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  • Akaara - Goddess of Destruction Feb 16, 2014

    [Picture coming soon]

    Akaara - The Goddess of Destruction

    [ Skull Buy System ]
    [ Current Stats ]
    [ Back-story (W.I.P.) ]
    [ Each Journal Entry in posts afterward ]

    ---================} SKULL BUY SYSTEM {================---
    The skull buy system is mainly Akaara's way to regaining her lost power. She sacrifices X amount of skulls for a power upgrade (covered in this section). MODS relevant:
    -> Headhunter - Skull Collect Mod
    -> BYOG (Balance Your Own Game) = used to grant the bonuses upon collection of X number of skulls.

    once X number of skulls has been reached. I just use the corresponding file (open console ~ type in (without quotes) "bat sk_1" or "bat sk_5" "bat sk_10" and so on and so on, depending on the amount required. Then go into BYOG and grant the relevant power. I'm MAINLY writing this section as a guide for myself (as I often forget) but if anyone else wants to adapt this system, use it themselves, or follow along Akaara's progress then this way you'll understand a little bit of my crazy mind ^_^

    1st entry Example: -25% Health Regen for +25% Magicka Regen (the stat1 and stat2 must be in same category within BYOG menu. ^ above example has all 3 stat values and regen rates. (health, magicka, stamina).
    ---================} CURRENT STATS {================---
    [Starting Stats]
    {~} +25% Destruction Spell Power
    {~} -25% Spell Cost (magicka fueled by divine power - Will probably add new items/system in a mod later for this... until then. 50 Souls for -25% boost in cost. NOTE: No current plan in having a +25% penalty as of yet... but is being considered for the mod, perhaps lack of followers? Growing peace and prosperity in Skyrim? Will decide later)

    Skills(6): Destruction (duh), Conjuration, Alteration, Illusion, Heavy Armor, One-Handed
    BirthSign: The Lady
    Race: Nord
    Class: Armored Mage / Goddess

    ---================} BACK-STORY {================---

    Will update a bit later, working on other parts of this post first (like the picture of Akaara, the skull buy table, etc)