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Zenimax Lets Go 300 Employees

by on June 12, 2014

Irish media are reporting big layoffs at ZeniMax’s customer service center in Galway, Ireland.

According to the report more than 300 have been laid off at the center in the last two months. 200 of those employees were laid off after just three weeks with the company, and that includes their week of training. As one employee complained:

“In April, the company said it wanted 200 more workers. They went through a week of training, worked for two weeks and were let go. These would have been people taken in on two to six-week contracts.

“Four weeks ago, another 50 were let go, and over the last few days, another 20 or 30.

“It’s a disgrace how workers were treated. If they showed up at 10.30pm for the night shift, they were being told to go home at 11pm, that their jobs were gone,” he said.

The workers that were let go were on short term contracts, but were let go before the completion of those contracts. The reports now say that just over 100 people are working at the Galway office.

Although ZeniMax hasn’t commented, Reddit and other places are buzzing with speculation that those employees were part of 250 that were recently hired for online customer support for The Elder Scrolls Online in Europe.

So what does this say about how The Elder Scrolls Online is doing? It’s important not to overreact, but I can’t imagine it means anything good.

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