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Entries inspired by
my main character,
Naginata, and old entries.
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  • Entertainment? A nice, bloody comedy. *Razaera* May 20, 2013

    I like the Arena. No friends here, only the voices in my head and my blade and my shiny skull friend. No more rags, no, now we have niiiiiice armor made of heavy shiny metal. So heavy! Safe like a Mudcrab. This is my shell. What a pretty, shiny shell it is too.

    The gate slams open, LET ME OUT! I'm an animal ready to strike! My sword sounds like "Shiiiiiiing!" as I draw it. Let's go, friend!

    Out into the daylight. Hello, sun, my glowy friend. Maybe you should close your eyes, so you don't get any blood in them. Mhm, yep, my shiny blade friend here is ready to spill some blood. Blood doesn't feel good in the eyes. No sir. Hurts and blurry. Not fun. Close your eyes, friend.

    You ready? Enemy-friend? I'm ready, ready to charge! Strike! Hack slash cut! HACK SLASH STAB CUT!


    I won, blade friend. Enemy-friend is all bloody and Razaera is not. No no, no blood in the eyes. Sun has no blood in its eyes either, that wouldn't be fun. Not what friends do.

    Blood is red and red is nice, blood for gold is such a prize!
    Prize for me and death for you, blood and gore and entrails too!
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  • Arousing Addiction *Naginata* May 15, 2013

    I'm bored again. But this type of boredom can't be fixed by slamming my knee into a man's family jewels. No, sir...

    Just two weeks ago, I was fighting for my life in a ruin infested with Draugr. Never have I been so close to the brink of death. And that god-forsaken dragon... Alduin... THAT is a battle I'll never forget. My body aches just thinking of it.

    Now? I'm back home. My house in Windhelm is cold, dark, lifeless. I no longer like it here. I only just moved here, and already I'm feeling restless. The bread I eat crackles dryly, the cheese I once found appetizing and vibrant is now dull and tasteless. The mead doesn't satisfy. I need.... SOMETHING... to bring my life, back to life. But what...?

    Suddenly, I remember a peculiar sensation I encountered months ago. Ages ago it seems... I was roaming a cave, slaying those who blocked my path, when I stumbled upon a sort of laboratory. In the pitiful darkness of the soggy, lonesome cave, something bright piqued my interest. There, upon the table... a large bottle of something pink, reflecting the soft light of the torches. I reached my fingers out and clicked fingers in their gauntlets against the glass bottle, and it made the most beautiful little sound. Tapping against normal glass doesn't produce such a melody as this bottle did. Mesmerized, I took the bottle, not knowing what it was.

    What was it? Sleeping Tree Sap. Even the name has a melody. All at once, I feel my body melting at the thought of that fantastic pink substance. I never did get a taste of it... perhaps now is the time. Rising from the dining table in the center of my scarcely furnished foyer, I take the stairs two at a time and throw open the chest by the foot of the bed. I am greeted by the lovely, colorful bottle of the Sleeping Tree Sap. Removing the cork, I inhale the scent, a sweet and enticing smell. Slowly, I raise the bottle to my lips, and pour it................

    My whole body feels alive! I feel light, I feel free, there is this strange haze that makes me feel like I'm in a dream. Pretty colors... gosh, that's delicious. I lick the edge of the bottle and tip it completely over above my mouth, hoping to get every last drop of the magnificent drug. When the bottle is empty, not a single pink droplet left, I toss it aside and hear it fall against the bed, catching the light of the candles and glowing like a torch on its own. I stand; I stumble. I fall over, laughing, staring at the ceiling as it warps and moves.

    Now THIS... THIS is exactly what I needed...
  • Pretty irons, clanking irons. *Razaera* Apr 8, 2013

    *This is actually an Oblivion entry! I have returned to my beloved Oblivion :p*

    "What a preeeeeetty skull! Yes, shiny skull. What's wrong? Cold in here? Hehehe, yes, very cold in the prison, where no one wants us. No one wants us..."

    Huddled in the corner. So cold in here. Stone and metal and rotted wood. Collapsing table and moldy jug of flat, stale water. Dusty and dirty. Crushed hay mattress. Ragged blanket. Cold light streaming from the barred window. Irons hanging. Clinking, humming chains. Abandoned bones. Empty ribs. Hollow. Cold. Lonely. Lonely like me.

    "Not so lonely anymore, no sir, I have you. Haha, yes, yesssssssssss.... I have you."

    Stroking the skull. So sad. So sad here. Not anymore. We're friends now. Friends are here for each other when the cold, barren prison can't be. No sir, prison's not our friend. Too mean.

    Creeeeeeeeeeak, the door opens. "What's this?" Quiet whisper. Feet running. Cracked skin against cold stone. Escape! "We're free! Free at last!" Petrified guard. "Yes, you're free. Your possessions are upstairs."

    "Freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! Free, friend, free!" Dancing feet, jumping up stairs, climbing steps. Ignoring guards. "Possessions? Bah! My only possession is my friend. What's this, pretty?" Cold metal clamped around my wrists. "Jewels? Jewels, so lonely? Nice irons. Yes yes, very nice. Possessions of mine. These and my friend."

    Throw open the doors! Breaking into the daylight. Bright daylight....... Bright, bright, BRIGHT! "Sun, friend? More welcoming than prison. Yes, warm. Missed you, sun."
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  • Yo ho, yo ho, a pirate's life-- wait, WHAT? *Naginata* Mar 28, 2013

    I'm so bored of this town. Where's the adventure? The excitement? A little while ago I was roaming the beautifully ominous sands of Solstheim, claiming every ruin I set foot into, slaying dragons... and now I'm here. Wasting away my time over a mug of ale and a thick loaf of rye.

    My armor prevents me from actually relaxing, but the open back between the straps of my ancient Nordic armor lets the radiant heat of the fire warm my skin. I close my eyes and relax my shoulders as much as possible, opening up to the sounds and scents around me. I have such a strong predatory instinct, considering I'm human. Maybe I was a wolf or something in a past life........ huh.

    Suddenly I feel the brush of rough, calloused hands across my hot back. "Bored, woman? I can show you a good time..." I hear whispered into my ear. I sigh, keeping my eyes closed as my hand slowly, undetectably moves to the handle of my crossbow, sitting on my lap. In a movement more swift than a bolt of lightning, I spring out of my seat, pushing against his chest with my free hand as I turn, shoving him to the ground with my boot, and aiming the loaded crossbow right at his heart. His eyes are completely widened and I can feel the fear coming off him in waves. I shoot him a sly grin, and say, "Thanks baby, I'm all set." I lift my bow from his chest and return it to its place on my back, and walk calmly out of the tavern, grabbing a bottle of mead from the table closest to the door and popping it open on the door handle. I turn, and seeing him still laying on the ground, staring at me with horror, I raise my bottle and wink, and then out I go.

    Well, that was fun. The way the little maggot was frozen in place... priceless. I should do this sort of thing more often.
  • Goooood morning! - Naginata Jan 2, 2013

    The sun is shining. These fancy mansion windows really let in the light. The golden light pours over me, and laying next to me, it pours over Sylgja as well. The golden light warms her skin, and her whole body glows. How lucky I was to marry a woman like her.

    I drag myself out of bed, and my eyes fall upon my armor strewn across the floor, and Sylgja's clothes piled by the door. I get this goofy smile across my face, and giggle a little. The beds in this mansion are really soft, too.

    I walk naked over to a three-drawer dresser by the door, upon which is a silver platter with some wheels of cheese, apple slices, and various pastries. I cut myself a slice of cheese and nibble on it slowly while gazing out the window. I feel a warm hand on my back and glance over my shoulder, and there is Sylgja, standing there gazing out the window as well. I look back out, and am welcomed by the sight of our daughter and son, playing out in the cobblestone walkway with their wooden swords. I finish my cheese and give Sylgja a soft kiss on the cheek, and begin putting my armor back on. She sits on the bed and asks, "You have heroic plans for today?" I laugh and say as I strap on my gauntlets, "You bet. I can't go a day without some good old-fashioned dungeon exploring."

    She hands me my crossbow from atop the safe in the corner and says teasingly, "Just don't come home too late. I have some nice dessert plans." I finish pulling on my greaves and wait for her to finish. She pulls the sheet across her body as she says, "Then again, you could come home late. But I don't think you want to miss dessert tonight." She heads out of the room while holding the sheet loosely to her, and looks over her shoulder at me with a smile. I stand there awestruck, and giggle like a moron.

    Boy, am I coming home early!
  • Yup, what a nice house! - Naginata Jan 2, 2013

    Today, I set out on a mission. My goal? To buy a brand new house. My pockets are absolutely bursting with gold and I feel the urge to throw it down some well. Why not instead throw it straight in the face of Solitude's steward, Falk Firebeard?

    He gave me some tasks to carry out. I have to go clear out Wolfskull Cave, a place I have gone past but never really cared to enter. The skeletons at the entrance of the cave tipped me off that there would be something unnatural in this cave, but that doesn't frighten me. I can kill them all from the shadows without a problem. Before they know it, my bolts will pierce their flesh and tear the soul from their body. But hey, all in a day's work.

    The enemies are easy enough to dispatch. A few Draugr, despite their toughness, fall easily to my bolts. A few necromancers? Bah, child's play. A bolt to the face and they lay at my feet. I found a very nice little balcony here in the cliffs above the ruined fort below; from here, I can see a few Draugr and a thick accumulation of magic upon the tower of the fort. What in the name of Hermaeus Mora is THAT? I hear the necromancers chanting. I catch the name "Potema" and "Wolf Queen." Ohh, THAT'S what it is. No big deal. I proceed to let my bolts rain on a Draugr and the necromancer he is guarding a good 20 yards away. They may feel my sting, but they don't see me. I am the invisible archer in the shadows.

    Soon enough, I am the only living thing in the cave. Time to go see Falk. I head back to Solitude, my head held high. Another cave emptied by my wrath. He thanks me and I speak with the jarl, and she tells me to bring her husband's war horn to a shrine of Talos. Well... okay. I can do that.

    I trek out on my horse, and leave the horn at a shrine a fair distance away from Solitude. I enjoy the ride back to Solitude, confident now that I can buy a house.

    After talking to the Jarl again, she says I can now buy a house. Score! But wait... I can be a thane too?! Awesome. Apparently I have helped so many people that she declares me a thane right then and there. I should go tell my wife!

    I purchase all the furnishings from Falk for my home, and to allow time for them to deliver all of it and assemble it in the house, I head towards Windstad Manor, where my wife and kids live. Upon arrival, I declare proudly that we have a new house, in Solitude. Sylgja and I pack up all my weapons, armor, and treasures I stored in the house and we set out towards Solitude, kids in tow.

    I open the door, carrying the heaviest load of weapons and armor, and set foot in our new mansion. "This house is gorgeous, my love," Sylgja says softly as she walks in. She smiles and sets out putting away the things we packed. This IS a nice house, isn't it... I think I deserve a prize. "Sylgja!" I say as she begins going downstairs. I set down my load by the door. She looks at me expectantly, and says sweetly, "What is it?"

    I walk over to her and embrace her, and whisper in her ear, "I think we need a break from all this labor."
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  • Careful Footsteps: Naginata Dec 19, 2012

    Stick to the shadows. Creep slowly. Have your bow at the ready. That is the way I learned, and that is the way I always behave in ruins like these.

    Today, my travels in Solstheim have taken me to a curious ruin. The whole place has an evil, mysterious aura coming from it. The instant I entered the shrouding shadows of the ruin, I was in a crouch, crossbow drawn, my quiver loaded with bolts. I was ready for whatever I had to face.

    Sticking to the shadows, I avoid traps, easily stepping over them as if a child set them up. Puzzles do not stop me from continuing deeper into the dungeon. Sarcophagi burst open when I draw near, but the Draugr within barely have a moment to react. Within the time of a heartbeat, a bolt will pierce their skull. My bolts whiz through the air, killing undead before they even hear me. They never see me, and they never hear me.

    I have been very well off so far. I function like a machine, rhythmically going about my killing, but I also function with the shadows, blending into them, my own presence no more than another addition to the shadows. My gloved hands carefully draw my bolts, placing them lovingly into the crossbow. Each load is like a blessing, wishing my bolt to find its target. The corssbow snaps as it launches, yet surprisingly, the Draugr never hear it. In a heartbeat, my bolt slams into their chest, and they fall backwards with the force of impact. As the lights dim in their eyes, I walk past, retrieving my bolts. They never knew what came for them.

    However... every dungeon has its own master. I, sadly, am not the master of this ruin yet. With my cloak of shadows around me, I enter the main chamber. I look upon the grand chamber, the Dragon Wall, and the ominous coffin in front of it. I know this will be dangerous.

    I load my bolts. I step into the chamber. The lid of the coffin bursts off; from it, rises a Dragon Priest. I know that here, my bolts will do little. I fire two shots at it, which bury themselves deep into his head, but he is now very alert, and coming towards me. I draw my mace slowly and rejoin the shadows. As he hovers closer to me, I spring up from the shadows. I shout as I wind up my swing, and the mace comes down upon the monster......