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  • Entry #3 Mar 31, 2013

    So I adopted Runa Fair-Shield because she was really eager while the other orphanage kids were a little stuck-up. Found out later that she's an evil person who reacted to Grelod's death with "Kill one person, and you can solve so many problems. I wonder at the possibilities."
    Das my girl.

    Now I'm gonna adopt Lars Battle-Born because of his ties to the powerful (and wealthy) clan Battle-Born, because he's obedient, docile and weak-minded (like an empty canvas), AND it gives me a reason to kill off Idolaf and Alfhild. Hell yeah.
  • Entry #2 Mar 31, 2013

    I love the forums.

    I bought the hearthfire DLC today, and I've spent ages building a new house. I am literally obsessed with filling all my houses.
    I always put weapons in the display cases and armor on the dummies and I fill the bookshelves to the brim. Now I see that there are trophy rooms? And a friggin LIBRARY?

    Oh my god.
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  • Entry #1 Mar 29, 2013

    Creative title yeah!

    No one will read this, but I suppose it'll be fun to look back at later.

    My character is named Sol. She is a sneaky sneak, female wood elf.
    I just maxed everything out on her. All the main quests are done. College in Winterhold, the dark brotherhood, Thieves guild, main questline and of course she ended the great war by stomping out the stormcloak rebellion.
    I chose imperials because the stormcloaks are racists.
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