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  • ShoutBox Fun Feb 15, 2016

    Reaper24: Heyyyy how do i change my names color?

    Sinickal: So Cthulhu is the first walking sushi.

    Sinickal: You press Ctrl+f4

    Darth Kiara: lol Nuro

    Darth Kiara: You have to contact a moderator :p

    Sinickal: :mad:

    Sinickal: Anna

    Darth Kiara loves spoiling your fun

    Sinickal sniffles

    Sinickal: Never get to have any fun

    Darth Kiara: pretty sure Reaper is smart enough not to fall for it anyways

    Reaper24: Whers Ctrl+f4?

    Darth Kiara: at least I'd hope so :p

    Darth Kiara: .....

    Reaper24: nvm

    Darth Kiara: >.>

    Sinickal: Below the left spacebar

    Sinickal: Is Ctrl

    Sinickal: And then F4 is above the 4

    Darth Kiara sighs

    Monsters the Jester: FFS

    Darth Kiara goes to get food and goes back to work on the RPG

    Monsters the Jester: I SWEAR TO GOD

    Monsters the Jester: don't do it

    Sinickal: So yeah, press Ctrl and F4

    Sinickal: And then select your color

    Gidian the Minion punches mons right in the nose for bringing religion into this

    Reaper24: You connard it closede page out

    Sinickal: It shouldn't do that...

    Sinickal: ry it again,

    Sinickal: Try*

    Monsters the Jester turns incorporeal cuz flff you

    Monsters the Jester: I'm gonna go watch some Lazer Team

    Gidian the Minion cannot be thwarted by a cheap imitation of Anna, the punch connects fue to mons'

    Gidian the Minion: due*

    Sinickal: The punch fails because Gid can't spell

    Darth Kiara: cD

    Darth Kiara: xD

    Monsters the Jester Already left so IDK what you're punching tbh

    Sinickal: Reaper did you try it again?

    Reaper24: Yes i tried it three times it closses a page out

    Sinickal: Weeeiiird
  • A Christmas Special, Just for You. Dec 18, 2015

    Jingle bells, Batman smells, Robin laid an egg. The Batmobile lost a wheel, and Joker got away -- hey! Jingle bells, booms are swell, the bombs are ticking DOWN! Oh what fun it is to write HA-HA in Batsy's cave -- hey! Hehehe... hehehehehehe... hehehahahahahaha.... Hahahahahahahaha! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!



    Jingle bells. Batsy's quelled. The people riot now. Oh how fun... it was to write... the ending for us all... But... This old frown's still up. Side. Down.


  • Two funny things from SB... maybe. Dec 10, 2015

    3 minutes ago - Nurozoxi:

    I wonder if you can toast marshmallows with a space heater

    2 minutes ago - Melee:

    Probably not best to try

    2 minutes ago - Nurozoxi:

    Why not

    2 minutes ago - Nurozoxi:

    It projects heat out, not up.

    2 minutes ago - Nurozoxi:

    So I could hold a marshmallow in front of it, over a plate

    2 minutes ago - Nurozoxi:

    And it could potentially toast it

    1 minute ago - Nurozoxi:

    Though I'd only make one...

    1 minute ago - Nurozoxi:

    I need to have children so I can feed them sweets that I want.

    A moment ago - M'aiqaelF:

    hmm...it's like there's an invisible breeze in here trying to tell me something

    A moment ago - Nurozoxi:

    M'aiq has me blocked and thinks my world revolves around him.


    A moment ago - Skies:

    I got a sub! Yay. I want to thank all 6 subs I had first who supported me and my new channel

    1 minute ago - Nurozoxi:

    But if you did

    A moment ago - Skies:

    And its a lie [​IMG]

    A moment ago - Skies:

    Curse this game of emotions we play.

    A moment ago - Nurozoxi:

    I accidentally hit "subscribe" instead of "play video" because I didn't realize it was highlighted.

    A moment ago - Nurozoxi:

    But on the bright side, I got an achievement from it.

    Dec 9, 2015 at 10:02 PM - Skies:

    Damn, why you gotta play me so

    A moment ago - Nurozoxi:

    I'm laughing too much at this.
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  • Yay, another chat funny!!!!!.... yay. SAY YAY Nov 25, 2015

    1. 3 minutes ago - DrunkenMage:
      December will be a bitch, be working two jobs. Running on six or less hours sleep for much of december.
    2. Nurozoxi:
      Word of warning, don't store Wendell's soul with any other souls
    3. Nurozoxi:
      In a whole month he'll only get 6 hours of sleep
    4. 2 minutes ago - Dradin:
      Nota Bene: Wendell is a turd.
    5. 2 minutes ago - DrunkenMage:
      Six or less a day.
    6. 1 minute ago - Dradin:
      I laughed at that joke. I'm ashamed.
    7. Nurozoxi:
      Which joke
    8. A moment ago - Dradin:
      The 6 hour one.
    9. Nurozoxi:
      Who tells a joke for six hours?
    10. A moment ago - Dradin:
  • 18+ Not Recommended for the Faint of Heart or Other Undesirables Nov 23, 2015

    Based on a poem I once read... only not nearly as PG.
    "You don't want my snatch again,
    The one you've had before.
    I've had two kids since last we met,
    It's not so tight anymore."

    She hiked up her skirt and spread her legs,
    She gave him a view of her flower.
    True, it's loose, he thought to himself,
    But I still intend to plow her.

    "My husband can't know what we're doing,
    We've taken his black leather leash.
    Promise that you won't dare leave me,
    Or you'll not get to slide in my quiche."

    With a flourish he pulled off his pants,
    And gave her a simple "Oh please.
    I promise that I'll stay true to you,
    So long as you'll get on your knees."

    And so the girl pulled off her blouse,
    She happily fed him her muffin.
    With nary a word, he picked up his sword,
    And gave the girl a good stuffin'.
  • MOAR CHAT FUNNIES Nov 21, 2015

    1. Yeah I liked using the 9mm in NV
    2. Nurozoxi:
      The pistol was just so... postily
    3. Nurozoxi:
    4. 5 minutes ago - lizardisok:
    5. Nurozoxi:
    6. 4 minutes ago - lizardisok:
    7. Nurozoxi:
    8. 4 minutes ago - lizardisok:
    9. Nurozoxi:
    10. 3 minutes ago - lizardisok:
    11. Nurozoxi:
    12. 3 minutes ago - lizardisok:
    13. Nurozoxi:
    14. 2 minutes ago - lizardisok:
    15. Nurozoxi:
    16. 2 minutes ago - lizardisok:
    17. Nurozoxi:
    18. A moment ago - lizardisok:
    19. Nurozoxi:
    20. A moment ago - lizardisok:
    21. Nurozoxi:
  • More SB stuff! Nov 9, 2015

    1. 2 minutes ago - Nurozoxi:
      It's always creepy when you're laying your head on a pillow and you can hear your heartbeat and it sounds like someone's footsteps and you think they're coming to kill you, so you shut your eyes and wait for the kiss of steel, but it never comes and you open your eyes, and everything is dark and you start seeing things moving in the darkness, and then a weird sound happens for no reason and you think there's something under the bed (or in my case, futon) and you don't want to step out because something might be there, and you try to convince yourself it's your imagination, and intellectually
    2. Nurozoxi:
      you know that, but your mind is super weak because you're tired and so you believe it and then it's morning and you've had two hours of sleep.
    3. 2 minutes ago - monsters2312:
      pretty much
    4. 2 minutes ago - Nocte Aeterna:
      Nuro, I worry about you.
    5. 1 minute ago - Gidian:
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  • First Order of Business! Nov 6, 2015

    Fallrae ran to and fro, searching desperately for her favorite shirt. I must have it! she thought, as she looked all around. (Wow, I'm thinking this in tempo, like my poem I'm writing... awkward.) Under the bed, in the drawers, on the fridge, in the fridge, in the bathroom, on the couch, in the closet, in the hamper... she couldn't find it, and it was frustrating as all hell. In her fluster, she didn't hear the front door opening, and turned around with great surprise to see Jaundy in her bedroom, watching her and as she ran about, topless. Blushing, she covered her breasts, and looked at her feet. "H-hey, Jaundy," she said, meekly. Oh, I hope he doesn't say anything! Or... or maybe he should... does he like them? she thought to herself, still intently inspecting her pink painted toes.

    "This what you do all night? Run around topless? I must admit, it's not something I'd have expected, Fallrae," Jaundy replied, and laughed. When Fallrae looked up through her bangs, she saw Jaundy turn around, giving her privacy. "Hurry up, Fally, we got a call about a robbery involving those stupid robots again. You'd think whoever keeps sending them would learn to make better goons." He walked out then, and she heard his steps recede and the door open and close. Letting out the breath she didn't know she'd been holding, Fallrae let her arms drop to her sides, and hung her head. He'll never notice me, she thought, mentally kicking herself, how could he, when I always make myself look like a fool?
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  • Kinku the Anime Oct 6, 2015

    So, basically, I accidentally created a story for an anime via misspelling the word "kinky," and this is the idea that popped into my head when asked whether "kinku" was an anime. Here goes:

    Kinku's main characters include... Jaundy, the main character. He has a sword that shoots bullets and transforms into a motorcycle. Then there's Fallrae, his female side-kick who has a massive crush on Jaundy but won't tell him, even though it's obvious. She runs around with pom-poms that explode when she throws them, and act as a sidecar for Jaundy's motorcycle. Then there's Count Poopoo, who is the main antagonist. He has an army of robots that are easily defeated, but he always builds and sends more. He has lots of money, is egomaniacal, and his wife died giving birth to Jaundy, which is why Count Poopoo hates Jaundy so much. However, Jaundy, being the main character and innocent in many ways, doesn't know that his own father is his greatest enemy. The local police force is made up of a race of boob people, known simply as Pigs. When they take down a criminal, they're genetically structured to tell the criminal "You're under abreast."

    Yeah... if I think of anything else, or people ask about it, I will try to continue flushing the story out. Or, y'all can steal the idea and make it yours. I dun care.
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  • Another SB Thing... Sep 16, 2015

    So, this one is from a conversation I was having with a few other guys in the SB, and we were talking about an adult version of Peter Pan. This is what happened...

    1. 5 minutes ago - Nurozoxi:
      Peter Pan is actually a drug dealer who makes kids think the faerie dust is for flying, but it's actually a powerful hallucinogenic.
    2. Nurozoxi:
      And then he sells them to Hook, who is a child molester/sex ring leader.
    3. Nurozoxi:
      Which is why he always wants to catch the kids.
    4. 4 minutes ago - Gidian:
      And he is really running a slave/prostitution ring
    5. 4 minutes ago - M'aiqaelF:
      once upon a time, that's the show
    6. Nurozoxi:
      And the crocodile is a cop.
    7. 3 minutes ago - Gidian:
      Mike anyone who calls that gritty is ignorant of what gritty is.
    8. Nurozoxi:
      Why did I suddenly think of an elaborate story for Peter Pan being something other than he was intended to be viewed as?
    9. Nurozoxi:
      Why was it so easy?
    10. 3 minutes ago - lastphoenix:
      Pan, tink, and the Lost Boys sneak on the Jolly Rodger and go all Navy SEALS on the pirates
    11. 2 minutes ago - M'aiqaelF:
    12. Nurozoxi:
      But Pan is the one who sold the kids in the first place
    13. 1 minute ago - lastphoenix:
      The only thing good about once upon a time is Regina.
    14. Nurozoxi:
      Unless he was running a sting operation, and Wendy and her brothers are actually Pan's own kids, who he used because it was his idea
    15. A moment ago - M'aiqaelF:
    16. Nurozoxi:
      And he didn't want to use anyone else's because legal issues.
    17. A moment ago - KaitoGhost:
      i like Once Upon a Time
    18. Nurozoxi:
      And then, when he rescued them, he couldn't live with the guilt, so he left, and they grew up with foster parents
    19. A moment ago - Gidian:
      I liked the first season, Kaito
    20. Nurozoxi:
    21. 1 minute ago - lastphoenix: And the Pirates they killed was really poor immigrant family that owed Pan money.
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  • Gamer Hell Jul 22, 2015

    This isn't from a character view, this is from a conversation I was having with @General Charles Xander that astounded me with it's actually 'Hellish' quality. I digress...

    1. 12 minutes ago - Nurozoxi:

    Hell sounds so much more fun than Heaven

    2. 11 minutes ago - General Charles Xander:

    There will be nothing but broken computers and other entertainment devices. You will also have no arms and no feet and be given an Xbox controller.

    3. 9 minutes ago - Nurozoxi:

    But if there aren't working game systems, why would me being given a controller when I can't hold it be an issue

    4. 7 minutes ago - Nurozoxi:

    I wouldn't walk around with a game controller if I couldn't use it, so it would be enough of a hell to live in a place with no game systems at all

    5. 7 minutes ago - General Charles Xander:

    The feeling of the inability to entertain yourself or play will haunt you for eternity. Simple.

    6. 6 minutes ago - Nurozoxi:

    What would be a much better idea, is if you were given a book that details how to make a game system, but you had to scour the land to find the parts, and then build it. And you could only play it once for an hour before it exploded, and all of the parts flew out again, and you had to go find them again.

    7. 5 minutes ago - Nurozoxi:

    And every time it exploded, the parts went farther away, and they degraded, and eventually none of them would work

    8. 4 minutes ago - Nurozoxi:

    Finally, you'd only have the book, and eventually that would start to fade and become dust in your hands

    9. 4 minutes ago - Nurozoxi:

    And the rest of the world would fade away, leaving you on an empty plane with nothing to do but remember what you had

    10. 2 minutes ago - Nurozoxi:

    You would fall in on yourself, lose your mind, lose touch with everything, and you would become a lost soul, with no body, no feeling, only the memory of what you were, and the infinite longing to return, but you can't.
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