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New Zones, Armors, and Gameplay Tweaks Coming to The Elder Scrolls Online

by on July 24, 2014

We’ve already talked about the new crime and punishment system coming to The Elder Scrolls Online, but more was announced at last week’s Future of The Elder Scrolls Online QuakeCon panel.

Dulfy.net was there, and took obsessively complete notes. Some highlights:

The Imperial City : You can see the zone in the video embedded above. This is a big PVP zone you’ll enter through the sewers, in an homage to Oblivion. You’ll be able to clear out enemy players and nasty Daedra bosses and minibosses infesting the city. The Arena, Aboretum, Market, and Temple Districts are represented, each with their own goals. Each district can be captured by an alliance.

City of Ash: A new veteran dungeon coming in the game’s fifth update. 

A new adventure zone, Murkmire. A swampy, Argonian dominated zone in the Black Marsh, it will feature four player content and 12 player trials like Craglorn.

A solo PVE zone, Wrothgar. Explore the orc ancestral capital Orsinium. A female giant creature has been added, as well.

A new chapter for Craglorn with a new 12-player trial.

A new facial animation system so the characters look a bit less stiff. See a preview below.

Tweaks to the veteran system to make it feel less grindy and more rewarding.

A spellcrafting system that will allow you to combine spell effects and create new abilities.

Improved combat responsiveness.

Imperial Daedric armor and other armor sets.

Grouping updates so you don’t get separated from your friends as much.

If you want to watch the whole panel for yourself, you can do so here.

Images and video from Dulfy.net.

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