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  • Assiff Alikazeem the red gaurd warrior assassin. Jun 21, 2018

    He grew up in his red gaurd homeland in the alik desert .he searched far and wide for his wood elf freind jonny hood loxsley who he partnered up with against the empire and the sheriff of solitude Rika which is working under millitary commander general talius.
    Both jonny hood and assiff Alikazeem were archers warriors and highly trained assassins .
    Asiff hunted those down who attacked his people first and brang them to justice.
    Assiff trained as a hot blooded warrior armed with swords,war axes armed and sword in one hand blocking.assiff is a master at being a fighter and will take his enemies down one by one who go against him. He is no barbarian trained warrior as he is a one handed trained and fights in the arms of combat before he became a assassin and a member of the dark brotherhood .so he rejoined jonny hood to become a theif to steal from the ritch and give to the poor.
  • Assiff Alikazeem "redgaurd warrior/Assassin build. Feb 18, 2017

    skills in combat:

    dual swords ,daggers and bow sniper.
    also can use single handed swords ,daggers and war axes.

    specializes in: A silent Assassin warrior and can be a thief in the night stealing whatever loot he gets his hands on.

    sneaky as a plops house cat and silent and deadly warrior also uses illusion to silence his enemies .

    skills to work on:

    magical abilities.



    combat skills: "offensive"

    one handed "dual"

    weapons of choice: war axe ,swords,daggers,bows.

    defensive skills:

    light armor

    heavy armor


    thief skills:

    lock picking "treasure hunter style"

    pickpocket "poisoner " "night thief"

    alchemy "poisoner build"
  • moona apacalypse-warrior/mage/Assassin. Feb 16, 2017

    name: Moona apacalypse


    sex: female

    specializes in both combat and magic.

    style: warrior /Assassin

    other skills: magic in conjuration,restoration and illusion.

    combat style: she can weld magic in binding and summoning.
    she utilizes weapons and bows for her archery kill count.

    defense: light armor and heavy armor along with block.

    weapons in offense: she uses daggers as well whether it can be dual welding with swords.
    binding weapons to trap souls.

    other crafting skills: smithing all.
    enchanting alchemy.

    her goal: is to defeat ulfuric stormcloak and regain control and peace for imperial law and land.
    to eradicate worship religion of talos.
  • Minecraft project blog. Jan 28, 2017

    MAP OF MINECRAFT FULLY EDITED..jpg minecraft map edited..jpg
    Just working on this one and more parts of the map I need to reveal.
    edited on paint brush. best editing software for making my map complete.
    took a picture of my map with my android tablet .

    Boof head sea: consists of water and ocean as far as the eyes can see with mountains and good area's to build more structures.

    My main base in Ozralia near boof head county.
    osmosis river leading to the jungle base river I just row my boat over there.
    The ozran river leading to the morpheus river.
    The jungle base hidden within jungle scrub.
    Aghostess bay and south boof head bay from the lost dunes.

    and etc ,etc.
    will leave more info once the map has been revealed more and more.
  • Jonny Hood loxsley and the hidden gold stash. Jan 25, 2017

    die bastard skyrim.png I am wood elf of these lands,and I seek my fortune .

    I have in pocket 20,000 gold. And I am wanting to invest in some land for 5,000 gold.
    But somewhere elsewhere there is a Huge stash of gold laying beneath the reaches of this land.
    So, in order to get it I must kill the bandits and find the gold stash and retrieve my prize.

    My gold is maybe underneath my feet here we go to retrieve it.

    Bandit: sniff ,sniff I smell a wood elf hero....

    Jonny Hood loxsley: I smell a bandit and here comes my sword !!off with your head villain!!

    Bandit 2: aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!! here I come you wood elf bastard time to die!!

    Jonny Hood Loxsley: sucker punches the bandit with his fists and hip throws him to the ground.
    here I claim my prize my hidden stash!!!
  • Journey story of Jonny Hood Loxsley the wood elf and fendal the wood elf. Jan 10, 2017

    Hello, I am loxsley of the Hood.

    I am commonly known as Jonny Hood Loxsley . But not like robin hood,well yes like robin Hood.

    I specialize in my bow and sword and dagger.
    I am a sneaky little wood elf bastard.
    I am the original wood elf.

    My story leaves me outside of whiterun after I was free from helghan .
    I looked after the Jarl Bulgruuf the skinny bastard only gave me his crappy imperial armour.
    Now after this!!I tell you my wood elf brothers I am free to roam the lands.

    I was just out bandit hunting with fendal my wood elf brother.
    After we hunted bandits I asked if we could have a drink at his place and rum and brandy for us all!!here,here.
  • The life of journey of Jonny Hood Loxsley. Dec 27, 2016

    I am Jonny Hood Loxsley, and hello to my people wood elf and non wood elf alike. I am a bosmer race wood elf male and the most greatest archer in all of tamriel. I am skilled in 2 handed blades and i wear light armour.my skills invested in magic,craft and physical combat. I am the hero sworn to protect tamriel from the dragons and bandit thugs criminalsof this land. I am a in depth under cover warrior and theif / Assassin trained in sneak and daggers. In combat i weld my sheild and sword and war axe. I wish you all the best my people of tamriel and skyrim for all wood elves alike and non wood elves. May your skills and talents grow to all races of tamriel in skyrim to kill the dragon menace and free skyrim once again.
  • Maximus Maraudius journal 1# Oct 26, 2016

    skyrim copy 3.png Hello fellow skyrim travellers!!

    I am Maximus Maraudius as I come here to my home land of skyrim to be with you once again.
    Here ,here a drink to the land of skyrim my home land and in hope that my leader and true king kicks the ass of general talius and there imperial army off these skyrim lands and let skyrim be free to worship talos once again.
    I am Maxiumus Maraudius a warrior nord as I can also be an Assassin and theif of the dark brotherhood and theif of riften and a Hood of these lands.
    My mission is to fight the dragons and take down general talius a scumbag who is resposnible of deaths of all people of skyrim and nords who worhip talos!

    I am taking down general talius and giving aid to my people in our home skyrim which is home to all.
    As I lead you to victory I speak with my humble voice follow me my people I am the dragon born and the one true dragon born who will lead us to victory and free our home from Imperial tyranny once again. here ,here and a nord ale to us all!!

    Maximus Maraudius- the dragon born hero of skyrim.
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