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  • Godrelf Blackthorn entry 6 Oct 28, 2016

    hello all Godrelf here again and omg I just felt a surge of power flooding my veins this word on a wall started glowing as I came up to it and I felt such power come into me idk what it was but it felt amazing and while I'm at it I found this odd stone looking thing with odd markings on it I wonder if it can be of use to anyone but anyway I got the claw and have met back up with the trader Lucan I found out his name was his sister told me it. I am now sitting in the inn again having some mead and potatoes before I head to bed so till next adventure this has been Godrelf see you guys next time something interesting happens
  • Godrelf Blackthorn entry 5 Oct 28, 2016

    hello all I'm at Bleak Falls Barrow and I have figured out who stole the claw and to bad I couldn't keep him alive long enough to talk I cut him from a web and he took off running wanting the "treasure" to himself shame he ran into the dustwalkers or Draugr as people call them but anyway why are the dead coming back is it something to do with that dragon that attacked Helgen hmmmm I'm curious but still going through these ruins seeing them desecrated by bandits and such it pains me so much I wish I could restore these places so much but alas guess I'll have to deal with the defilers and put to rest any dustwalkers as much as it will hurt me to disrespect the dead I can't let their souls be unresting it's not right for these warriors of old
  • Godrelf Blackthorn entry 4 Oct 28, 2016

    BY GOD WHAT JUST HAPPENED I....I....my gods was that a Dragon........ must recollect thoughts let me start at the start. I was at Blackwater Crossing to warn stormcloaks about imperial ambush Ulfric was there and the imperials attacked Ulfric ordered every one to stand down as we got captured and put on prison carts. I knew the route we were heading right to Helgen by the gods what will my uncle say when he sees me as a prisoner with the rebels.... anyway we got to Helgen and were lined up infront of everyone there some little horse thief took off and got shot to death by the archers these imperials are not fluffing around. anyway I got called up to be beheaded only the 2nd person to be called but before the headsman could shave my head from my neck this beast big black eyes of fire and death he crashed onto the tower above us sending everyone into a panic. He shouted something I faintly understood probably from ancient tomes I read but I knew what he was saying but I couldn't translate them. His shout caused the sky to darken and stones fell from the sky causing all out destruction and chaos he started flying around killing everyone he could. I saw among the dead my uncle was crushed to death I have no family now....... anyway after getting up I followed a guy named Ralof who was across from me in the cart and we went into a tower to regroup with Jarl Ulfric after that we managed our escape and ran through the keep right to Riverwood where Ralof's sister owns the mill. She offered me supplies and I went to the trader to seek some money for my wares that I didn't want anymore and he told me about his Gold claw being stolen. For now I'm sitting in the local inn having an ale and some bread while I recover my mind once I do that then I will be off to Bleak Falls Barrow to get he Claw for the trader since he is offering Gold which will pay for some better armor.
  • Godrelf Blackthorn entry 3 Oct 27, 2016

    Hello all again this is Godrelf as always. I have made it safetly to Darkwater Crossing but I have horrible news for the stormcloak camp here. I have entered the camp and to my surprise I see Ulfric himself here at the camp I wonder what he is doing here is he still hiding from the battle in Solitude??? Anyway I need to warn these men and women about the imperial ambush coming to attack this very camp.... so stressed but alas I will do what I can talk to you later if I survive this night from Godrelf
  • Godrelf Blackthorn journal entry 2 Oct 26, 2016

    Hello all this is Godrelf again the imperial activity here in Helgen is picking up and I have even seen sme Thalmor scum hanging around I don't like this I have heard of a group of Stormcloaks near Darkwater Crossing I must go warn them of this so they can prepare I have said good bye to my uncle telling him I will return and I'm heading off in just my rags to avoid drawing suspicion by these people till next time see you all later and stay safe and stay alert
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  • Godrelf Blackthorn Entry 1 Oct 25, 2016

    Hello Journal this is Godrelf Blackthorn and I am 23 years old I live in Helgen in the province of Skyrim in Tamriel I live with my uncle since my parents died in an ambush by bandits hired by the Thalmor. I am being raised to honor the warriors of old and fight like those who stood at Talos' side when he was still a man. I have read battle plans of the ancient Avakir and the old Nordic stories I love reading these old tomes they show how we used to support ALL races and where greatly looked up to for codes of honor and loyalty to our friends. I have grown to love Talos and his style of fighting but I can't let these feelings be known due to the problems in todays world if anyone knew I was a devout follower of Talos I would be turned in and taken by the Thalmor to be punished for loyalty to a false god. I have seen Imperial troops in town a lot recently I am very on edge these days due to the Stormcloak rebellion but I know if the day ever comes I will join Ulfric's cause even though I don't follow his ideals. I support his idea of FREE worship of any gods we choose I will stand behind the devil of a man that tore us apart just for that sake and any chance of hurting the Thalmor will help me avenge my parents as I honor their lives. This has been Godrelf Blackthorn till next time I can write for Talos sake stay safe everyone.
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  • Reksu entry 1 Jan 7, 2015

    I LIVE AGAIN except as an Orc this time interesting I am Reksu I was a dragon priest unlike any before. I cared not for magics and robes my choice was battleaxes and heavy armors along with my key power of full control of the thuum. Now I awaken to find myself in a cart as a prisoner going to who the hell knows where and for what only the gods know. I do know the dragon wars is over the dragons lost so what is the purpose of my return I am so far unclear to know. I will find out and I will complete my task this time NOTHING SHALL STOP REKSU
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  • Karsur Dairy entry 1 Dec 11, 2014

    Dear Diary:
    what a horrible day today has been I woke up on a prison transport cart heading to Helgen..... get this they wanted to kill me they thought I was a Stormcloak or whatever all I wanted to do was see my friend in Helgen ironically enough. But anyway right as I was about to be killed by the headmans axe I heard people scream "DRAGON" as this giant beast crashed down onto the tower behind the headman. it started creating mass destruction Helgen is gone with I think all who live there I'm sure my friend is dead he was staying in the inn which right away was burning and the roof was caved in. I fled through the barracks to the fort the Imperial army has there in Helgen being escorted by a soldier named Hadvar..... not sure what to think of him yet but he did keep me alive obviously. He escorted me to a small village called Riverwood I think it was called where I met his uncle who gave me some fresh clothes and some food and I went cut some firewood for some quick money and am now at the Sleeping Giant Inn or at least thats what the sign said... Gonna sleep here tonight then do some more work tomorrow and see what I can do about finding a new home and some friends.... till tomorrow night
    From Karsur
  • Serena Personal Diary Entry 1 Aug 7, 2014

    hello Diary my name is Serena and I'm a Nord. Dont get ahead of yourself I'm a Nord MAGE so you can see the problem. My family has abandoned me due to my desire to learn magic and not learn weapons and smithing like the rest of them. But anyway I ran home to Skyrim from vacation and I got caught by Imperials who thought I was a Stormcloak spy. I dont know why they thought that but I did find my childhood friend Hadvar but sadly he doesn't recognize me..... has it really been that long. oh well I got sent to Helgen when this giant black demon thing showed up and created chaos I went with Hadvar knowing he would keep me safe AND HE DID omg he is so sweet I like him a lot. right now though we are heading to Riverwood to see his uncle and rest and gather supplies idk where I will go after that but I will satisfy my dream of learning magic.
  • Dead Walker Entry 1 Jul 16, 2014

    dear journal these foolish mortals have resurrected me have they forgotten that I DEAD WALKER am the most powerful NecroGod in the world and here they are rebirthing me into my own body to boot while yes my powers are very weak for now I am regaining them everyday sadly though my vampire powers are long since gone BUT my main powers are still here summoning in mass numbers everything from giants to armies sure I need a stone for now but soon I will be at full power again and create chaos along the world mwahahaha
  • Shadow Scale entry 1 Jul 14, 2014

    hello to whoever shall find this after my death this is gonna be my story so pay attention I wont repeat myself my name is Shadow Scale and I am an argonian who is filled with blood lust and hatred to the Thalmor and Imperials for taking my family from me when I was just a hatchling. anyway I have survived working my way to Skyrim where I can let the cold train my body quickly and make me a full killer but once I arrive I'm captured and sent to be beheaded and yada yada yada typical Imperial crap but anyway find a way to escape and make my way around working on Alchemy I just LOOOOOOOOOOVE poisons and such while travelling I come to a city named Windhelm where I find this boy wanting an old lady dead so I KILL HER HAHAHAHAHA while in Riften where this lady was I meet some guy wanting some help to frame another person so I help him and he tells me of his organization in the "ratways" will check that out later for now back in Windhelm solving a murder hmmmmmm I wonder if the Butler did it HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAA oh I funny till next time folks
  • Grog-nak the Honorable entry 1 Jun 4, 2014

    well Journal my name is Grog-nak I am a knight and an Orc I have come to Whiterun to offer my services and I found this priest of Arkay who needed his Amulet recovered so I went in and found this little High Elf girl dead next to some scrolls and skeletons apparently this girl was Arch Mage and a very powerful girl for her age. as for her last request even though I hate mages I shall carry on her adventure through my own story I have come here met Uthgerd and am on way to Bleak Falls Barrow to recover a stone this Knight shall uphold the code of Honor that exists on the battlefield and prove my strength
  • Siri Diary Entry 8 Jun 2, 2014

    dear Diary this is bad this is really bad I tried one of Jzargo's scrolls and the undead around me EXPLODED I'm hurt badly no magic to heal to weak to use Equalibrium Lydia dead no potions left this is good bye I'm in Whiterun Tombsite I hope someone finds this Diary and continues the adventure for me farewell world...........
  • Siri Diary entry 7 Jun 2, 2014

    OMG OMG OMG Diary I am so excited I survived that bug place went back to the college found out Ancano was doing something to the Eye and sadly it caused Savos death but I went to Labarynthian or however it's spelled and got the staff plus my 2nd weird mask got one earlier both extremely tough fights but anyway went back killed Ancano which felt amazingly good since he was Thalmor and I BECAME ARCH-MAGE I AM MASTER WIZARD
  • Siri Diary Entry 6 May 30, 2014

    Dear Diary, OMG I went on this expedition to Sarthal and found this giant magical orb the magic coming from it was massive it gave me goosebumps. anyway I got sent to meet this Augur or something in an underground cave system he told me to go to find the Staff of Magnus which sent me to Mzulft and EWWWWWWW when I got there I found these FLYING BUGS EWWWWWW SO GROSS plus the Famler EWWWWWWW they are so fluffing creepy