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  • Gorlocke Sep 17, 2017

    Ye Big, Olde Bastard [ATTACH] General Name: Gorlocke Nicknames/Alias: "Gor", "The Wrothgar Butcher", "Big Bastard" Race: Orsimer/Orc Gender: Male Age: 34 Birthdate: 7th of Frostfall, 4E 167 Birthsign: The Tower Birthplace: Dushnikh Yal, Skyrim Class/Occupation: Bounty... [ Continue reading ]
  • Edwyn Stroud Aug 19, 2017

    The Synod Researcher Edwyn Leverret [ATTACH] Name: Edwyn Leverret Race: Breton [100%] Gender: Male Age: 23 Class/Occupation: Spellsword Affiliations: The Synod Sexuality: Heterosexual Appearance: Raven black hair cut to medium-length. Icy blue eyes as cold as Skyrim's... [ Continue reading ]
  • Azrael Volaire Jul 25, 2017

    The Malicious Inquisitor [ATTACH] General Name: Azrael Volaire Alias: The Inquisitor, The 2nd Emissary Race: Altmer/High Elf [100%] Gender: Male Age: 221 (Around late 20s / Early 30s in human years) Birthdate: 13th of Frostfall, 3E 413 Birthsign: The Serpent Birthplace: Dusk,... [ Continue reading ]