late last night; something about finding a purpose in life or sumthin'? It's all a blur; I was too drunk, ahaha... I was just shocked she was being so serious. To be fair, if I hadn't bathed in ale I would've...