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  • Character Card 6: Wayn Oct 9, 2012

    Name: Wayn Blackheart

    Race: Redguard (Werewolf)

    Gender: Male

    Age: 34

    Class: Swordsman master/Athletic

    Weapons and equipment: Dual Scimitars, Hammerfell Garb, Redguard boots, Alik'r hood, wedding ring and a small teddy bear hung on a necklace around his neck


    [​IMG] This but with: looks a little older, has a goatee, wolf bite scar on his right arm, slightly long hair, average male height and dark brown eyes.

    Personality: Is strong, smart and reliable. He is kind and very supportive to his friends and war-buddies. He knows that you can't change the past, this has helped him accept that he's a werewolf but it hasn't helped him accept the death of his wife and daughter. He keeps a wedding ring and teddy bear as memory of them. He can't let go. He likes the company of others, it helps him forget his past. He loves being outside. Every night he gets nightmares of the people he's killed it shows his point of view of his werewolf self. He always wheres an alik'r hood to remind him that he is an alik'r from birth.

    History: Wayn is from Hammerfell and a was soldier for Alik'r in his teens. He was a talented natural born swordman, one of the best. He then fell in love with a girl named Siona in a village near where he was stationed at when he was nineteen. They both got married at the age of of twenty and moved down south in Hammerfell in a small town. Wayn took his leave with the Alki'r and became a swordsman teacher in the town. In the same year they give birth to a beautiful girl. They named her Jaline. Wayn was happy they lived in peace and happiness for seven years until one day changed Wayns life.

    Wayn went out one night to get some firewood. He was encountered by a wolf who pounced at Wayn, biting his right arm. He managed to kill the beast in a fearsome battle with a wood-cutting axe. Wayn went home. He explained to his wife that he was attacked by a wolf. He says he'll be fine and that she shouldn't worry. Jaline on the same night creates a hand crafted teddy bear for her daddy. Wayn smiled at this and told her "I'll never lose this, I love you sweetie". He then told her to get to bed. He and his wife did the same. Wayn woke up the next morning. He was fine and happy until he saw that his clothes were ripped and he was half naked with blood marks. He looked around the room to see the it turned upside down and blood and scratch marks all over the room. He see's a trail of blood leading out of the room. He follows it with his weapons at the ready. He walks out of the room to see the trail of blood leading into his daughters room. He fears the worst and opened the door. To his horror he see's the two blood, mangled and organ-ripped bodies of his wife and daughter. He cries uncontrollably at this, greatly saddened by this death. He wonders who could have done this but he looks at himself, then at the room and the bodies and then he remembers the wolf from the other night. He put two and two together and realizes he did this, that he's a werewolf. He shouts "Why" repatedly. He hates himself and cries. He tries to tell himself to wake up but it was no use. A knock at the door and it was the town guard. They heard the screams of the night. Wayn gets his stuff and runs out the window leaving the city as well as Hammerfell. He flees to Skyrim. Hammerfell is not his home anymore.

    Over the next seven years he meets others like him and he learns to accept his werewolf self but he still can't move on from his family's death. He now focuses on the war with the vampires as well as finding peace with them. The death of his family has made him a little dark but still in touch with his lighter side.
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  • Character Card 5: Dumac Oct 1, 2012

    Name: Dumac, Dwarfking

    Race: Dwemer

    Class: Warrior/Engineer

    Gender: Male

    Age: 52 (In Human Years)

    Title: King of the Dwemer

    Personality: Dumac is a curious and innovative engineer. He tinkers around with machines and trinkets to create a number of things. He is marvelled by technology, he does not believe in gods. He thinks science is the key. He is a free-thinker. He is very reclusive when it comes to races. He prefers the comapny of his own race and not of others. He is also a very tactical man.

    Appearance: 5'7, looks like most dwemer.

    Clothing and weaponry: Has a dwarven axe with the carvens of his name on it. It has been crafted especially for Dumac. He also has a dwarven dagger in his holster that he keeps secret. Has Dwarven armor that he wears most of the time apart from the helmet, he only wears that in battle. He wears his armor with pride. It has been specially fit and strengthened for him.

    Bio: Dumac has been king of the Dwemer for 25 years, ever since his father died. He has ruled the Dwemer well, making them one of the most powerfulest races.

    Strengths: A very tactical man, has a mighty race that shouldn't be messed with. He is strong and very talented with an axe. He can use giant machines to do his bidding.

    Weakness: Is a very reclusive man.
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  • Character Card 4: Vincent Sep 30, 2012

    Name- Vincent

    Gender- Male

    Race- Breton

    Age- 24

    Class- Thief/Mage

    Equipment- Thief's Guild Hood, Thief's Guild Boots, Thief's Guild Armour, Thief's Guild Gloves. Vincent prefers Light Armour as it is good for running, if the pl*** hits the fan. He has a Nightweavers Band and an Amulet of Julianos (His Family and friends back home worshiped him, he keeps as a memorabilia of High Rock). He doesn't need weapons on him as he can summon his own through conjuration, this makes him look harmless and like part of a crowd, where he can steal items off unsuspecting individuals.

    Personality- Vincent is a smart and quick witted thief and mage, who too many people, is a nice, approachable and moralistic person. But when it comes to questions about his past, he acts quiet, distant, misleading and on a bad day, can be quite bitter about it. He only tells people his secrets if he can 100% trusts them, and to Vincent, that kind of thing takes years. He prefers to steal and never takes on an assassination. He has a hatred for Racism against Elves. He once nearly killed a man for insults against his sister, but his sister stopped him from killing the man and told him too never kill out of anger, since then he has held to those words.

    Backstory- Vincent grew up in Daggerfall, with his Father and adopted Altmer sister, Mirie. His Father was a strict Master mage with a high reputation and only wanted his son and daughter to be great Mages. Vincent had a Talent for all Mage arts, while Mirie had a talent with alchemy, which the father begrudgingly accepted. Vincent and Mirie were sent to the Arcane University in Cyrodiil, where Vincent had lessons in all magic, while Mirie had Alchemy lessons. Even though Vincent had alot, he didn't have what he wanted. He was unhappy and uninterested with magic, his father forced him with it and he never felt truely loved by his father. One day Vincent and Mirie visited an Alchemy shop in the Imperial City, Mirie saw the owner had some Alchemy Recipes that she wanted, but couldn't pay for it. Vincent hated seeing her sister upset; They loved each other like brother and sister, even if they weren't related. Vincent then got his first taste in thievery after pickpocketing them right out of the owners pocket. He loved it and it felt good, so after 2 years of lockpicking and pickpocketing around the Imperial city, Vincent and Mirie were sent home to Daggerfall after tensions between the Imperials and the Aldermeri Dominion reached boiling point. Vincent took his recently developed talents too Daggerfall, but soon he was caught pickpocketing a famous noble in the city, and was sent to Daggerfall prison for 3 months, where is fathers reputation was destroyed. Mirie still loved his brother, but Vincent was judged by the locals. After Vincents prison spell was finished, his father had already abandoned his sons love. After realizing he is not welcome in Daggerfall, he moves to skyrim. Mirie has done something similar, she has moved to the Imperial City and opened an Alchemy shop. Luckily the Great war had now settled down. Vincent and Mirie stiill keep in contact through letters. Vincent spent 2 years as a rogue thief in Skyrim, before being caught pickpocketing Thonar Silver-Blood in Markarth. Usually Pickpocketing would earn you only 3 months in prison, but due too Thonars contacts and vengeance, Vincent got 2 years instead. His spell in Prison got him toughed up more. After realising his danger as a rogue, he decided that being with a group of friends and allies isn't all bad. He now uses a mix of magic and thievery to help achieve his goals.

    Fatal Flaw- His old rogue ways can sometimes kick in, as he is still adjusting to group work.
  • Character card 3: Falcar Sep 30, 2012

    Name: Falcar

    Gender: Male

    Race: Altmer (High Elf)

    Age: 45

    Class: Alchemist/Healer

    Equipment: Expert Robes of Restoration, Expert hood, Amulet of Julianos and Ring of Healing

    Personality: Cranky, Grouchy and darnright rude. Falcar doesn't like people and prefers to get on with his work. He hates chit chat and prefers to heal or give the person their potion quickly and get back to his work. He prefers his own company and is very distrusting and selfish.

    Backstory: Falcar was born and raised on Sommerset Isles onto a rich mage family. He aced in Alchemy and Restoration. He moved to Skyrim when he was 25 to work on the effects of skyrim only ingredients with other ingredients, he also was a part time healer. He was so interested in the environment of all of Nirn as it means new potions or poisons that could make him famous across Tamiriel. It was his dream to become a known name to Alchemists everywhere and will stop at nothing to achieve it.

    Fatal Flaw: Distrusting and disliking of other people.
  • Character Card 2: Balfring Sep 30, 2012

    Name: Balfring Wind-Shifter

    Gender: Male

    Race: Nord

    Age: 17

    Equipment: Studded Armor, Leather boots, Leather Gauntlets, Skyforge Steel Sword and Uncle's Lucky Ring (It's basically an enchanted ring that helps one handed attacks)

    Faction: Greybeards and Paarthunax

    Appearance: Just think young Jack Marston look with the equipment on him as I have described.

    Class: Nord Warrior

    Personality: Balfring is a kind hearted kid with an innocent soul, he is friendly with others and is also independent. But the Dragons ruling has made life hard to get through when he was a kid. But Balfrings uncle taught him how to be a strong nord and Balfring can now protect himself and fight very well. However his shy old before-war teenage side can sometimes kick in when it comes to social confrontation with scary looking people who are older than him. He may be young, but makes up for it in determination.

    Backstory: Balfring was born and raised in Windhelm. He was raised by his uncle after his parents were killed by bandit highwaymen when Balfring was only 2. Balfring had a normal childhood like everyone else and was basically an everyday kid. Until one day he heard the might of the Thu'um from outside Windhelm. He thought it was the most powerful thing he had ever heard. But he missed the incident and the Dragonborn had just left. All was left was a dragon skeleton. He was amazed by the power of the voice and was a big fan of the Dragonborn. But after news that Alduin had won and the Dragonborn had died devastated Balfring and he knew that the next few years aren't going to be good. During these years his uncle trained him in fighting and, when a forge was available, smithing. Balfring earned his armor and his uncle even gave Balfring his own skyforge steel sword. His uncle used to own the sword, but decided to give it too him. Shortly after Balfring hit 17, his Uncle came down with a serious sickness and both realized that doctors in this time are hard to come by. So after a heartfelt last conversation, Balfrings uncle gave him his lucky ring and then slowly went to Sovengarde. Balfring realized that this war had too end and decided to fight fire with fire by joining the Greybeards and learning the Thu'um and helping out, he knows that Thu'um takes years even decades to learn, but patience is worth while to stop this war. Plus he can still use a sword quite well.

    Fatal Flaw: Can sometimes be a bit shy or cowardly due to being only 17.
  • Character Card 1: Arith Sep 30, 2012

    Name: Arith

    Race: Bosmer (Wood Elf)

    Class: Archer/Huntsman

    Gender: Male

    Age: 26 (in human years)

    Looks, Clothing and Equipment: Linwe's armor set (It won't be called that, it's just what he wears) Ebony Bow, Glass Dagger and Hunters amulet of speed. He has a tattoo on his right arm, it's Y'ffre written in Bosmeri language. 5'5 foot tall, looks like most Bosmers.

    Personality: Very friendly, kind and fair. He is good moraled and patient. enjoys the company of others, but when it comes too shooting a target, he has too be alone. Can be a bit of a joker sometimes.

    Bio: Arith was born and raised in Valenwood with his mum and dad. He lived a hunter's life. spending days hunting and learning with his dad, as well as taking the green pact (it's where you can't eat plants or anything that belongs to the earth, only eat meat based products) He is also a believer of Y'ffre and a strong one too. He has a talent for archery and sneak. He would be able too sneak past animals and people. He has a pinpoint accuracy shot with bows. He used too hunt deer and bears in abandoned towns made by imperials. One day when he was 18, his father and mother were kidnapped by Necromancers. They kidnapped them for their experiments. Arith was devastated, he then used his tracker and hunting skills too good use. He found the leader and his group and took them out with pinpoint accuracy. When he found his parents it was too late. The leader had already killed them and turned them into reanimated corpses. Arith felt pain and anger, he didn't want his parents too be like this. So he took two arrows out of his quiver and readied his bow. "I'm sorry". He said with a tear as he put his parents corpses too rest. Arith fled Valenwood to forget his past, and he moved too Skyrim. Where he became a hunter for 8 years.

    Strengths: He is quick, agile and talented at Archery and sneaking. His nimble height makes him hard too spot. He is also friendly and good moraled.

    Weaknesses: His height makes him a little weak in strength and his hate for necromancers can trigger his anger. He also will not eat plants, and if it is the absolute necessary, he will resort too cannibalism (This is due to the green pact). [​IMG]