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My personal characters for the RP Employed Enemy. Unless I've told you to come here, please stay out.
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  • My Employed Enemy Charcters Aug 10, 2016

    Kiyoshi Ryudo Character Card (Employed Enemy)


    Name: Kiyoshi Ryudo

    Nicknames: Kiyo, Kiyo-san, Ki

    Birth-Name: Nerian (No known last name)

    Race: Argonian

    Gender: Male

    Age: 19

    Height: 6’ 0”

    Weight: 185 pounds

    Sexuality: Straight

    Laterality: Right Handed


    Scale Color: Crimson Red

    Eyes: Pale Gray

    Horns: Two straight horns on either side of his head

    Feathers: None

    Claws: Short and black

    Build: Athletic and toned

    Scars: Massive scar running diagonally across the left side of his face, blinding the left eye. Jagged scarring on his chest from rubble falling on him.

    Tattoos: Massive black tattoo of a winding dragon covering his back from the shoulders to the waist.

    Other: Kiyoshi’s tail is longer than a regular Argonian’s, allowing Kiyoshi to drag the end of it along the ground if he chooses.


    Constant Wear: Black sash with golden Japanese lettering on the ends. Kiyoshi wears the sash around the side of his face to hide his blind eye and the scar across his face. When worn, the end of the sash extends down to Kiyoshi’s waist.

    Casual Wear: Black pants, a long-sleeved white shirt (sleeves rolled up to his elbows), a black undershirt, and black shoes.

    Formal Attire: Light gray dress-shirt with golden cufflinks, black dress trousers, a black blazer, and black dress shoes.


    - Black Katana – Not carried day to day.
    - Black Wakizashi – Not carried day to day.
    - Black Kaiken dagger – Only weapon Kiyoshi carries.
    - Arisaka Type 44 Carbine rifle – Skilled shooter, but absolutely hates guns (for reasons in his past.)


    Personality: Kiyoshi is quiet and kind, opting to spend most of his time alone. He is respectful and formal when he does speak, but he has a habit of speaking very softly. Kiyoshi is not a fan of crowds and has a habit of quietly observing others when in groups of over twenty. In combat, Kiyoshi is calculated and reserved, but possesses an explosive anger that, when set off, sends Kiyoshi into a blind rage, similar to that of Orsimier. While Kiyoshi’s anger is tempered by a long fuse, and he employs many mental exercises to keep himself in check, he is largely unstable; often swinging to raging anger or extreme sadness on a dime, usually after a sort of “trigger.”

    Habits: Walking too fast, speaking too softly, shifting his weight from foot to foot, and praying/meditating.

    Voice: Sounds like Kyouma Mabuchi from Dimension W

    Likes: Kendo and other martial arts, music, art, good company, and good food, cold weather, and swimming.

    Dislikes: Crowds, alcohol, guns, smoking, smart-mouthed people, braggarts, racism.


    Affiliations: Military (whatever makes sense as a Japanese-styled government).

    Afflictions: Fits of rage (described above).

    Properties: Owns a small home in Cyrodiil.

    Job: Makes custom weaponry and gear, and also takes commissions for paintings. Sometimes he fuses the two together and makes a customized weapon with unique artwork.

    Combat skills: Skilled marksman, and close quarters combatant. Skilled in Kendo, Kali, Krav Maga, and Muay Thai.


    Kiyoshi was born in one of the small towns in Black Marsh as an only child. He enjoyed a loving family life for the first couple of years before civil unrest broke out. The town was soon wrapped up in the fighting, and Kiyoshi’s mother was trampled in a riot. Soon after Kiyoshi’s father was killed by a looter. Kiyoshi spent the next few months living alone in a crumbling house at the edge of the town. Explosives were brought out during a firefight and the house Kiyoshi was in collapsed on him, badly cutting his chest and face, blinding his left eye.

    Kiyoshi later learned that the force attacking the village was Cyrodillian, sent to squash the violent uprising. Unfortunately, the ended up leveling the town poor Kiyoshi was in. Later on, a rescue squad from the (Japanese-style government) was sent to search for survivors. Kiyoshi and six other children were pulled from the rubble. Having nowhere to turn, the children were taken to a military camp and raised there and given new names. All Argonians were given the last name “Ryudo” or “Dragon/Dragon-child” as a designation. Kiyoshi was named so because it means “Quiet” since he scarcely spoke after witnessing the deaths of both parents.

    Kiyoshi was trained in the military camp and learned many skills and combat skills from the camp. One day, the camp was discovered by Cyrodiilian forces. A battle ensued and the young Kiyoshi, now 16, fought against the Cyrodiilian forces, as he blamed them for razing his town and killing 99% of it’s inhabitants. At one point Kiyoshi’s squad (consisting of rescued Argonians from the area, of which he was squad leader) came into contact with the leading enemy squad. The General of the Cyrodiilian squad was able to prove that the Cyrodiilians had nothing to do with the destruction of the local towns. Kiyoshi’s squad quickly believed the General’s proof and surrendered, Kiyoshi on the other hand had taken deeply to the lifestyle and training of (Japanese-styled government) and refused to listen to the General, trying to rally his squad. He would not surrender and turned on his men for desertion, a crime punishable by death. Kiyoshi was immediately defeated, with no injuries on either side, and was taken in as a prisoner of war because he refused to surrender. Once Kiyoshi calmed down, he was able to see the truth in the General’s words. Kiyoshi and his squad were released without charge and relocated. Kiyoshi came to Cyrodiil and bought a home soon after. He still struggles with his past.

    Westley Archer Character Card (Employed Enemy)


    Name: Westley J. Archer

    Nicknames: Wes, West, Archer

    Birth-Name: Westley

    Race: Argonian

    Gender: Male

    Age: 19

    Height: 6’ 4”

    Weight: 210

    Sexuality: Straight

    Laterality: Right-Handed


    Scale Color: Light gray

    Eyes: Teal

    Horns: Two slightly curved horns on either side of his head

    Feathers: Dark brown

    Claws: Short and Black

    Build: Athletic and muscular

    Scars: Two bullet scars on his shoulder and abdomen, knife scars on the base of his tail.

    Tattoos: The word “ARMY” in black block letters written across his right shoulder.

    Other: Wes is an usual color for Argonians in both his scale color and eye color. His horns are closer to a tan color than white. His eyes are very bright and almost glow in the night.


    Constant Wear: Silver ring with an intricate dragon carved into the band with black surrounding the carving.

    Casual Wear: Teal shirt (same color as his eyes), black pants, black shoes, a dark gray coat, and a black and dark gray pinstriped scarf.

    Formal Attire: White dress shirt with the sleeves rolled up to his elbows, black dress trousers, black dress shoes, a white undershirt, and a black tie.


    - Colt 1911 Pistol
    - Standard military issue combat knife


    Personality: Westley is easy-going and confident. Wes is smooth is social situations, being able to function in almost every setting. He doesn’t like to draw attention to himself, and often becomes embarrassed and fidgety when he is the center of attention. There are many triggers to Westley’s PTSD, and he often experiences vivid flashbacks because he hasn’t learned many of his triggers. The only one he knows well is a bullet wound; whenever he sees one, he tenses up and his time as a POW come rushing back to him. He is able to steel himself during combat, but if he is not in the mindset, bullet wounds cause major relapses and reduce Wes to a nervous wreck. During combat, Wes is fierce and extremely fast. He has trained himself not to take risks in combat, but he relies almost completely on snap decisions, instincts, and training. Despite his combat style, he does not have an “itchy trigger-finger” and often uses his speed to move into better positions and protect friendlies.

    Habits: Crossing his arms, resting his elbows on the table, intertwining his fingers and resting his hands against the back of his neck, praying and sighing.

    Voice: Sounds like Chris Daughtry.

    Likes: Music, especially Jazz, lively company, thrills, thunderstorms, a cool slightly foggy morning where you can still see the stars a bit and the temperature is below 65 degrees, and autumn.

    Dislikes: Snow and ice, drunkards, smokers, winter, and pity.


    Affiliations: Army, FBI, a few speak-easies under the control of the Mafia.

    Afflictions: PTSD

    Properties: A nice, two story house in Cyrodiil with a piano.

    Job: Undercover detective for the FBI, pianist at speak-easies.

    Combat Skills: Skilled soldier and combat medic.


    Wes was born in the Black Marsh to a military family and had a rough upbringing. While he has a decent relationship with his family, he had a rather poor childhood and was expected to perform at a very high level in school, sports, and at home. When Wes became of age, he enlisted in the military and was present when the camp that Kiyoshi was at was attacked. His squad did not deal with Kiyoshi directly, but Wes and Kiyoshi had a few short interactions before Westley was taken as a POW later that year.

    During combat, Wes was shot twice and captured by the enemy, who held him for three months and experimented and tortured him. Eventually, he was freed by an unknown member of the enemy, to which he owes his life. Unfortunately, Wes developed PTSD from his time in the enemy’s hands and battles it on a regular basis.

    Sakiko Hayato Character Card (Employed Enemy)


    Name: Sakiko Hayato

    Nicknames: Saki, Kiko, Sai, Falcon

    Birth-Name: Sakiko Hayato

    Race: Argonian

    Gender: Female

    Age: 19

    Height: 5’ 6”

    Weight: 130 pounds

    Sexuality: Straight

    Laterality: Ambidextrous


    Scale Color: Black and Bronze, patterned like a diamond-back rattlesnake. However, the main color is black instead of bronze.

    Eyes: Sunset orange

    Horns: Two short horns on either side of her head.

    Feathers: Long, flowing black feathers.

    Claws: Short and black

    Build: Lean and lithe. Build for stealth and free-running.

    Scars: Spider-web collection of scars along her back from falling through a window.

    Tattoos: None

    Piercings: None

    Other: Sakiko is missing the pinky finger on her left hand.


    Constant Wear: A black necklace with the name Junichi on it. (The name of her deceased older brother).

    Casual Wear: White V-neck shirt with a black jacket, dark khaki pants, black shoes, and a silver bracelet.

    Formal Attire: White blouse, black dress slacks, a black blazer, black dress shoes, a silver ring, and a silver necklace. (I was going for a professional look that would still allow Sakiko to run or fight if need be.)


    - Colt 1911A1
    - Karambit

    Ops suit: Essentially Black-widow’s suit in the new avengers, but it’s slightly baggier for modesty and freedom of movement.


    Personality: Outspoken, patient, and level-headed. Likes to spend time alone, training. She is more active during the night and has developed the careful “street-sense” and the knowledge of exactly what to say. Sakiko can be described many ways, depending on the situation in which she meets you. To some, she is out-spoken and friendly, to others she is difficult to read and shadowy. In combat, Sakiko is cool, calm, and collected; taking her level-headedness to the max. Her combat style is suited best for hit-and-run tactics and indirect fighting. She’ll appear only just long enough to take out a target before disappearing or ducking behind cover. She also is keenly aware of her lack of fire-power and employs crafty tactics and fierce hand-to-hand. She likes to manipulate her targets into pinched positions to give herself a clear advantage.

    Habits: Looking over her shoulder, blending into crowds, keeping her head down near police officers and cameras, and taking in all of her surroundings and looking for routes to run or escape.

    Voice: Black Widow from Avengers

    Likes: A good challenge, fooling people, people she can trust, a breezy summer night, and a strong family.

    Dislikes: Most people, complainers, tight and enclosed rooms with poor escape options, prison cells (not for obvious reasons), heavy and/or loud gear (it slows her down), graveyards (because Junichi never got that luxury).


    Affiliations: Crime syndicate that deals with assassinations and theivery.

    Afflictions: Detatched emotions.

    Properties: None.

    Job: Thief, and assassin. Although she prefers stealing over killing.

    Combat Skills: Master at unarmed and armed hand-to-hand combat, stealth, and free-running. Skilled soldier/marksman.


    Sakiko was born an orphan with her brother Junichi after their family was killed in the raids on Argonian villages. Before the Cyrodiilian forces could provide relief and rescue the children in her town, Sakiko and Junichi were abducted by Bandits, as well as any Argonian left living, and thrown into the slave trade. Sakiko and Junichi were sold to an abusive and extremely racist Nord in Windhelm. Due to the old laws, the man was allowed to have 20 slaves of any race under him. Sakiko and Junichi were forced to work in the bitter cold unloading ships for the Nord.

    Many of the Argonians began to fall sick, and those that couldn’t keep up were beaten, some died from the beatings. Sakiko fell terribly ill and had trouble working at all. Junichi was able to get her on an easier job and unloaded more to keep her from being beaten, despite his own sickness. One day, in town, Sakiko collapsed from exhaustion and Junichi was unable to carry her through the streets. The Nord became enraged and attacked Sakiko. Junichi grabbed a dagger from a nearby guard and defended Sakiko from the Nord. However, in his weakened state, Junichi was killed in mere minutes. Hardly long enough for a master thief to snatch Sakiko and save her life. The Nord was found assassinated in his home the next day. Sakiko was then taken to the headquarters of the Syndicate and raised there.

    Sakiko has never known true family, but she considers every member of the Syndicate as family. She has worked in Cyrodiil since she was 12.

    Kenji Careesareeth Character Card (Employed Enemy)


    Name: Kenji Careesareeth

    Nicknames: KC

    Birth-Name: Kenji

    Race: Khagonian (Khajiit/Argonian hybrid)

    Gender: Male

    Age: 18

    Height: 6’ 0”

    Weight: 180 pounds

    Sexuality: Straight

    Laterality: Left Handed


    Fur Color: Primarily black, with gray highlights, and crimson red markings.

    Eyes: Indigo

    Horns: Two small horns on the side of his head, slightly curving forwards at their tips.

    Hair: Black in a “Faux Hawk” style.

    Claws: Short, charcoal gray.

    Build: Toned, athletic build.

    Scars: Long, thin scar in the center of his left thigh, can be seen on both the front and rear of the thigh, as it is a scar from a piece of metal being driven through his leg.

    Tattoos: None

    Piercings: None

    Other: Unlike many Khajiiti, Kenji does not have leopard style spots across his body, instead he has the stripe pattern of a tiger everywhere but his face. However, these stripes are charcoal gray, and very faint against his black fur.


    Constant Wear: No notable items.

    Casual Wear: Khaki pants, a V-necked white shirt, and black shoes.

    Formal Attire: White dress shirt, black vest, black suit coat, red tie (tucked underneath the vest), red handkerchief (tucked into the pocket of the suit coat), black dress pants, and black dress shoes.

    Combat Wear: (Unsure) (Talk to Kivuli)


    - Remington Model 11 with a 32” barrel
    - Standard issue military combat knife


    Personality: Determined, rebellious, and energetic. Kenji is young and active and that reflects constantly through his behavior. When told to complete a task, he will do his best to see it through to the end, and he has no trouble giving 110% effort. Unfortunately, Kenji’s energy and young age combine to create a rebellious and adventurous attitude that causes headaches for those around him. He can be seen as bull-headed and stubborn at times, and often does not see eye to eye with his older sister, Kivuli. Kenji also puts high value on physical fitness and free-running and can be constantly doing one or the other.

    Habits: Rolling his shoulders, rocking back and forth from heels to the balls of his feet, “zoning out,” putting his hands in his pockets, and talking to himself.

    Voice: Kazuto "Kirito" Kirigaya from Sword Art Online

    Likes: Free-running, exercise, music, good food, and being left alone.

    Dislikes: Long or drawn-out conversations, repeatedly being told to do something, being told he’s being “moody,” and being treated as a child.


    Affiliations: Mafia

    Afflictions: ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder)

    Properties: None

    Job: Assassin

    Combat Skills: Gifted free-runner/traceur, knowledgeable in Muay Thai, but lacks real-world skills (scores roughly a 3 out of 10 in hand-to-hand). Decent with a shotgun, but is by no means “skilled” (again, scores a 5.5 out of 10).

    Kenji’s inexperience in combat makes his overall skill and effectiveness as a soldier rather poor. However, anything requiring his skills as a free-runner, he excels at.


    Kenji was born as the second child of the Careesareeth family, a brother to Kivuli. The odd little Khagonian quickly developed ADD and often found learning difficult. When he and Kivuli were pushed to follow their father’s footsteps as assassins, Kenji faltered. Where Kivuli shone with her raw skill and quick mastery of combat, Kenji struggled, much to the annoyance of other members of the organization. It was during this time that Kivuli became the mother-figure for Kenji. Alongside looking out for her younger brother, she tried to work with him, greatly influencing Kenji’s ability.

    As Kenji grew older, he realized the drag he was on Kivuli, and how far behind he was. In his attempt to assert himself as independent and equally skilled, Kenji developed a head-strong and rebellious attitude and refused any and all help. This proved a poor idea, but by the time Kenji realized his mistake, too much time had passed, so he decided to push himself as hard as he could in training. As a result, he has become almost obsessive with his physical fitness and training, however his focus lacks. He lacks the patience to master weaponry skills on his own, and he lacks the focus to further develop his hand-to-hand skills. However, he greatly enjoys Parkour, as was able to excel in that area, as his enjoyment of the sport channeled his focus and patience.

    During a free-running session, Kenji found himself near an finished, abandoned building with rusted holes in the roof. Many of these holes were rather small, so Kenji decided to walk across, instead of going around. The roof gave in and Kenji plummeted roughly twenty feet into a debris bin, where he fractured his shoulder and arm, and fell on a sharpened peice of scrap metal that impaled his left thigh.

    Kenji still struggles with his focus and is often difficult to speak with, as he often stops paying attention.